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Anything Else / Random Post
« on: January 02, 2023, 08:32:02 AM »
Post random fun stuff here!

Anything Else / Music Links
« on: January 02, 2023, 08:31:26 AM »
What music are you guys listening to? Send music links here :)

Turok General Discussion / Turok Collection
« on: January 02, 2023, 08:17:10 AM »
Post your Turok Collection here.

Turok General Discussion / Dead Turok Members Memorial
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:25:03 PM »
In this topic we are going to mourn and remember our fallen Turok friends, be it from the forum, an online match or real life.

First, i would like to start with Adon. She was one of our first and most active members, joining on April 07, 2015, 02:08:43 PM.
She was always in a happy mood and had a very nice and lovable personality. She was helpful, told good stories, basically was like a guardian angel between us all.
She always was there to cheer members up and always could make our day in the worst of times. All went well but than one day, she was gone. Poof, just like that.
No reason, no message, no sign, nothing. Gone like the wind. Last time she was active on the forum was February 19, 2016, 03:02:42 PM.
After this, nobody has seen her since. Not on youtube, not on Google+, not on FaceBook, she didnt even respond to any emails.
We tried investigating her area, look in the news for any deaths or accidents but to no avail.

Rest in Peace, Adon. Missing in action, but never forgotten.

Ry, you were a swell guy. Another early member, joining at March 19, 2015, 10:55:57 PM, A team player but also a lone wolf. You nailed everyone in Turok 2 Multiplayer and gave everyone a good time, and while you didnt really post much, we know you were a lurker and always took the time to stay up to date with the newest Turok stuff and such. You played each and every day, and than suddenly you were gone. August 03, 2015, 10:18:11 PM to be exact.
It was only later we found out you were sick and had sadly bit the dust but dont worry my friend, your amazing skills and legacy will carry on.
Here's a video of you and Duke playing, for old times sake:

Rest in Peace, Ry. Born a fighter, died a legend.

Turok Evolution / Turok: Evolution Glitch Guide (By Dubble_G)
« on: January 07, 2017, 06:41:04 PM »
Hello guys, i have found this old guide dating back to 2007 and i thought it'd be interesting to share with you so you may try em out yourself.
All credits go to Dubble_G on GameFAQ's for making this. Im only sharing this. Source:


Author: Dubble_G (Gregor Wilke)
Consoles: Gamecube, PS2, Xbox
Version: FINAL
Created: August 23rd, O7 through November 18th, 07.

Table of Contents
1.Version History
3.Cheat Codes
5.Mission Glitches
6.Random Glitches
7.Multi-Player Glitches


FINAL Version-April 08
Fixed grammar, and added the only user
submitted glitch that I got.

Version 1.00-August 23rd, 07
All the glitches I could find have been written here. No updates
unless user submitted glitches come in.


Note that I have compiled these glitches from my copy of the Gamecube
version, not the PS2 or Xbox. From what I hear though the copies are the
same, so I am pretty sure the glitches should be too. The only difference
would be to correlate the controls into your version of the game.  This is
my 1st FAQ, so please don't send me emails about it being crappy or
something, but if you have constructive criticism go ahead and send that to
me. I hope you enjoy the many hours of work that was put into this FAQ!

Cheat Codes

Below is a list of codes so you can have better and quicker access to some
glitches in the game.  Enter them all in the cheats section of the game.

FMNFB-All cheats activated
TEXAS-All Weapons
HEID-Big Heads


Here is the Youtube section.  I have made three Turok glitch videos so far, so
people can have better understanding on how to do some of the cooler glitches.
Please watch them, that's why I created them!  You can search for "Gamelegend3"
or "Turok Glitches."  Otherwise these links should take you to the videos-

- Turok Insane Glitch
- Spidermine Glitch

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Submitted by :Wolfkisame-Youtube username

Or, search Turok Glitch 4.

"To do the different view glitch, the winning player has to have a
spider mine deployed when he wins. This works good at say,
Withering Heights. Just make player 2 die when player 1 has spider
mine deployed."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mission Glitches

The glitches in this section refer to glitches in missions on the 1-player
campaign mode. The chapter and mission number are told for each one, for your

Chapter 1:Mission 1 Floating Gators
Put on invincibility, and head out. One of two glitches I could scour in this
level is with the alligators.  Get them all to attack you, and sometimes they
pile over each other, jump, and float lowly in midair.  It may just be bad
animation, but who knows. Not really worth your time to see, but a glitch

Chapter 1:Mission 1 Knock a Tree Through a Rock
Shoot the sniper on the rock nearby, & knock all the skinny palm trees down.
Head toward the rock. Note how one of the trees falls right through the rock!

Chapter 1:Mission 3 See Through Cave Roof
Continue the level until you reach the underground cave of water.  Swim in it,
until you reach about the halfway point in the cave, and the highest point.
Swim up, and tilt the C stick up. If done right you can look through the
ceiling and into the sky above.

Chapter 1:Mission 3 Fake Air Pocket
Go back into the sea cave.  Swim through it by pressing the A button
repeatedly, and with the C stick tilted so youre head is scraping the cave
roof.  Somewhere along the cave is a point where you are still underwater, but
TalSet breathes for a second, and the water isnt there. Like an air
pocket in
the cave sort of.

Chapter 1:Mission 3 Invincible Sleg
Get to the part of the level, on the highest point on the first side of the
bridge. Stand next to it, and snipe the little guy out.  Notice the larger
green sleg next to him. This sleg is invincible until he catches sight of you,
so you could launch an explosive arrow at him but it would only kill his buddy!

In Chapter 1:Mission 3 An Amazing Feat!
Continue through the level until youre at the top of the level, and at the
right by the waterfall.  Jump off!  If you land in the water, you come out

Chapter 1:Mission 3 Crevice Jump
Go up through level and past the top of the waterfall.  See the small 4 foot
gap you need to jump over?  Look into that crevice.  You can jump down there

Chapter 1:Mission 3  Dead on the Monkey Bars
Get near the end of the mission to where the leaf climbing bridge thing is
across the gap. (The one where you grab with your hands and swing across)  See
the yellow sleg coming across? Shoot him a few times wit h regular arrows.
Dont headshoot him.  If you shot enough arrows to kill him while swinging he
wont die.  He swings all the way across, gets off, and then dies. Glitch
because he shouldve just fallen down into the chasm below when he was shot.

Chapter 1:Mission 3 Arrows in your Ally
Get close to the end of the level where you can see the dinosaur flying chick.
Bust out the Tekbow. Shoot her repeatedly in any place you like.  Now walk next
to her for the cutscene.  Depending what angle you came in from, you can see
arrows sticking out of her body!  They may not be exactly where you shot them

Chapter 3:Mission 2 Disappearing Grenade
Throw a sticky grenade into the dead Brachiosaurus.  Nothing happens, and the
grenade disappears.

Chapter 3:Mission 2 Ridge Walk

As soon as you start the mission turn and look at the ridge of your left.  It
has a slight outcropping that you can jump onto.  Hold the control stick to the
right, and tap A repeatedly to work your way up the ridge.  This allows you to
maneuver around in a small space above onto the ridge, and you can safely range
the T-Rex.

Chapter 3:Mission 2  Straight up a Ridge
Kill the T-Rex and Snipers, and continue down the hill and into the river.
Look for a steep ramp to your left.  Approach the left side of it and hammer
the control stick up and to the left to ascend up the ramp.   At a certain
point you cant continue further. Then hammer the control stick up and to the
right and you can ascend another length further, so youre about 30 feet
the ground, but sadly you cant reach the top. (This ridge is the one right
next to the wall that eventually blows up.)

Chapter 3:Mission 2 Ride the Rex!
Climb onto either the Brachiosaurus, or any climbable rock.  Lure the T-Rex to
you, so hes biting at you and jump.  (invincibility is recommended) You are
now on the back of the T-Rex!  Ride him for as long as you like!  This is one
of the most fun glitches, even more fun when youre not invincible.  Try to
stay on his back, and whip him like an elephant with your battle axe if you
want him to move a bit.

Chapter 3:Misison 2  Safe Spot From T-Rex
Get the T-Rex to chase you.  Run around behind the dead Brachiosaurus he was
just feasting on. If youre in the right spot behind it, the dino will spot
you, but turn around and continue feasting.  Its a safe spot from attack.

Chapter 3:Mission 2 Float Jumping T-Rex
Put the invincible cheat on, and then lure the T-Rex near the waterfall.  Just
lure him around, and get him to run over one of the boulders.  It makes him
float for a second, and it looks really funny.

Chapter 4:Mission 1 Invincible Sleg
Get to the area where you can see two slegs by the hanging grounds.  Make sure
alarms are off, and wait for the sleg on the right to press the button. Shoot
him.  No matter how long you shoot him, hell still be alive!

Chapter 4:Mission 2  Gap Slip
Continue on until you get to an walkout deck thing that takes you above a small
river.  There is a small gap between the railing, and the floorboard that you
can fall in.  Its not really small, but smaller than your build, therefore a
glitch.  Youll fall unharmed into the river below.

Chapter 4:Mission 2 Fire Burning Underwater
Get to the spot you just were at.  Bust out the flame-thrower.  At the bottom
deck down by the river shoreline, press X.  This switches the flame-thrower to
a ranged attack.  Shoot a few feet from the shore, and watch the three balls of
flame burn on top of the water.  Now shoot farther back.  If done in the right
area the flames will sink to the river floor, and burn at the bottom of the
river, and leave black spots!

Chapter 4:Mission 2 Sleg Burns Underwater
Get to the spot you just did the previous glitches in.  This time go in the
cave if no slegs are chasing you, lure them out onto the deck.  Jump into the
water, and swim until at least one other sleg swims in too.  Lure him out a
ways, then go back up the ladder onto the deck. The sleg should still be
swimming circles under the water.  Shoot the flame balls, with your
flame-thrower and watch him burn, underwater.  Hell die, arch back, and

Chapter 4:Mission 4 Shadow in the Water
Get to the part where theres a small bridge over the river.  Kill any sleg
thats on the bridge, and peer into the water below under the bridge.
Therell be a black outline (shadow) of the dead sleg there.

Chapter 4:Mission 4 Cracks in the Sky
In the area near the end, before you go across on the cable, peer up at the
sky.  You can see lines in the sky, and some little black holes.  Its like a
programmed shirt coming undone at the seams.  Its really bad programming,
and you can even shoot arrows through the holes.

Chapter 5:Mission Meltdown Invisible Doors
Many people complain of a glitch in this level.  Being, after you destroy the
spawners, invisible force fields block you from entering the next room.  I too
had trouble in this mission, But its not a glitch!  Do not send me e-mails on
this!  Heres what to do to fix this! Notice the caps of the spawners still
above the ground.  What you need to do is blow those up-completely, until
theres nothing there.  Then, finally, you can get through into the next room,
and the invisible wall ceases.

Chapter 6:Mission 3 Sleg Dies from own Trap
After setting the rock traps one of the slegs can randomly crash down and
splatter on the ground below, into the pile of rocks aimed to kill you!

Chapter 8: Mission 1 Get Hurt by Nothing
Work your way up the first ladder, and find the first set of spike needle
patches on the ridge. Notice how  the patch is set up like this

*       *
 * * * *
You can jump over the single patch of needles into a safe area of grass
between all the spikes. But it isnt safe!  Youll continue to die even
though youre not stepping on any needles!

Chapter 8:Mission 3 Invincible Ally
In this mission one of your allies is invincible, despite no need for him to
survive.  Shoot some rockets at him and watch him fly!  On a good blast hell
go as high as the buildings!  Have fun torturing him!

Chapter 8:Mission 5 Invincible Ally
The same ally has carried into this level, and he is invincible once again.

Chapter 8: Mission 5 Slegs Climbing on Thin Air
Get near the end of the mission to the point where you need to climb up a
ladder.  Climb it, and lure some slegs up.  Different slegs do different
things.  Some make it up normally. Some float step off onto the ledge.
Sometimes the orange slegs keep climbing up, like theyre on a ladder, but in
reality theyre 10 feet above it!

Chapter 10: Mission 3 Giant Sleg: Easy Kill
Just get down to the part where the huge horned sleg comes up on the platform.
As long as you stay behind the tiny fence he wont shoot at you!   An easy kill
indeed.  But tread in on the platform and watch him shoot a laser at you! Weird

Chapter 10:Mission 4 Ghetto Hop
See the three laser grid fences!  You dont need switches!  Just hop over them.
Itll take a few tries, but eventually youll get high enough to clear them. I
find this to be one of the most interesting glitches in the game, as you can
clear the whole level without contending to the games normal rules.  I
discovered this one by desperately trying to get past the fences because I
never did find the switches.

Chapter 10:Mission 4 Bypass Laser Fences
Press one of the switches so you can open the one laser fence to the left.  Get
over there and climb the ladder, and run up the cables.  Jump up onto the main
column, and if jump down you can access the other two areas.  Pretty
Extravagant, but neat.

Chapter 10:Mission 4 Slegs Survive Fall off the Edge
Use the gravity gun, and press X.  Grab hold of slegs and try tossing them off
the edge onto the small bottom of the tower column.  Some slide off into
nothing, some splatter, and some live! Then zoom in with Tekbow and have fun!

Chapter 11:Mission 2 Never Ending Level
As soon as you start the level turn a sharp right while holding X.  You should
fly into a never ending part of the level, and should only see the sky.

Chapter 15:Mission 1 Invincible From Boss
Crawl under the broken ship, and into one of the small areas you can crouch
under. Doing this the boss can never reach or damage you!

Chapter 15:Mission 1 T-Rex Walks in Place
Crawl under the ship again completely while shooting the rex to lure him in.
Walk out the other side of the ship.  If done correctly you should see the Rex
facing you walking in place trapped next to the ship!  Take him down!

Chapter 15: Mission 1 Flames Through Rocks
On the boss battle with Bruckner, if you stand in the canyon archway while
hes on the opposite side, his flames from his gun goes right through the rocks!

Chapter 15:Mission 1 Floating Sleg
Wait for the enemy spawners to drop, and wait for a giant red sleg to appear.
Have the spawner weakened, and blow it up as soon as he appears.  If done with
the right timing hell float step off of it, and fall back to the ground.

Chapter 15:Mission 1 Hit K.O.
Line yourself up with a palm tree and Bruckner.  Shoot the tree so it falls
toward Bruckner. (Itll take a few shots.) Make sure it hits him, and boom!
Watch him topple over in 1 hit! Thats it, a scrawny little tree can take out
the final boss!  Anything for that matter.

Random Glitches

Here is a compilation of glitches that happen in single player. They are
listed here instead because they happen on multiple levels.

Self Flipping Tables
In any mission with tables set for cover you may find a self flipped table.
You may walk past it but dont touch it, and it flips.  You can flip them by
touching them, and so can slegs, but some have minds of their own.

Bleeding Metal
On any boss-the last boss, the styracosaurus, and the anklyosaurus boss can all
bleed metal. Just shoot the metal rocket launcher holders, or Bruckners
saddle on the T-rex, and yes, even the metal parts spew blood.

Bloody Floors
On any mission with multiple levels of height-ramps-floors, etc. Kill a sleg on
the top level. Go down one level, and sometimes the blood from the dead sleg
will hose out of the floor from where he was standing when he died.  Maybe the
blood is extremely acidic and eats through the metal, so its not really a

Ammo for Lost Guns
On numerous missions (mostly the later ones) ammo will appear for weapons the
game takes away from you.  Most notably pistol ammo.  Its scattered all around
even though you cant have that weapon for the level!  Man, the developers
really got  lazy and just didnt even bother deleting all that useless ammo.

Wall Surfing-Definition
Wall surfing is the Turok art of jumping off steep cliffs and aiming yourself
back onto the wall to slow your fall or stall it completely on a ledge.  This
keeps you from dying, and adds a small world in the game to explore.

Wall Surfing
On many a mission with steep drop-offs or walls you can jump off the edge, and
land safely by wall surfing. Or otherwords jump and aim your self back toward
the wall, and youll slide down it slowly, kind of, and back to the ground.
Sometimes you can stall yourself mid-wall.

False Death
Jump off any cliff where you know you can safely wall surf back onto.  Jump far
enough until TalSet utters his death cry, and then aim and wall surf toward a
wall to safety.  If done right TalSet will still be screaming to his death, but
is actually safely surfing on a wall.

Guns Through Walls
In many areas of the game slegs near the walls maybe holding their guns, which
sometimes poke through walls in the game.  This happens most with the huge
Mini-Gunner Slegs.

Slegs Unaware of Your Presence
Often random slegs in the game will be totally unaware of your presence, up to
a few feet behind them.  Some of this programming seems intentional, while
other cases, a glitch.

Rocket Launcher Immunity
In any level with a rocket launcher sleg the slegs in the room with him will be
immune to his rockets.  You can stand next to other slegs so the Rocket Sleg
will shoot at them, but the only thing that ever happens is that the slegs
float up in the air fakely, taking no damage whatsoever.

Bad Physics
Knock down a tree on a ledge.  No matter how far it leans over it will never
tip forward and fall down.  Even if only three feet of tree supports it on a
ridge, and the other 20 feet is hanging over, it wont fall.

Flame Bomb
Sometimes youll notice flame thrower slegs blowing up. It seems to happen
randomly, but never happens when youre in their sight.

See Through Walls
Anyone whos played this game a bit has seen some crack or something where you
see through rocks and such, and there are many of these in the game.  Its like
a programmed shirt coming undone at the seams.

Floor Penetrating Shadows
In some areas where a sleg is standing above you, his shadow will leak down
onto the floor below. Useful for knowing guys are above you, but a bit cheap.

False Release the Bow
You can do this on any level with deep water, and a bow. Draw the bow, but
dont release the arrow.  Go underwater, and let go.  The arrow doesnt
but rather returns to its original loaded position.

Disappearing Rocket
In any chapter with a rocket launcher aim it as low as you can to the ground or
close to walls. Sometimes it doesnt blow up, and ends up shooting through
walls and floors.

Game Fails to Load
Sometimes after completing a 1 player mission the game screen will turn black,
and the next mission will fail to load.

Reappearing Sleg
In any level kill a sleg on the ground.  Just before he turns clear and fades
away,whack him with the battle axe.  He should sort of reappear dead, but stays
there forever.

Dumb Allies
In levels with allies sometimes their A.I. goes berserk and they just keep
running at the walls.

Multiplayer Glitches

Here is the last compilation of glitches-the multiplayer ones.  Some pretty
cool ones are here that you can share with your friends.

2x Jump

Pick a level with steep walls, like maybe Tears of Horatio.  Pick a regular
bipedal character and begin.  Now find a noticeable looking crack or line in
between the jagged side walls in a level.  Look slightly up with the c-stick,
and jump. Sometimes, in some cracks, if done right, you can go as high as you
would with jump boots!

Raptor Scoot
Pick a map, a raptor, and press X when the game is loaded.  Hold down R, and
tilt back on the joystick.  Your raptor will scoot backwards without even
moving its legs!

Raptor Launch
On the Treehouse multiplayer level, choose a raptor.  Jump down by the trees,
and press X to see yourself.  Hold down R, and back so you scoot backwards.
Scoot into one of the Redwood trees, and keep holding down R, and down on the
joystick.  Press A.  Raptor Launch! If done correctly your raptor will jump
away from the tree 2 to 3 times higher than a normal jump!

Unlimited Air Time
Choose any level where you can throw a spider mine off at a decent height.  As
soon as the view switches to the mine, tap and dont stop tapping A. Youll jump
in midair even if youre not touching the ground.  You can explore the air of
the multiplayer levels now, even if you dont get very far very fast doing this.

Raptor Jump in Mid-air
Pick a raptor, a map, and press X when youre on the level.  Tap A repeatedly to
jump without ever touching the ground.  Its too bad this doesnt work like the
spider mine though, and you cant go higher and float around.

Raptor Tail Drills Through Walls
Press X to see your raptor, hold R, and tilt back on the joystick.  Wait till
you back into a wall. Half of your tail will go right through the wall!

Raptor Climbs Up Walls
Press X, hold R, and tilt back on the joystick-you gotta do this for most of
the raptor glitches! Drill your tail into a wall-any.  I havent tried this
on every wall, but move the joystick around and you can slide up walls
supported by your tail that drills through the wall. (not literally) It works
on a lot of walls, but especially the ones in the glitched out levels of Tears
of Horatio, and Palace Lamia.

Fun things to do this on-The great big tree in the murky swamp level, the
marooned air-craft carrier in the Tears of Horatio level, and the archways in

Spider Mine Bounce
Go to the Withering Heights level.  Throw a spider mine onto one of the
trampolines. Note as the mine keeps falling, even going through the trampoline.
Soon the view will be switched to the mines, and it will end up on the other
side of the level!

Floating Raptor
Probably the most popular and exposed glitch in Turok Evolution is the Floating
Raptor Glitch. Press X on your raptor once in the Tears of Horatio level.  Go
to the small pool in the center of the level.  Make sure youre at the bottom of
it.  Press and hold A now. Your raptor will float out of the pool, tricked into
thinking its still underwater.  Use this glitch to explore the level. You can
float out into temples, get caught in cracks, and sometimes get into areas
where opponents on the ground can shoot you, but not hurt you!

Floating _______

With this glitch you can make any regular non raptor character float. This
glitch is extrememly hard to do, and seems to work radomly. I dont even know if
theres an exact way to do it or not, but Ill give you what Ive done. Choose the
Tears of Horatio level, and head down to the pool.  Swim in, and then swim out
slowly. As youre swimming out tap a rapidly, and any other buttons you feel
like pressing. Sometimes, but very rarely, youll come out of the water with a
blue screen, like a variation of the floating raptor glitch. There are some ups
and downs to this glitch. First, you can never die like youre drowning that you
did in the raptor glitch. But in this one you cant float up, and up, and
explore the level.  Instead youre almost grounded, but you get to float around
the level about 3 feet from the ground, flailing your arms as you go about.
You can jump off of any height too, and take no damage, since youre feet can
never touch the ground! You can also float climb some hills and walls. The
hardest glitch to complete, but pretty rewarding as well.

Float Climb Walls

In Tears of Horatio,  get to the back of the cannon with jump boots. Aim your
self toward the back wall, and jump.  Youll shoot off and stick to the wall.
You can now manuever most of the walls in the level, and reach some insane
places. And if you have the player two take a look at you, it looks like you
are humping the walls, while flailing your arms, and climbing!

Pistol or Shotgun?

Go on multi-player, any level, any mode.  Have one character get a pistol, and
the other have the pistol character in view.  Look at the pistol character from
his screen. Note the pistol looks like a small handheld gun.  Then look at the
pistol from the other characters screen.  !  It looks like a long barreled
shotgun!  Totally weird.

Raptor Walks on Water
Choose a
raptor, and the oasis level.  Go underwater near under the rock, and press A
to swim up. Your raptor will float up, but stop with his back against the top
of the rock, and it will appear that he's walking on water!


Well thats it for glitches folks!  And boy were there a lot of them.  I hope
this guide got you to dust off your copy of Turok Evolution, and just have fun
exploiting the unknown world of glitches.  I really hope you enjoyed viewing
this FAQ as much as I did finding the glitches in each level.


This Turok Evolution Glitch FAQ/Walkthrough may not be reproduced under any
circumstances unless permission is granted by me, Gregor Wilke. This FAQ is
Copyrighted (C) 2007 by Gregor Wilke.  This FAQ has permission to be hosted on
the following sites-

Plagiarism, illegal distribution, and illegal hosting of this FAQ should not be
done. Just follow the laws people.  I spent long hours writing this FAQ and
deserve every ounce of credit for creating it.

I do not mind however, the copying of this FAQ to your desktop, or the printing
of the FAQ for quicker access.  As long as youre not distributing it for
your own personal benefits & profit, that is fine with me.


Thanks to Acclaim for publishing the game, even though they now are out of
Thanks to Iguana Studios for their creation of the Turok Video games.
Thanks to all websites who are currently hosting my FAQ.
Thanks to the Gamefaqs user threetimes, who diligently helped me edit my

Turok Evolution / Turok: Evolution Prima Strategy Guide
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:18:09 AM »
Heres the official Prima Turok: Evolution Strategy Guide, full with unused and beta goodness!
To read, open it in Chrome or Adobe Reader. Enjoy!

Turok Evolution / Turok Evolution Videos
« on: May 15, 2015, 05:05:05 PM »

Enjoy!  ;)
Note: None of these videos were made by me. I Just posted them here.  :-\

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