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I updated the first post and the mod is now also available on :)

I made youtube video with voice commentary

Gun Game & SUPERHOT - Turok 2 Mod Gameplay + Voicechat!

I am working on new version of the mod adding a lot of new features! One of the new game modes is SUPERHOT mode:

If you want to help testing, Vis prepared prerelease version:

The mod is on the sanctum now :)

I also collected some Turok 2 original PC mods and tools - Let me know if I missed any


Results of the Ry Memorial Rumble:
1. (GoT) Drahsid - 17+17+20=54
2. kBg*In EX - 20+16+14=50
3. BEEF SUPREME - 18+13+17=48
4. BGE> Riki-Oh - 8+20+19=47
5. PenelopeThePony - 12+18+16=46
6. (GoT) Delta - 19+19+6=44
7. kubpica - 14+14+13=41
8. Badger - 13+15+11=39
9. Amon - 11+12+15=38
10. IceKilla - 16+11+10=37
11. -[Tw0RahK]- 5+10+18=33
12. (GoT) Duke64 - 15+8+8=31
13. (GoT) VIS RS - 10+4+12=26
15. Dinosoid - 9+7+6=22
15. Azzalack - 7+9+6=22
16. [KoP]R.I.P - 5+6+9=20
17. Raffine52 - 6+5+7=18

And here is your winner of the Ry Memoerial Rumble and the first ever Player of The Week - (GoT) Drahsid - if anyone wants to rewatch it from my perspective - 15:15 it's about to start

And yeah it was bugged mess - next time we have to limit number of players ;p Create groups or sth.

Turok 2: Ry Memorial Rumble (Player of The Week Match)

We invite everyone for T2 Classic Multiplayer match that happens this Sunday 18:00 UTC (6PM) - check your local time here:

Winner of the match will be announced first ever Player of The Week and Ry Memorial Rumble winner in MOTD massage that appears when you join any server (using my mod). The winner and participants may get some additional prizes in the future (maybe virtual championship title or something else, maybe even some special cosmetic effect in a future version of my mod, but I don't promise :P It's mainly just for fun )

Using the newest version of my mod (B0.9) during the match is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Get the mod:


More on Discord:

MOTD msg example:

First line is built into mod.
Second line is the mod's motd msg that I can change any time and that will appear when you join any server.
3rd line is the server's motd msg that server owner can set (Vis in this case) and that will appear when you join specific server.

Oh and I forgot to mention, special big thanks to @(GoT) vis *RS* it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't him, we spent long nights testing things, thx man.

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