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Finding Turok Series Weapon Damage / Enemy HP


a while ago when I was studying game design and the topic of balancing came up. I decided to figure out how the turok games worked and took it upon myself to try to find out the enemies hp/damage in the game, and somewhere along the way I stumbled upon a Turok 2 video by Snake Plissken where he was testing out some weapons during a mod;

at 19;50 Snake shoots a raptoid and some text pops up on the screen that says

"enemy took 4.00 damage"

could you do this same thing in TDH?

so, in short. If I wanted to find out the Hp's of the enemies I'd need to first find out how much dmg the weapons in TDH do for starters. does anyone know the exact values?  I'd look in the files if I'd knew where to find them @_@

I'll have to fill the enemies with lead again b/c I lost my original lists, but I at one time had a list of the enemies from virtually every game tested against the pistol/rifle, and found some quite interesting results.

For weapon damage properties:

* scripts/weapons.txt - look for file names ending in ".kfx".  These are the projectiles fired by the player's weapons (as well as things like muzzle flashes and bullet casings).
* fx/*.kfx - look for the "onImpact" sections in the projectiles.  2 is for metallic enemies, 4 is for red-blooded enemies, and 5 is for yellow-blooded enemies.  Take note of the "damageClass" properties.
* defs/damageInfo.txt - this is where damage classes are defined.  Make sure you take the random factor into account.  More info here.
To test enemy health and actual damage taken, you can add this to inside the TurokEnemy class in scripts/enemy/enemy.txt:

--- Code: ---void OnDamage( kActor@ instigator, kDictMem@ damageDef, const int damage )
Sys.Print( ""+ self.Health() + " - " + damage + " = " + (self.Health() - damage)  );
--- End code ---

This will print out the enemy's current health, the damage they took, and what their health will be after the damage is processed to the console any time an enemy takes damage.  Some enemies might have their own OnDamage() already defined, so you might need to add the print line to a few other files in scripts/enemy/.  You might also find it useful to enter "seta con_alwaysshowconsole 1" in the console when testing.  Enter the same command, but with 0, to disable it.

I've done some testing before that seemed to indicate that enemies take ~140% damage on easy, and ~70% on hard/hardcore.

oh rip, I'm on the 64 vers  :TT TT: :TT TT:


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