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What Turok is your favorite? (poll)

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My favorite Turok is still Dinosaur Hunter I really liked the Jungle/Temple atmosphere this game had and I liked the freedom of going anywhere you wish pretty much, though it isn't like today's "open world" games it carries a similar feeling at times. The weapons are unforgettable they do not make weapons like these anymore. Just taking an adventure through jungles, caves, and temples fighting off enemies and dinosaurs was so much fun to me. But this is kind of hard for me since I actually enjoy all of them in different ways. You don't want to get me started on the paragraphs I could say for all of them.

Dinosaur Hunter is my choice what is yours?

My favourite would have to be Turok 2, but the Nintendo 64 version, simply for Monkey Frag Tag. ;D
It also has mutliplayer with humans, bots or both, though after playing Turok 2 the PC version, I prefer to play against humans any day over bots.

I like the multiplayer levels on the PC version more than the Nintendo 64 version though. Lucky on voting Turok 2, as my vote goes to both versions. :P ;D

I enjoyed the first Turok, but I liked the new enemies and gore of single player of Turok 2 more. Blowing holes through the enemy and blowing heads off. It still had the basics of dinosaurs too that the first Turok game had to offer.
I like the scenery of the first Turok game as much as the second though, but enjoyed the exploration of the first a whole lot more, as it was the first shooting game I had seen that offered that type of environment to play in with the jungle theme.

As much as I'd like to put my vote towards Turok: Rage Wars, I felt the Nintendo 64 of Turok 2 offered more with single player and multiplayer with humans, bots or both.

Though I'm happy for the multiplayer levels on the PC version, I wish they included Monkey Frag Tag to it. :(

I hope someone one day makes a mod for Rage Wars for the PC. I think that would do very well in today's gaming community. :) Why didn't they make it for the PC. D: With games like Unreal Tournament, etc, you'd have thought it would've been made for the PC.

I will have to go with Turok 2 because it had a lot to do with Adon being in it she was so cool. I really liked being a female in MP against my brothers. Plus it just felt so original loved the temples and atmospheres also. But Turok 3 is almost my favorite since you could be the girl in SP. From what I know this is one of the first successful fps shooters that added a female as a main character. Now I am not saying I like them just because it had females I am not Anita but as a girl playing with my brothers I thought it was awesome being able to be Adon.

Yeah Turok 2 is a legend in my opinion and its pretty consistent originally Turok 2 was going to be SP only like Turok 1. But with the release of some MP fps games on N64 (mainly GoldnenEye) they needed to compete and they sure did. Not to mention it was released pretty quickly after Dinosaur Hunter pretty much a year and a few months after. Turok is one of the few games that stayed pretty consistent in the releasing category even though there were bumps in the road, until now at least.

Turok Fireseed:
Out of all Turok games, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion is still my favorite to this day. It offered two playable characters and by extension, two different ways to play the game. By unlocking a secret in the game, you can use all the weapons and upgrades. I also love the game's story, and i don't know why anyone has tried to continue the series from that point. It was such a good cliffhanger that lead to something important, but for now we may never know.


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