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So this game was mentioned to with the Night Dive Studios announcement I think it deserves its own thread they wouldn't of announced it if they didn't have plans for it in the making. I know all the hype is with Turok EX for the moment but don't forget this was mentioned to. Turok 2 has a good SP and a good MP to go with it. I think this games mp could easily belong on GOG and steam. I for one would be really excited to see both T1 and T2 because its a packaged deal here there the most similar out of all the Turok games.

I think we can just call it T2 EX well anyways I thought it would be okay to talk about this one now to :) Hopefully we get some images or some news on it soon.

I made this just for fun for it :)

After all its already in the data base for steam as well.


Seriously, we need to some screens of Turok 2 HD. Considering how great Turok DH HD look , I can't wait for some pics of T2. And yeah, hopefully some online mp, that would be great.

We need free steam keys when it comes out, because who likes spending money?!

I like spending money on games if its Turok :P

Turok 2 doesnt deserve a HD remake! It gets played enough as is! What a waste of time and money. They could make a new bloody Austin Powers movie from all that dope!


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