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Turok 2: Ry Memorial Rumble (Player of The Week Match)

We invite everyone for T2 Classic Multiplayer match that happens this Sunday 18:00 UTC (6PM) - check your local time here:

Winner of the match will be announced first ever Player of The Week and Ry Memorial Rumble winner in MOTD massage that appears when you join any server (using my mod). The winner and participants may get some additional prizes in the future (maybe virtual championship title or something else, maybe even some special cosmetic effect in a future version of my mod, but I don't promise :P It's mainly just for fun )

Using the newest version of my mod (B0.9) during the match is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Get the mod:


More on Discord:

MOTD msg example:

First line is built into mod.
Second line is the mod's motd msg that I can change any time and that will appear when you join any server.
3rd line is the server's motd msg that server owner can set (Vis in this case) and that will appear when you join specific server.

If anyone missed this check out the screenshots for funny T2 content (special thanks to Kaiser and Raffine52).

T2 kub's mod - Mod for original Turok 2 PC Multiplayer.
(1999 one, not "remaster" - Nightdive's T2 Multiplayer is very different than the OG)

Version: 1.0 beta (pre-release25)
Put all files to the game dir and use 'Turok2MP Launcher - kubs mod.exe' to launch the game.
It may be considered by your antivirus as virus as it changes variables in the game memory.
Source code:
Want host server for my mod? -> Contact me on Discord or by

YouTube presentation of some features of the mod:

It allows to configurate server in many different ways that allow you to create your own custom gamemodes. It also introduces many custom admin commands that allow to do crazy stuff on the server in real time.

Examples of custom game modes:
-SUPERHOT (Time moves only when players on the server move)
-Gungame (You kill you get new weapons)

-TF2 Mod (Each character in the game has settings inspired by the classes in TF2)
-Humans vs monsters (Some characters are turned intro big monsters with special powers/weapons)

 Other features:
-Unlocked FPS, removed input lag, better mouse movement
-New weapons: some ported from singleplayer, some from N64 version, some new custom ones (razor wind, tranquilizer gun, sunfire pod, P.F.M. layer (mines), AirStrike, DinoRidingGun and more).
-You can enable water weapons (torpedo, harpoon) on the surface or even flame thrower in water.
-Cosmetics / cool efects that can be set by server admin (
). Potentially could be won in tournaments or temporarily during the game.
-New console (~) commands for everyone: set weaponfov, set camerafov, fov (max fov is now 135), spectate, fpsmax, set weaponsize
-Admin commands: now you can have admins/moderators on your server with ability to kick players and change level and many more. (kick, set level, and many more - full list on )
-Ability to balance weapons (so it's no longer only plasma) - thx to many configurable options for server host - custom damage, custom drops, custom weapons, and few more custom server settings...
-Mini-games: eg. Fight in the dark (admin can enable/force blackout for every player), Big-head mode, stickman mode and more
-Custom characters: editable size (height, thickness, length), speed, height of jump, custom starting weapons for every single character.
( )

Potential future features: (to-do)
-Ranking & stats
-Even more new weapons (AI's weapons from singleplayer - dino's grenades, lasers, marshyworms' vomits etc).
-Collecting arrows (picking them from the ground) and other features from singleplayer.
-Support for "quick" choice of weapon (currently you have to use "normal" to get "singleplayer" weapons).

List of admin commands:

1.0: MANY NEW FEATURES! New gamemodes (SUPERHOT, gungame and more), admin commands, implementened unused-before content (new weapons, flares, sfx, announcer lines, death animations and many more)!
b0.9: unlocked FPS, removed input lag, better mouse movement, new commands, "delayed load bug" has been fixed. (special thanks to (GoT) vis *RS* for such a long time spent on testing)
b0.8: many new configurable server settings, inter alia, custom Characters!: custom size, custom starting weapons, custom jump
b0.7: max fov is now 135! (use set fov 135 command), raptor is now 25% faster than others in rok match (when allCharsSame is on), bug fixes, more stable I guess
b0.6: ELO ranking system, improved razor arrows, ban command - new banning system, even more bugs fixed
b0.5: more bugs fixed
b0.4: bug fixes, new configurable things for server host, new AirStrike, triple nuke shot, black oil efect, spectate visual efect

Other Turok 2 original PC mods and tools:

Do you like my mod? Consider buying my game on Steam - it's not even $1 but means a lot to me! ;)

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil / Turok 2 Remaster - our wishlist!
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:06:13 PM »
Hey! Soon I will contact with Night Dive Studios (guys making Turok 2 Remastered). I and other players thinks that we should tell them what we think should be changed (or not) in new version of T2. So, please guys write here your ideas for refreshed T2.

I will keep updating our wishlist here:

Here are my few suggestions:

Level editor!

CO-OP mode:
By using some tricks and editing variables in game memory I got Turok 2 CO-OP mode! (multiplayer mode mixed with singleplayer mode on singleplayer levels) Here is video -
I also already got "death bug" and teleports fixed by hacking game memory ;p
Would be super awesome if they can add this CO-OP feature to T2 remaster! Just imagine kicking dinos' ass with friends also on maps created by community :D

In your Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster there is fog turned off by default. I think It can't be done in T2:SOE (remove the fog in default settings). Using sniper zoom in Plasma Rifle and Tek Bow to see what is behind the fog is game mechanic! Example: In last world there are "shooting cameras" which are overpowered at short distance and you have to find them in fog by zoom to kill them from long distance. Or just last level in first world is a good example - you gets Tek Bow with sniper zoom before entering the long area which is suggestion that you should use sniper zoom. "Extend draw distance" should be in cheat menu (and in server config on/off).

I noticed that in T2 there are two types of fov - fov of camera and fov of weapon (modelview). Using command "set fov 90" you set both fovs to 90. But thanks editing variables in game memory i got this interesting effect - Changeable viewmodel would be nice :)

Spiderman glitch:
Watch please this viedo:
I hope that this "spiderman glitch" will STAY in remastered multiplayer - it's like game mechanic! Please also add this "multi-air-jumping areas" to level editor. I can't imagine T2 Multi without this glitch! I hope movement will remain the same - air-jumps and "bunnyhoping" / bouncing off ramps (sloped terrains) - maybe soon I will create video also about this.

Gamemodes and game modifying:
Basber's mods: Would be awesome to have AWR gamemode, "Planned Features" described on mod's website and other things from Basber's mod - Maybe also ingame support for bots :)
We need also "last man standing" game mode! :P And I thing that near every aspect of the multiplayer game should be setable in server config, so then we can easily create custom gamemodes.
I see that they support moding T1, but I would also love to be able to making server plugins. Plugins - I mean server mods that players don't have to download. They just can join to server and it will works. (like Metamod / AMX Mod for Counter Strike / Half Life or like for Minecraft) So, I hope server will also be modifiable :P

That's all for now, but I think I will write soon something more.
Don't forget to write your ideas but remember that it's not new game - it's just refreshed version of T2. :D

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