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This is really nice. I'll have to find more time to try it out more than I just did. But great work!

Turok General Discussion / Re: Turok Discord group
« on: September 21, 2023, 12:42:49 AM »

As we may all know by now our discord was wiped clean by user Dinomite. We have lost a lot of our history, thankfully a lot of it is here too on the forum. I have been down about it, I lost a lot of my own existence and conversations with old friends who may or may not be with us anymore. So I can feel anyone who is upset about this. Adding on all of your posts as a group, this hit me very hard I am still hit right now. I was the one who gave it a shot. I am too nice, I give the benefit of doubt to most, I try. I don't hate anyone. I have not spoken to Dinomite since he did this, not even once. But I will never carry hate in my heart for nobody in this world. However, that hit different he crossed a line. And I think it has changed my view on some of my thoughts.

I really appreciate the communities ability to bounce back and some others coming back. I may not be heavily involved in talking but I am 100% here always have been. I severely appreciate my mods and admins each and every one to the fullest. I don't know what I'd do without that support. As I felt like I been really lost and was hurt. Same with those who actually cared about this happening. I was glad it wasn't just me.

I'm hoping on a solid build up from here. And I will simply say the community has responded strong in this time. So I also really appreciate that.

I'm not sure how it's been but you should know I love Turok.

My head is so far out of modding Turok now that I couldn't help without looking. It sounds possible though. Maybe try asking in our discord.

I don't know with the Turok tool if it changes anything but the dopesheet can be located here:

Frosty Lake


Video Time trial:

Thanks. I had to do a small update something was causing it to crash on remaster and not on Quakespasm. But its all cleaned up now did a small polish.

Updated in main post.

General User Mods, Maps, and Content / [Release] Quake 1 Map - Telegraves
« on: October 12, 2021, 11:55:09 PM »

Here is a quick single player level I made. Hope you enjoy some. It's just a first map and I'm not really familiar with Quake mapping. But that was fun to make. Quick map hopefully vanilla sort of like an early level in the campaigns length. Being my first I'm sure there is something I've done wrong somewhere lol. Enjoy.


Seems interesting, Ill check it out may even stream the map, seems really neat!!

Good luck just consider that it was one of my first Doom 64 levels lol.

Other Games / Re: Project Warlock
« on: July 09, 2020, 05:53:41 PM »
I am finally getting around to playing this. And I will say that this game is simple and quite awesome, nothing over the top. Its honestly just as I expected. And it was on sale for 4$

Hey this is really nice. I've only got to play some of it so far but nice job.

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