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The Last Rose of Summer:
Well, we might as well start off this topic with an in depth description on what we do know about Turok 2; the mysterious title being developed by Propaganda Games. Basically, this is an article for those who don't know.

To start it off, we know Turok 2 was canned due to layoffs at Propaganda, due to the 2008 economic crisis. Over 70 workers being canned, basically halving the studio. Some members (Josh Holmes, Dan Ayoub) went on to work at other game studios.

During the game's development (Which ceased sometime in early 2009, or so) Propaganda had developed many new things in the game, while expanding upon the original. The story took place after Turok, with Joseph Turok going back to the planet for unknown reasons, only to find nature had basically begun to take over most of the previously MG occupied areas. This resulted in a new "sub-race" in the game. The Savage People, as they're known. One of the game's developer's had compared them to "zombies", implying some sort of "hive-mind" or "infectious" attitude. The MG had also received an upgrade, and had developed more tenacious soldier variants, such as the Enforcer, and Hunter variants. The MG also developed a mech suit, meant for the Radification Units, essentially acting as load-lifters, and presumably defenders against larger dinosaur species.

Speaking of which, the dinosaur enemies of the game had also received an overhaul. Generic creatures such as the Utahraptor, and Tyrannosaurus rex were going to make a return; however, their appearance could vary based on the environment. There were three known biomes in game, which resulted in three species types: "Jungle", "Desert", and "Swamp". Below is a set of images of the various types; ranging from the Jungle/Desert Utahraptor, the Desert Tyrannosaurus rex and even Swamp variants of the former two.

Then there's the teaser, which was leaked in January of 2012. It's the only known footage we have of Turok 2, and shows a small glimpse into what the game could become. It depicts a Desert Tyrannosaurus attacking an MG compound.

We also know that there was a Turok 2 Multiplayer Beta at Propaganda, as there are screenshots from playtestings of the title. Capture the Flag would've returned from the 2008 reboot, and there would've been dinosaurs as a playable character set, as evidenced by another screenshot, shown below. The extent to which we saw said playable dinosaurs manifested itself in the form of an actual in game screenshot, where the player used a new weapon; the "Jak", to take control of a Desert Utahraptor to attack MG forces at an outpost eerily similar to the one present in the trailer.

As for weaponry, many new and returning additions would be in the sandbox. The ORO FP9 SMG, ORO Enforcer Shotgun and ORO L66 Pulse Rifle would all be making a return, alongside Joseph's trademark ORO P23 Combat Knife and ORO C9 Perforator Bow. Joining the sandbox would be three new weapons; one was a massive, two handed cannon with enough power to cleave through a Tyrannosaur's body, the next being the aforementioned "Jak", and the third being an Assault Rifle, which was also cut from the 2008 reboot.

There'd have been many new locations to head to. There were massive shadowed valleys, surrounded by jagged peaks; deserted ships and bases, and even a massive bone graveyard. There'd have been a massive variety of locations, even compared to the original, which held a pretty large amount of areas to visit; all of which being visually appealing.

In finality; I'll lay down both a Turok 2 poster, and three box art prototypes for the title.

As one could see, Turok 2 was a very good redemption for those who disliked the original reboot. It brought in many features that the older fans requested, dinosaur control, rather wild weaponry, compared to the original's rather standard setup, and even more diverse creatures and enemies.

Truth be told, I'm really sad this game was cancelled. It held so much potential; and could've been a good revival of the franchise, while 2008's game acted as a stepping stone to success. Who knows; maybe in a  few years, someone will see this title's potential and take ideas from it in future dinosaur-centric games, or even try to re-develop the sequel to the reboot.

Would you buy this title, based on what was presented here? I know I would. Leave your thoughts below!

Edit: Fixed for some, the others will load in, in time. Just give it time.

Man... :( This game would have been so epic. That "Jak" weapon would have been fun to have used. I wonder if this game was going to have a co-op mode like Turok 08.

operative lm:
The other week I stumbled upon a NeoGAF thread where one of the Turok/2 devs talked a brief bit about Turok 2. I do mean brief, though. He didn't know who leaked the Turok 2 stuff, he confirmed that the game was not, in fact, open world, and he also didn't know where the cover mockups came from either, if I'm reading it right.

Anyway, now he's answering Turok development questions at their Savage Empire thread. Apparently, it's Disney's fault (no surprise) that the human enemies don't bleed when you shoot them. Also, raptor pack hunting in the sequel would've been great.

He's bishoptl over there, but I believe he's newly-registered forum member Likes To Fight over here.

EDIT: He mentioned a post-mortem he wrote a couple of years back. I'd love to read it if it's out there.

Yeah those new weapons sounded great blowing holes through a T:Rex hmm reminds me of a weapon you would find in Turok Dinosaur Hunter or Seeds of Evil simply sounds origin to the games. That is exactly what I thought Turok 08 was, a pretty strong foundation to really build from. Around this time when Turok 08 was made things were growing and getting better graphics, advanced game play, and new engines. What I mean was I thought it would get much better the second time around. But now I must say things seem to be a bit more clean to do in 2015. Now games like Shadow warrior 13 and Wolfenstein The new Order these are both FPS games from the 90's and have really showed you what to do with classic games as a new game but I think the latest engines and mechanics are actually bringing that feel and should be taken advantage of for Turok. I was one of the people upset about cancellation though. It may not have been an open world but still you were still going to travel through these places and see them. Such as that valley with water, waterfalls with the rex, and the desert with the dinosaur bones. All places I would of loved to kill some dinosaurs in :)

The T-Rex was surely looking cool and I remember that video leak was crazy seeing at the time. This game had some promise I bet Co op was going to be there since it was in the first and that would make it even better since some FPS games avoid that. All of the dinosaurs look really nice better then any dinosaur game I seen the desert raptor would probably be my favorite :)

From the pictures and information you show I would of bought the game 100% sure. New Wolfenstein mechanics are great though nice fast paced classic action with plenty of weapons instead of 2-4 same goes for new shadow warrior I think if a new Turok would be like those in a way but Turok style it would be great. Now that i think about it new wolfenstein even has a double shotgun like Turok 08 xD But as for this game those dinosaurs look really great in design. And those new weapons make me feel good ;) Someone should be getting on a new Turok :/


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