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Reienkyo Mac Perpis:
It was funny to play again!. I hope to join more times and lost all the rust i gained this years of not play. :bore:

For all who loved Turok 2 mp from N64 console and any1 who is beginner and wish to go slow in The Lost Land xD, you are welcome to try new server setup, in classic pc T2 mp:


Nice fun there, ty all! : )....To be continued :blank: :blank: :blank:



Very fun testing! : ) I can't wait round 2 of Turok  2 coop, all best to behe, during future work on it!

I wish to advertise friend's video from classic T2 mp to:

Gj, in ex! People need to know how much classic mp is fun and underrated, and this is way to go! Tnx.


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