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Hey people! This is first topic for the new section!
Im a creature designer and landscaper beginner.
You can see some of my work in 2D and 3D.
I was working in a videogame that I wanted to be Turok spiritual successor based in a universe I build based in Skull Island, The New Dinosaurs and other ones. Basically I made a continent island full with dinosaur descendents and more speculative animals. I was working in this project since my first year in the highschool: 11 years ago. I didnt have a name for the project so I called Project Eden, due my surname.

Nice art dude ;D Really liked the Unreal 3 environments :)

Yeah that is good stuff there! Really like the drawings since I love comics I like that art very much there. Cool idea to put them into pictures with environments to. I think if people on forum work together you all could really create something special. Whether it be a spiritual successor or a strate up Turok fan made game it will be pretty awesome. Hell you guys could make both lol. Good stuff you got there nice scenes on the levels also :)

Oooh it looks great there nice stuff you surely could be a big help. I like the Aquainterfector it is really cool. I can picture him in game. But I like how you added a dino skull under his feet :)

Thanks people! About Spiritual Successor...I was trying to make a Turok Game when I started in 3D World, 4 years ago, but I cant due license names I cant. So, why not the speculative universe that I created to make something similar to my favourite game along with Doom and Zoo Tycoon? Also the gameplay have big maps like Far Cry 1, Crysis 1 and Halo, role elements like Borderlands, exploration like Uncharted and combat melee like Darksiders. Also many kinds of creatures, enemies and weapons. I had a team, that only remains 3 girls that worked with me. They are now working in another company but they gave me ideas to put in the game and some still work in it. One of them is specialised in creatures like me, she loves Oblivion Flesh Eaters of Turok. She helped me to design this creature as a crocodile with a raptor and freddy kruger. Also science!: Short teeth and large claws to open and crush the shellfish of the coast. And its not a dinosaur! A very far related cousin of dinosaur antecesors.


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