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Turok 2: Cutscenes Captions for Developers + Mission for fans


Following texts belongs to Adon´s voice during ingame cutscenes (Source Turok-Wiki as its correct English). Would be nice to include em into upcoming Turok 2 Steam release as optional captions for non-English speaken people (me included) which has issue to understand her voice and also to those people with ears issues where Im also belongs. We can finally understand story and will be enabled to bring into more languages eventually. Turok definately deservers this treathment and I wish with a lot of other fans as it will be avaiable.

The Port of Adia

"Greetings Turok, I am Adon. The elders of the Lost Land known as the Lazarus Concordance have charged me with the task of guiding you in your quest to stop the Primagen.

The Primagen seeks to destroy the five Energy Totems that keep him imprisoned within the wreckage of his lightship. If he succeeds in destroying all five Energy Totems he will be freed, and the blast wave of temporal energy unleashed will destroy your universe. You must stop the Primagen, Turok. Protect the Energy Totems at all cost. You will also be given additional mission objectives as you venture deeper into each of the worlds that you must explore.

The Port of Adia. This once-peaceful coastal village has been utterly destroyed by the Dinosoid army under the Primagen's command. In the hills surrounding the city, the battle wages on as stragglers are hunted down ruthlessly.

The Dinosoids are genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids. They are utterly evil and very dangerous. Though they do the Primagen's bidding, the Dinosoids have a more sinister and personal agenda of their own: to see humankind wiped from the face of the Earth.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Activate three distress beacons. Rescue four children. Activate the Warp Portals. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

Slaughter by the River of Souls

"Slaughter by the River of Souls. The River of Souls. The very name strikes fear into the hearts of men. Nothing that drinks of this water survives.

The Lazarus Concordance erected one of the Energy Totems on its banks, and the people of the Lost Land quickly learned that its mysterious energy could purify the water of the River of Souls. On the very shores of the deadly river, a mighty city sprang forth. Where once there was but death, life flourished.

The Dinosoid vanguard has swept through the beautiful city of Araissi as its campaign of terror rages on. Araissi was once home to a formidable army, but decades of peace and prosperity saw little need for a large military presence, and its military forces grew weak.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy two Soul Gates. Legions of the undead have begun pouring through these gates into Araissi. You must find and destroy all of the Soul Gates before the undead can escape into the city. Destroy the three Sisters of Despair. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

The Death Marshes

"The Death Marshes. The Death Marshes are home to the mighty Purr-Linn, a primitive and brutal race of ape-like creatures. The Purr-Linn regard humans as weak, squeaking insects and are deeply resentful of the progress humankind has made as the centuries have come and gone. The Primagen has fooled the Purr-Linn into believing that he will turn the Lost Land over to them once they have helped free him. Little do the Purr-Linn know that the Primagen intends to wipe them out as soon as Turok is no longer a threat. Through they are unpredictable and untrustworthy, the Primagen has armed the Purr-Linn with a very limited reserve of high-tech weaponry and ammunition.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Rescue five prisoners. Destroy three ammunition storage facilities. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

Lair of the Blind Ones

"The Lair of the Blind Ones. Little is known of this mysterious race. Legends tell of ghostly figures emerging at night from underground and dragging hapless victims to their doom. Though they do not possess the power of sight, the Blind Ones are hardly helpless. They can hear the beat of a heart and smell the blood of an intruder from a great distance. Attacking with primitive brutality and a lust for warm blood, they have lived for countless centuries deep beneath the surface of the Lost Land.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Seal three thermal vents, trapping the Blind Ones beneath tons of rock. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

The Hive of the Mantids

"The Hive of the Mantids. The Mantids are an aggresive and extremely intelligent race of insects that have established a large colony in the Lost Land in recent years. The Mantids are incapable of pity, remorse, or kindness. They exist solely to further their own existence. To this end, the Primagen has persuaded the Mantids to help free him by promising to give them ripe new worlds to infest. The first world on their list is Earth. Rift gates are being ready to transport an army of Mantid soldiers to your world. Destroying the master computer will render the rift gates useless."

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy three queen embryos. Destroy the master computer. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

Primagen's Lightship

"The Primagen's Lightship. Little is known about this mysterious and ancient vessel. The Lightship is believed to be maintained by a horde of lethal biomechanical droids programmed to do their master’s bidding. The vessel itself is massive and is undoubtedly well defended.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy three automated assembly plants. The Primagen's Lightship is completely self-sufficient and can supply itself with an army of Bio-Bots manufactured deep within the superstructure. In the event that the Primagen is defeated, the Bio-Bots have been programmed to exit the Lightship and eradicate intelligent life from the face of the Lost Land as one last, twisted act of revenge by the Primagen. You must destroy all of the assembly plants within the Lightship.

Purify the River of Souls. The waste created by the Lightship’s power cores is responsible for the toxins that poison the River of Souls. By reversing their polarity, the toxins will be eradicated and the River of Souls will flow pure for the first time. Tens of thousands would benefit from its clean, cool waters."

Challenge for all: Would be terrific if any fans here would be enabled to make cutscene videos from all levels and put em on youtube with addition fo those captions as CC subtitles. (Please not forced into videos to give more options to work with via editing and translations etc..)
Tutorial for captions on youtube is here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en

Original topic from me is here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/405820/discussions/0/458604254429020643/

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