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This post is to help with a few things you see on this forum.

Profile- Once you register here you can have a profile and you can start editing it to your liking. Under the profile tab you will see a few options. I will break some of it down but the rest is up to you to explore

*Summary* Clicking this will bring you to your public profile (what people see when going to your profile)

*Account setting* Place to change username/password and a few other things

*Forum Profile* This is the place you want to go to if you would like to customize your public profile. Adding an avatar, signature, personal info like your birthday and adding social media links.

*Ultimate Profile* This is sort of self explanatory but enable this to further the look of your profile :)

Reputation- The reputation is just a small addition that helps show the most active members. Every topic post a member makes gives the poster 10 rep points and 3 for making posts.

T-REP This is linked to your reputation on the forums except it just has a different name and this can only be seen on your profile. Short for Turok reputation and similar to T-REX :D

This forum is really thrilling I dont think there has been a Turok forum this clean before. Seems there are bits of forums and communities spread about like you said. Now I know this place is new but in time I hope it picks up it has the potential to be the home place for all fans of Turok. Instead of only having a bunch of small fires spread everywhere there should be one big fire plus the small fires. By the way really like the rep system and how you receive rep only by making posts and being active and a very clever name to call it "T-REP"

Anyway really nice site here for Turok its really nice to see some new push for it respect for that. Let the Turok revival commence!

We thank you for your enthousiasm for the forum. We hope your stay here will be more than enjoyed... Oh, and while you are here we could might aswell ask if you may have any friend's intrested in turok? If so, than we would happily invite them over to the forum. Have fun! ;)

Solution to sent messages not showing. Before you send the message there is a button at the bottom of the text box that says "save in outbox" check that and you will see your sent messages.



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