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The Last Rose of Summer:
Well, I got bored a few days back, decided to remaster and partially remake Turok 2's original 14 second teaser, as I thought the audio quality on the original teaser was lacking distinctly, alongside other things. Feel free to question, criticize or comment me, whichever you wish. All comments are appreciated though!  :D

And here's the link to the original for comparison.

Neat. :)

I don't see anything to criticize :P Looks great to me will add into my playlist to :) Cool idea to remaster it I <3 it.

I want this game now! why you do this to me mickey mouse....
Dam you Disneyland! :'(

The desert raptor would have been to cool for school 8)

Your remaster is much better sounding actually I even hear Turok 08 sounds in it and the Trex sounds much more vicious. Nice :)


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