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My experience with T2MP (Come join us!)

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Now first of all would like to say I had played this long long ago when I was young I tell you it was the start of my day back then. You know when you wake up thinking screw school I just want to play such and such game ? Yes that's how I was with it now this game released in 1998 so I was only 8 years old and it just so happens it released right around my birthday. I actually told my parents I didn't want a birthday present yet, yes that's right I wanted to wait 9 days for my gift instead of getting it on my day :) anyway..

Now out of curiosity and even some boredom I wanted to look for a Turok community I decided to hop into T2MP and I found just that plus more. The game is still breathing, has plenty of players to play and interact with. Now i'm not saying the servers are always full to the max and it's always pumping but it almost always has players there. The community is really nice and fun, they are really skilled long time players who kick ass and it could be hard to get into the groove with most of them but they are nice, helpful, and inviting.

If you have never played i'm willing to bet you will enjoy the atmosphere of the game itself and the community right away. Come see for yourself ! and if you already have played well come join us

Demon Turok:
 :D I had a really fun time playing turok 2 online  today  even know I got my butt kicked it was well worth playing  hope more people join in on the fun

I Might try joining.

I Got Turok 2 cartridge for Nintendo 64 from a friend today! Nice.  8)


--- Quote from: Dinomite on April 12, 2015, 03:18:49 PM ---I Got Turok 2 cartridge for Nintendo 64 from a friend today! Nice.  8)

--- End quote ---

Rad, which variant did you get the grey or black cart? I noticed I have the grey one, apparently it fixed a few bugs as it's the later player's choice release. Nothing major though I don't think.


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