Author Topic: Turok 3 Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V2.1 & Scraped Weapon)  (Read 17381 times)

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Re: Turok 3 Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V2.1 BETA)
« Reply #30 on: December 24, 2019, 10:49:01 PM »
The Beta Release of V2.1 has been released. Just in time because... You know.

This is a Beta Release, so some things may change.

- Melee Weapons swing faster, and now has a delay just like the Original game.
- Most of the weapons has been nerfed or buffed, and the randomized damage has been taken out.
- Some Kill obituaries has been updated.
- Most of the Weapons now have Idle Animations.
- Changed up some Spawners again.


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Re: Turok 3 Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V2.1 Overhaul)
« Reply #31 on: February 22, 2020, 03:09:18 AM »
V2.1 is finally Released. And here we are. Turok 3 Overhaul. The Full release. Although the Changes are not as Huge as Turok Rage Wars's Overhaul, It's still a lot. But let me tell you, It was not close to the original game state.

In the Beta, The Randomized damage was taken out, resulting in the weapons dealing far less damage than it should be. This has been restored.
Most of the weapons now have more idle animations added.
The Bores and the PSG had their sprite-work redone. Both of them have the correct firing animations instead of just reusing the few frames of the deselect animation.
Added in nearly the entire roster from Turok 3, as well as some characters from Rage Wars, and one from Turok 2.
Pistol Casings are smaller, and now come out of the gun correctly.
Bore Burst now has some changes: While it works the same, It now does more damage, but it flys slower to make up for it.
Bore Possessor now fires two bores instead of one.
PSG's Projectiles and Razor Wind can now rip through enemies correctly now.
You now hold less PSG ammo.
Smoke Effects are added for most of the weapons, including a few that didn't in the original.
Updated the Kill Obituaries for some of the weapons.
Cell Pack Spawn Spots now only spawn Grenade, PSG and Bore Ammo.
Replaced much of the Powerups, With some of them being ported from Turok 2 Weapons in Doom (As Placeholders)
Brought back the Keycards, since I got them working back in my T2 and TKRW Weapon Mods. I also added in the Book Openers, replacing the Skull Keys.
Added in the Ammo Boxes, replacing the backpacks. They not only allow you to hold more ammo, But gives you Extra Pistol/Shotgun/Assault Rifle ammo.
T3 Health and Key HUD Icons are added in.
PSG now causes a screen flash upon firing it.
The Sniper Rifle Clips are removed, replaced with Unreal 1's Rifle ammo pickups for the Sniper Rifle.
Turok 3 Style Cheats are imported. Just like in the original game, there are animal icons in them, but unlike in the original game, you just type them in instead of just selecting the animal icons to input them.
Did the GunLore for all of the weapons in the mod. It can be read once opened up with the SLADE Editor.
New Title, Credit, Win and Lose Screens, Replacing the old ones. They look way better!
Bots should now be less likely to kill themselves using Explosive Weapons.
When you run out of Ammo, You should no longer switch to the Spear now, which leaves the Bots defenseless in deathmatches even know they still have ammo for the other weapons.
Some Spawners have been changed. The KEYCONF Is also changed up as well.
All Weapons are now tagged.
The Taunt System has been removed.

MP Weapon Addon:

You should know this already. (Updated the Addon to support the V2.1 Overhaul).
Grenade Launcher and Sniper Rifle now have their almost original fire rates.
Fixed the Spear Sounds not playing when hitting something.
Bore's Sprites has been redone, including the correct firing animation.

New to this Version is the MP Friendly and Music Pack Addons. The Former Changes up the Damage/Spawner Rates to be just like Turok 3's Multiplayer while the Latter plays Tracks from the N64/GBC/ Music Samples (Acclaim Archives) Album.

Download (MP Addon):!DE9CiY5D!_brxWX3ZV8L9RnMCeIl1se-wuhiwYfio2k5zKfaIBcw
Download (MP Friendly, SP Weapons Addon):!3RlmBCgI!DW6GR-XraJ181iYwniFtPvyZa_wfB2pKQ4afv-NKEdI
Download (MP Friendly, MP Weapons Addon):!OF92UAIa!8ie1lAnyCQ72olHFa4CjVn-SFMAKoIZVoTufmITMJZ4
Download (Music Pack Addon):!WckiGSDY!h2xROiaTEKdLksEkn6hzpUaiMkZxUqnlapS3e2C0cb8

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Re: Turok 3 Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V2.1.1)
« Reply #33 on: April 03, 2020, 02:34:54 AM »
V2.1.1 has been released. A Mini Bug Fix release to fix some holes.

Storm Bow now does more damage.
Fixed the Infrared acting as a Inventory Item. Before, Once picked up, It Allows you to use it two times in a row. Not anymore.
Fixed the Mag 60 playing the first idle animation after the 2nd Idle Animation has finished playing.


Download (MP Weapons):


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