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Turok General Discussion / Turok Timelines
« on: September 15, 2019, 10:17:14 PM »
So I have no idea exactly how many people would even find this interesting, but a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a thing. I present to you: an in-depth (and exhaustive?) timeline of events as they relate to the Turok video games.

I mentioned it in the opening paragraphs, but I'll repeat it here that this timeline only concerns the main, non-Game Boy video games and their officially published supplementary material. That's the manuals, strategy guides, and websites. Any bit of story from a magazine or gaming website, even if it was from a developer interview, was not considered for this project.

I'm willing to answer questions if anybody has them, lol. :V

EDIT 5/30/2020:
For those just joining us, a quote from a post down below:

I did a thing and made another one. Wasn't sure if it warranted a new thread, though. I present to you: an in-depth (and exhaustive?) timeline of events as they relate to Acclaim's Turok comics.

This thing cost me eight days and roughly four major headaches, so you better look at it, lol.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter / GamesRadar Streams David Dienstbier Interview
« on: February 28, 2017, 11:35:32 PM »
Earlier today, in celebration of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter's 20th anniversary, GamesRadar streamed some gameplay while calling up David Dienstbier on Skype. It was a pretty neat interview, but naturally one that I wish was another 30 minutes or so longer. :P

Here's the link:

That's for the Dienstbier-only part of the stream. There's another video you can check out that has a half hour of the two guys messing with the game before the call begins. Also, I'm pretty amused by David's original idea for the game including what I assume he means to be the Golden Tigers, who in the Valiant comic were the enforcers of a Triad-like crime boss known as Chun Lee Fat.

Turok Evolution / Turok Evolution Models
« on: May 29, 2015, 10:54:08 PM »
I haven't had much time to work on this tonight, but just using the already-converted files he provided, I come bearing gifts:

One Ankylosaurus render, which is what I did most of my practicing on, as Blender is a foreign creature to me.

And for the beta crowd, one large bat. It kinda looks... tasty? I dunno. Like somebody grilled it or something.

Tomorrow's not going to see anything done, probably, but I have all day Sunday (as far as I know) to mess around with this.

ADMIN EDIT: Stinkee 2's Turok Evolution Models Post(from this thread):

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