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here is a map i worked on a wile ago and never got around to finishing, thanks to user badger; this map is finally able to be released.

special thanks to badger for touching up the map and adding the necessary actors needed ( like spawn points and pickups ) in order for this to be a completed map.

download link and pictures :


in this 1 min long video you can see the issue I am having. default walkable surfaces are sticky and I must jump around, inorder to get around. I would like to know how to make it normal and im looking into this now. thanks for any advice, comments, and/or help. thanks

I place two DMplayerstart actors onto a custom map that's uv'ed with walkable spaces for the players. I start the server up with the params pointing at the map lineup including my map and another time just my map.

when I go to connect to the server it insta sends me back to the main menu.

anyone know how I can fix this so I can move onto both learning the multiplayer inviroment and testing my maps i have already created in a multiplayer inviroment?

how come it insta sends me to the main menu when I try to connect?

any advice will help I thank you very much for any of your replys.

edit: no error logs, no messages, just backs me out to the main menu screen...

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Modding/Mapping / Goldeneye in kex engine.
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:43:53 PM »

Goldeneye stuff in kex engine. Depending on my minds popular demand between things I'm working on, I may or may not  work on something serious with this, all tho I could replicate all of olden eye on kex, I don't think that's going to happen as I'm already doing this for zero hour and still have my brutal turoks and another mod all for kex alone still in the works. Intresting stuff none the less.

download link:

This mod adds 8 new maps resembling turok rage wars levels and a new model for the tekcrossbow that you can enjoy playing raptor fest gamemode in. There is 3 maps finished, excluded from the mod but are back on there way soon, and even more, later on to come.

-add rage wars weapons
-add the rest of the levels
-resize levels and walkable spaces
-find out how how to get a custom weapon to fire a custom particle
-create and add particles
-add and place pickups for rage wars weapons, powerups, pickups, ect.

note: all 3d assets have been extracted, converted, and added, we just need to rig it all up

developers- Badger, Snake Plissken

if your able to help please contact me



Rage wars the mod, or "brutal rage wars" (name pending) will be a mod for turok 2 multilayer that has been constructed by ripping the textures and 3d data of all assets from the N64 title rage wars, and porting the model data over for use within turok 2's kex engine.

Every single weapon has been ripped and converted for use with turok 2

Most every level, with every single level planed, has been ripped and converted for use with turok 2

Every weapon from then"select a weapon and character screen" has been ripped and converted for use within turok 2 and as level pickup weapons.

Every power up and ammo pickup has been converted for use with turok 2

More info soon...

-----NEW PICS-----


I've been working on converting some of my favorit 3d models. and others tailored just for this mod, for construction in turok 2's kex engine.

in these two pictures I attached to this post, you will see that I am working with several new models I fine tuned, and/or tailor made and converted to kex engine's format

in this video link you can see some of the models in a video. there is a whole lot of new stuff so this video, in its length, shows only some things.

There's most every map from Rage wars on N64 in here.

every single weapon from the "select a weapon and character screen" in rage wars n64 has been ripped and converted for use as in game weapon pickup models within what will be a turok 2 rage wars multiplayer experience.

every single weapon from ragewars ( with the players hand(s)!) have been ripped from the n64 game and converted to kex engine's model format for use as newly added weapons.

a dev version of the facility level from goldeneye is included. its a rough rip of the level from the n64 game and the assets converted to kex engine.

dozens of new weapons ranging from low poly pistols and rifles to very high poly new version of a razorwind, knifes, sythe's, launchers, and lore friendly melee weapons ect.

extra content include, a few high poly 3d models of terrains, a ice planet surface, a platform, satellite array tower, and a imperial shuttle from star wars has also been added, as well as a tie-fighter and a lightsaber for use as a weapon.

the two pictures are of early progress in adding a whole city's district being added to the game, and shown in the kexstudio editor. the city is themed after being damaged, and destroyed, apocalyptic, ect. 

I have plans for all of this each having plans all in there selves...
im also working on much much more...
with a little work there should be good times ahead of us. ;)

Update: I will map out walkable areas for this map so it can be used in multiplayer, other then that I may just place a few pickups and spawn points and release it as is. I may end up using  this in a total conversion idea I've been thinking of working on. A stalker themed game.

Anything Else / new temp turok modding live streaming channel
« on: July 27, 2017, 08:52:06 AM »
heres a new and temp until my main channel is no longer banned moding live stream channel on youtube.

this should be a link to it whenever its live.

n64 production process

animation and audio pipeline in and out

comeing soon
comeing soon
----quantum mechanics---
comeing soon
comeing soon

more catagorys soon

Anything Else / Snake Plissken's psp, ps3, and ps4 development
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:28:10 AM »
The quake engine has been ported to the psp

The quake 2 engine has also been released for the psp system.
I'm pretty sure this video demonstrates it:

I have both package install files downloaded and installed within all three psp inviroments I have.

These engine's were released in a nature of porting the source code to a open development read/Wright psp platform meaning the ability to run unsigned code and this ability can be obtained by haveing a cfw, devkit, or open homebrew loader enabled psp.

I have 2 psp models with these abilitys within them  and any of us can play these homebrew ported software engine's quake 1 and 2  by loading there executables in ppsspp for windows.

A homebrew game named KuroK was released for the psp, developed on the quake 1 platform. This Kurok homebrew game ettempts to copy the turok dinosaur hunter video game.

It's of a intrest to me to develop with both turok assets and kurok assets, a kurokish game on the quake 2 engine for psp, supscseeding kurok quake 1 in that it will be the same experince, but made 2.0 where possible do to the change of engine from one to a more capable quake 2.

When I update this post I will go on about ps3 production and ps4 hombrew and how a psp homebrew can be converted to run on a ps3, essentially allowing us to develop for ps3 useing psp tools, further more I'll go on about how a homebrew can then be converted from ps3, to work on ps4, potentially even retail nativly, thus accomplishing a turokish game for both psp, ps3, and ps4, and perhaps even for all to enjoy.

When I update this post I'll also go on about a diffrent video game development platform known as udk, and it's relation with ps3 and ps4 apps, games, and homebrew production, potentially on retail ofw systems

Turok Rage Wars / Turok Rage wars assets based mod
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:19:22 AM »
Here are some videos of the assets...

This is a work in progress


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