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Well everyone:

I opened and started work on this forum on February 12th, 2015. I wanted to point this out as we will have our first year under the belt on Friday.

The start of this forum was motivated by Turok having a lack in community as a hole unit. In my opinion it was hard to meet other all around Turok fans in general. This was personally upsetting for me. I know and I am a part of other classic games forums such as Duke Nukem and Doom. I wanted and thought Turok could and should by any means have its own forum and community also.  I think we all could agree we have met Turok fans we didn't know before including myself. There are other reasons why I started it but this is the main root of the forum.

We did a lot of growing this year and I want to thank all members for hanging around. A special thanks to members who have contributed and been a part of it, its really the members who make it fun. There is to many exciting things that happened and are happening for Turok to even name. I for one would like it to grow even more. Which I think it will with the work some of the forum members are working on here if they keep it up. Plus the remastered versions and there tools will be upon us also.  I have a feeling it will be a great Turok year :)

Here is some Turok Fireworks for celebration :P

I'm still here and i was with you, duke64, from time when idea is born in your head, how to help to all, us, Turok fans, try making this place, definitly planing to stay for any future time, good or bad, in gaming sense, becouse you did make good home, here. Ty for that! :-)

Snake Plissken:
greatest game ever. these forums are going to go far i know it. alot ahead of us. i believe the good times have only started ;) thanks for your effort to duke64. cant wait to see what the future of turok has in store for all of us :)

Jay Doomed:
Damn happy birthday time to set the chronoscepter fireworks haha

Omg I am very glad I checked the forum today because of this wow time flies. Happy birthday to this forum you know what would be really cool is if they released the editor today for Turok EX. How ironic would that be I guess one can only dream :P I hope today is awesome, you know duke I didn't know any Turok fans till I joined here so now I feel like I have a connection to other fans. That weapon is crazy btw lol perfect for doing Turok fireworks (more like firenukes)


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