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V1.1 has been released!

Base Mod:

More Ammo Count Changes.
The Alt Fire Box, Which was unused for a long time since Turok Rage Wars Weapons in Doom, Finally sees the light of day. It is now called the "Assault Shotgun, Colt Pistol and Rocket Launcher Alt Fire Kit", And unlocks the Alt Fires of these weapons. These Alt Fires are taken from the Edited Version. Some Alt Fires that are not powerful than the Main Firing modes are already usable even before getting this item.
Fixed the Thrown Bricks not playing any sound when you pick them up for real this time.
The Respawn and Key Needed Sounds are now imported.
SMG Ammo can now spawn in Shell Spawners.

Guest Addon:

Added Joshua Fireseed, Adon, Juggernaut, Fireborn, Blind One Guardian and Oblivion Spawn for the Turok Side.
Added the RW Mag 60, Both the SP and MP Versions.


It's Time to Split! The Mod has been released!


Released the Gameplay Teaser showing off the weapons.

You thought it was dead? Not anymore! The reason why I haven't been working on it for a while is due to many projects and things getting in the way, and my skills not being ready yet to do such a Weapon Mod like this at the time. But however, I did found time to do a Music Pack Addon for this mod, and decided to release it early. Just like every other Turok Music Pack I worked on, It includes Tracks from the Console/PC and GBA Versions of the game.

As for the mod itself, It isn't dead yet, And I will work on this after I release TimeSplitters 1 Weapons in Doom. But in the meantime, Here's the Download link to the Music Pack:

After about Two Years of no updates, Turok 1 Guns in Doom finally returns with a V2.2 update! A long awaited update with many needed changes.

"You wedge the pickaxe under a corner of the lid and push hard. It lurches open with a groan,
and a blast of dank air howls out of the opening. Slate steps lead down into a dark void below.

Descending into the blackness, you light a lamp and see that the walls are encrusted with carvings,
fossils, and bones. As the last rays of light from the entrance recede behind you, a stone floor appears
and the passage widens. You are now standing in a chasm filled with the skeletons of long-dead creatures.

You reach down and pick up a human skull. Its surface is riddled with lacerations that look like tooth marks.

Something growls behind you."

Added a Intermission picture and music. In Turok 1's case, I used the old Winning picture for it.
Enemies now draw blood upon being hit by Bow's Arrows.
After many years of being left out of the mod since V1.9, The Particle Accelerator finally makes a return. It can now charge correctly instead of being just for show, and it is no longer a Alien Weapon clone.
The Alien Rifle has been renamed to Alien Weapon. The Actor name for it is still called 'TK1AilenRifle', but that's to make it closer to the remaster.
Eriko has been removed from the roster. In her place is James Bond 007.
Improved Weapon Effects.
Added GL Light Support. However, The Particle Accelerator, Fusion Cannon and Chronoscepter are still missing GL Lights, but I will add these in a later update.
Removed some old files from years ago.
Nerfed the Knife as it did way too much damage.
Buffed the Fusion Cannon, And the Player can no longer damage themselves with it.
Changed up the way the Pulse Rifle's Projectiles look.
Scaled down some items.
Bow's Arrows now fly slower.
The 'Select Class' screen now says 'Select your Character'.
The Character Icons are now smaller.
Removed one of the remains of the old sprite set from the Quad Missile Launcher.
Doomguy has been added, replacing Pur-Lin by default.
Moved down the logo so you can see the whole thing.
You can now Akimbo Pistols for double the firepower.
Moved the Shell Actors to the Effects Text File.
Bullet Impacts and Blood Effects are replaced with the ones based off of Turok 1.
Added in the Console Background.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.

The Alpha Guns Addon has also gotten a big update of it's own, too.

Included all of the improvements and changes V2.2 brings (Improved Weapon Effects, GL Light Support, and some Weapon/Item Changes).
Nerfed the Alpha Knife as it did way too much damage.
Alpha Bow's Arrows now fly slower.
Renamed some sprites so it does not show the wrong sprites for the new added in things from the base mod.
The Prototype Pulse Rifle has been changed completely: Instead of working the same as the Pulse Rifle, It Is now a Sniper Rifle Type Weapon that fires Fast Projectiles with a Tracer behind them. It also has it's own firing sound as well.
The Lighting Gun has been overhauled: Instead of firing fast Projectiles, It instead fires lighting that has limited range.
Done some unlisted changes on the Beta Fusion Cannon, I did however listed two of the changes I remembered: It now only has one Firing mode, And removed parts of the background on the firing sprites.



General User Mods, Maps, and Content / TimeSplitters Guns in Doom (V1.1)
« on: February 27, 2022, 09:25:41 PM »

by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.1

"It's time to split!"

TimeSplitters Guns in Doom is a Doom Mod that aims to port weapons from the 2000 PlayStation 2 Game, TimeSplitters. While Doom Mods that add in content from TimeSplitters has been done before (Like DoomSplitters), Most of them are not finished or are not released yet, This mod is pretty much not only the first Weapon Port of GZDoom/Zan that is finished that focuses on TimeSplitters, But also adds in the Rest of the Weapons from the 1st Game.

It is the first mod that is done in Widescreen (Not Counting Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition), Which means it is 16:9 Friendly. It is also the First PS2 Weapon Rip that is done by me, Which is a break from the N64 Rips I been doing for years, and also my first Weapon Mod to be done in 2022, after 2021 went through without any new Weapon Mods being done.

While the mod includes all of the weapons from TimeSplitters, It has two new weapons not found in the Original Game: The Golden Gun, Based off of the James Bond 007 Videogames having that sort of weapon, And the Sci-Fi Beam Rifle, A Weapon that fires beams that can rip through enemies, does a lot of damage, and can shred enemy squads in only a few well-placed shots.

NOTE: Due to the motion blur getting in the way of rips, Some Workarounds had to be done. All Weapons use Custom Animations, and the Weapon Pickup Sprites look a little bit messy (thebestmlTBM tried his best at fixing them). That is, Until a way is found to disable it, then I can improve these two things.



Download Link

Add-Ons Included
Auto Taunts (GZDoom only)
Zandronum Patch
Music Pack
Special Guest Add-On
Humorous Weapons Noises

Edited Build Version

Screenshot Preview

V1.5 has been released. An Update about 4 Months in the making. The Largest Update for Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition ever, With me finally breaking out of Sinael's chains by doing the rips of my own. And with it, Comes a host of new content, plus the long awaited return of the RTNP Weapons.

However, Since I am using the 1280X768 Sprites, Some older PCs may experience slowdowns when operating fast changing (1 tick) frames of large size, Which is what this mod mostly uses. I will find a way to fix that, though.

Added Menu sounds.
Added some Unreal Items, Replacing the Doom ones.
The Biggest change is that now all of the weapons are using the sprites ripped by me instead of using Sinael's rips for them. This means they have the Select and Deselect Animations, Which Sinael's rips didn't have. However, If you still want to play with the old sprites, There's a (Coming soon) addon for that.
After being removed by the V1.2 update and being left out of Doomreal, The RTNP Weapons comes back with a vengeance, With better looking sprites, GL Light Support, Better Effects, and the return of the Guide Rocket Mode for the Rocket Launcher, They now don't stick out like the Base game weapons in terms of look and gameplay.
Added in the Quadshot. It is based off of Unreal 227's version of it, but with Different sounds. This is one of the few cut content that made it over to this mod. (Fun Fact: I began development on this weapon in V1.4, But was left unfinished by that version's release due to me unable to rip the sprites for it at the time)
The 'DOOMTOURNAMENTDOOMREAL' command is now voiced.
Fixed the ASMD Alt Fire Orbs able to destroy enemy projectiles upon touching them, Which makes it broken.
Updated the Info File.
The Automag now has a Idle Animation.
The Rifle can now zoom in again, with a Custom Scope graphic made by thebestmlTBM.
Title, Credits, Win, Lose and Intermission Screens, As well as the music for them, has been changed to the ones made by thebestmlTBM.
The ASMD Core and Tarydium Sludge Ammo Pickups are now animated.
Fixed more sounds that can be cutted off just by jumping.
The Automag's Reloading Sound no longer cuts off.
Although nothing to do with gameplay, Stinger's pickup sprite has been renamed due to a bug during testing where the Pickup Actor appeared Small.

After many months of waiting, A Trailer for V1.5 has been released, showing off a host of new content and improvements to the mod.


It isn't released yet, but it is nearly done.

Hello, It's been a while! While the Base Mod hasn't been updated yet (I am still working hard on an update for Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition as for now) I took some time to update two of the Addons for the mod, Plus I created a new addon:

Turok now only uses the Taunts from the Not For Resale Demo.
Purr-Lin, Fireborn/EndTrail and Iggy now has more taunts.
Fixed one of Fireborn/EndTrail taunts not playing.

Japanese Voices Addon:
The Shotgun's icon is changed into the one from the Japanese Version of the game when this addon is loaded.

Kub's Mod Experience:
If you don't know where the Custom Weapons came from, They come from Kub's Mod, where due to coding limitations, kubpica has to use models from the SP Weapons to make this possible. This Addon aims to recreate these Custom Weapons as close to the Original as possible.

V2.7 has been released. More Content Improvements on the Guest Characters and a few base mod changes. Originally this was going to be a update that finally goes back to focusing on the base mod itself, but I decided to push it for later. But hey, At least it wasn't stuck in Development Hell!

Akimbo Mag 60s are now part of the Mag 60 weapon instead of being a standalone weapon now. When picking up another Starting Pistol (That looks like a Mag 60), You can switch between a Single and Two Mag 60s at any time. While holding two of them, You can't use the Alt Fire: You have to make sure you are holding just one for the Alt Fire to be usable. Turok 1/Turok 2/UT also gets Akimbo Versions of their starting pistols, while Unreal 1 gets just Bullet Rounds, since he can't akimbo at all.
When I updated Turok 2's Weapons into their up-to-date versions, I pretty much forgot to update the Talon and War Blade, which not only they are still using the outdated sprites, but they also felt really slow to use. Pretty much a Big Oopsie from me! This has been fixed. Now they use the current updated sprites and are much faster to swing.
Buffed the Minigun again so it does 8 damage per shot, because having 6 damage per shot was just too weak and was suited for a slower-paced game like Rage Wars.
The Claw Weapons has been removed from the spawners.
Talon's Damage Boost under the effects of Berserk has been given to the War Blade.
The Instagib Plasma Rifle has been changed to High-Powered Plasma Rifle. It does 500 Damage if you can score a hit instead of being a 'I win' weapon.
Moved all of the weapon actors into their own folders to make development for upcoming updates much easier.
Uzis can no longer spawn in spots where the pistol would spawn.
Custom Weapon Bobbing has been added for some weapons to prevent sprite cut-off when playing in 4:3 Ratio... almost.
Changed up and added in a few sound effects, some of which are unused sounds left in the ROM.
Updated the Character Lore.

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