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Turok 2 PLUS mod
« on: April 20, 2022, 06:51:07 PM »
Now released.



Full changelog:


Turok 2+ is for those looking for an enhanced Turok 2 game experience (singleplayer only) without straying too far from the original design intent.
Based upon, redesigns, refines and fixes the Turok 2: Ascension mod.

Brief feature summary:

-Enhanced Weapon Design: new alternate fire modes, better balance, new effects and more.
-Improved Artificial Intelligence: new attacks, gravely underutilized behavior put to good use, new dynamic spawning and so on.
-Subtle Graphics Enhancements: weapon textures, gore, lighting, and other effects.
-New Player Mechanics: spirit cannon, double jump (with minor level tweaks to accommodate), new alt fire modes, and increased movement speed to match Turok 1 speeds.
-Better Level Design: significantly improved Totem Defense maps, polish where needed, enhanced encounter design, better enemy spawning to account for extended draw distance & ledge-grabbing, new surprises on higher difficulties, and more. Layout is not changed.
-Difficulty Rebalance: between mouselook, extended draw distance, quicksaves and "show hints" (and new alt fires etc added in this mod), the remaster of Turok 2 is not the brutal beast the game originally was on the N64. If you pick higher difficulty modes you'll face more enemies (as one example) to compensate.
-Bug fixes: various issues addressed and a professional standard of polish.


Create a folder names "mods" in your base Turok 2 folder. Extract the files to this folder. Done.

If you already have a mods folder backup and move out the files inside to prevent conflicts with other mods. If installed correctly the title screen logo will say "Turok 2+".

Full changelog:


T2+ is based on the Ascension mod, which has some rather extreme design and a lack of polish (but a lot of good work worth salvaging). The below summarizes how this is addressed.

•   Ammo capacities and ammo pickup counts of ALL weapons set back to vanilla, though some have slight adjustments e.g Grenade launcher (12 capacity over vanilla 10 or ascension's 100). Note that T2: Ascension increased all ammo capacities by a whopping +1000%. No longer can you run around mindlessly with endless explosive shotgun ammo etc
•   "Turok" vocally taunting when kiling enemies using a variety of voice actors that aren't Turok removed; all taunting removed.
•   Removed dashing and ground pound abilities. I'm all for new gameplay mechanics but the overarching  game design needs to account for it: level design, balance, enemy design etc
•   Obscenely overpowered, unpolished and/or and redundancy-creating tertiary fire modes are either removed or repurposed into alt fire modes. Your arsenal is more powerful and varied than vanilla but you're no longer an untouchable walking tank in this mod.
•   Removed Ascension texture pack as it has numerous issues. However, the "HD" weapons remain in T2+ as for the most part they are nice, subtle, faithful improvements.
•   Fixed various issues introduced by the Ascension mod and polished everything to a high standard.


•   Player movement speeds are increased by 20% to approximately match Turok 1 speeds and generally buff the player given that you'll need it on higher difficulties, as well as the game being backtrack-heavy: Crawling speed, running speed, and air speed. Swim speed and climb speed is unchanged.
•   Double jumping survived the design rollbacks above. Use it to exploit the level design in interesting and surprisingly balanced, functional ways. A few instances in which it caused notably broken behaviour have been adjusted in the level design.
•   The Hunter Cannon ('Scope Zoom In' key binding while no scope is active) is now named the Spirit Cannon, and drains your health (5hp) when used. It's no longer game-breaking.
•   Dynamic enemy spawns introduced in T2: Ascension are reduced in frequency and quantity slightly, yet are also vastly diversified, e.g not hundreds of bees in the swamp, but rather a mix of entrails, raptors, bees and leapers instead. Some enemies are also newly hand-placed in the level design, most (but not all) being present only on hard and hardcore difficulty.
•   Some AI upgrades, for example raptor's leap attack actually works now, Endtrails use their cloaking device slightly more often, leaper's hitboxes now better match their model, and you will meet more Hive drones that use jetpacks.
•   Underutilized enemies are put too good use to bolster the combat variety; Leapers, Fleshworms, Hive Soldiers (non-turret form), Fireborns, Sisters of Despair, Cave Worms. There are many great enemies in this game that you would only encounter a small handful of times, and the enemy variety was lacking as a result. Don't expect many more encounters (except maybe leapers, more on that in a minute), but rather an appropriate, satisfying quantity. And of course they only appear where they fit the level theme.
•   Map design improvements (not to layout), for example making Totem defense maps more interesting, a minor overhaul to the Hive and Primagen Lightship, fixing various issues, and allowing the Razor Wind to be obtained on level 2.
•   General polishing: addressing the numerous issues of the ascension mod, bug and crash fixes, resolving minor inconsistencies, improved performance in a couple instances, solid balance and more. I always aim for a professional standard in what the end-user experiences.
•   Difficulty overhaul. If you pick hard or hardcore, then that's what it'll be. Expect highly engaging classic FPS gameplay. One example includes red Lifeforces granting 5 lifeforce, not 10. However, there are more red lifeforces to be found on easy and normal to offset the difficulty change for newbies. Another example is no more infinite ammo generators on Hard/Hardcore. This overhaul is needed to counter the power of the PC (mouselook, increased draw distance, quicksaves) that were not present in the original brutally difficult N64 release.
•   One major highlight is for sure weapon design. There's expanded functionality, some new alt fire modes, removal or repurposing of overpowered, unpolished and/or bugged tertiary fire modes, making useless weapons not-so useless, a high standard of polish, and a fine balance that will keep you on your toes while still being much more powerful and interesting than vanilla:



PRIMARY: Fire arrow. Tension build-up of the bow string when holding down fire is faster, and max velocity of the arrow is increased. For both bows, but Tek is obviously superior.
It also matches the animation now (string all the way back = max velocity/tension).
ALT FIRE: BOW: triple arrow shot at medium velocity. Now has reduced rate of fire for balance and to not make primary fire somewhat redudant. TEK BOW: toggle scope.

Standard arrow damage increased for both bows.
Tek Arrows now explode on impact with the enemy, otherwise a miss has a fuse as normal.
New explosion sound for Tek arrows.
Can carry slightly more of both arrow types.
New Subtle Screenshake Effect.


PRIMARY: Fires three tracking rockets as in vanilla, with faster rate of fire.
ALT FIRE: Fires a single rocket, no tracking. BUGFIX: Uses same launch sound as primary.

Both fire modes now have double missile velocity. Snail-slow missiles begone.
Ammo counter now makes sense/is accurate.


PRIMARY: Fires 1 shell. Rate of fire increased slightly.
ALT FIRE: Fires 2 shells. Shotgun alt fire rate of fire now matches primary fire speeds. It's purely a choice of ammo conservation vs damage output.

Now fires 8 pellets per (green) shell, not 5.
Improved fire sounds.
New Subtle Screenshake Effect
BUGFIX: you can no longer primary fire immediately after alt firing.
Note: shotgun pellets penetrate up to three enemies.

Even after you get the shredder the shotgun can still hold its own now, up close at least.


PRIMARY: Fires 1 shell. Slightly faster rate of fire than vanilla.
ALT FIRE: Fires 2 shells. Rate of fire matches primary.

Increased damage by 20% (green shells only)
New Subtle Screenshake Effect
Reverted the obscene buffs explosive shredder shells were given by the Ascension mod; set back to vanilla. It was already the most powerful attack in the game after the nuke...


PRIMARY: Fire grenade. Rate of fire set back closer to vanilla (still faster) for tactical gameplay instead of overpowered deathstorm.
ALT FIRE: toggle between timed and impact grenades mode. Your fire mode setting will now be remembered when switching to and from the weapon.

Timed mode: the grenade will now detonate prematurely if it comes into contact with an enemy.
Impact mode: damage is reduced if you do not directly hit the enemy, which is how explosives worked vanilla, helps balance the two modes, and rewards good accuracy.


PRIMARY: Fires a plasma beam that penetrates up to three targets. Ammo consumption per shot is now 2 (Ascension = 1, vanilla = 3). Rate of fire reduced.
ALT FIRE: Activate scope. Shooting explosive plasma bursts while aiming down the scope now drains 20 ammo and has reduced rate of fire.

Note that despite all these nerfs the plasma rifle is still far better than vanilla: penetrates up to 3 enemies, 2 ammo consumption, faster rate of fire, and has explosive alt fire. Perhaps you can see why these nerfs are neccesary.


PRIMARY: Fire the weapon. For the last 30 rounds of ammo the cannon goes into overdrive and unleashes a literal firestorm.
ALT FIRE: toggle pre-spinning of the firestorm cannon on/off.

Increased Accuracy
Increased Damage
Increased Rate of Fire
New Subtle Screenshake Effect

Whereas the plasma rifle has nerfs above, the firestorm cannon has many buffs. This is because it was somewhat neglected by the Ascension mod by comparison.


PRIMARY: hold to charge up a dart that electrifies and stun the enemy.
ALT FIRE: Overcharge dart. This requires charging through general usage of the weapon before it can be used, equivalent to 7 ammo used. Deadly attack that eats 3 ammo.

These changes revert the focus of the weapon back to being the supportive stun gun it should be, with allowance of the occassional devastating attack.

Removed some ugly particle effects.
New Subtle Screenshake Effect
polished firing animation significantly - no more weird delay and slow movement


PRIMARY: Swing the war blade (melee attack). 
ALT FIRE: None. Removed redundant/unpolished attacks.

Instead the focus is on fixing the core vanilla issues with the warblade:

Slightly faster attack speed and more importantly faster equip/draw speed. However, what truly makes this weapon better now is that it has increased range; you can hit things more than 1ft away or at your feet, it will actually work against Hive Soldiers etc.


PRIMARY: toss the blade. Faster throw speed animation.
ALT FIRE: call back the blade at any time (with a single button press, no longer hold).

NOTE: can now be obtained on level 2 so you actually get to use this awesome weapon.


PRIMARY: Fire an impressive stream of flames that continuously burns over time.
ALT FIRE: fires a long-range fireball that costs 5 fuel. Reduced rate of fire. Does not leave lingering flames as the primary fire does.

Reduced fuel consumption rate of primary fire by 20%.
Reduced the quantity and (technical stuff) of lingering flames for better performance.
Restored vanilla idle gas looping sound, but reduced its volume slightly.


PRIMARY: fires explosive flare. Full battery required.
ALT FIRE: fires a flare that illuminates dark areas. Half battery required.

Larger, actually reasonable light radius for illuminating flares, and they last longer.
BUGFIX: primary fire now functions properly underwater
BUGFIX: you won't get warning messages when primary firing with a full battery.
New fire sound for primary fire & Removed Doom 3 plasma rifle SFX when equipping the flare gun.


PRIMARY: fire a tracking projectile that bores into the skull and explodes after a certain depth.
ALT FIRE: None. Removed overpowered, bugged alt fire mode. Purely a skull-boring tool as in vanilla.


PRIMARY: Fire pistol. Faster rate of fire over vanilla
ALT FIRE: reload the weapon (mag capacity of 15).

BUGFIX: fixed reloading stealing 1 bullet from you every single time you reload.
BUGFIX: controls won't sometimes lock up when switching weapons while reloading.
New Subtle Screenshake Effect

//MAG 60//

PRIMARY: 3-round burst of vanilla, with vastly increased rate of fire.
ALT FIRE: reload the weapon (60-round magazine).

BUGFIX: controls won't sometimes lock up when switching weapons while reloading.
New Subtle Screenshake Effect


PRIMARY: Fire Tranquilizer dart. Slight rate of fire increase.
ALT FIRE: Toggle Scope.

Now deals minor damage in addition to its sleep effect. This allows it to kill tiny enemies like spiders no problem, interact with the environment (e.g shootable switches), and even kill larger enemies if you overdose their brains with tranquilizer.


PRIMARY: lay a proximity mine (explodes when enemies come near). Directly hitting the enemy with an undetonated PFM fired from the gun now deals damage. Double damage for alt fire:
ALT FIRE: Fire a mine at high velocity which then explodes on a timer. Consider it a blunt force discus launcher, with a less reliable (than primary fire) explosion after.

Blast Radius increased by 10%
Will explode if it hits water instead of disappearing.


PRIMARY: throw a blinding pod (vanilla).
ALT FIRE: emit light from the pod to brighten dark areas and deal damage to enemies in melee range.

Light radius of alt fire greatly increased.
Melee range of alt fire slightly increased.
Damage and radius of primary fire doubled.
Alt fire has a cooldown period since it drains no ammo and sets enemies on fire.
BUGFIX: fixed frequent crashing when throwing pods at blind ones.


PRIMARY: Cannons. Rate of fire set back to vanilla.
ALT FIRE: charge/ram attack
JUMP: Machine gun
CROUCH: Mortar

Removed scattergun and plasma gun because redundancy, HUD text spam, and unpolished effects/animations.


PRIMARY: Hold to charge up and launch the nuke
ALT FIRE: activate grinder armament (melee)

No changes over the Ascension mod.


PRIMARY: fire a spear.
ALT FIRE: fire three spears.

Increased ammo capacity


PRIMARY: fire torpedos.

Increased ammo capacity


The Spirit Cannon is always on your shoulder ready to use with a single button press ["Scope Zoom Out" while no scope is active]. It deals high damage with moderate blast radius, but It drains 5hp and has a short cooldown. Good for emergencies, during reloads or weapon swaps, dealing with crowds when low on health or ammo, or when an surplus of health pickps are nearby.


Note: numbers in parentheses represents vanilla capacities.

Arrows = 30 (20)
Tek Arrows = 15 (10)
Tranquilizers = 20 (20)
Charge Darts = 30 (30)
Plasma = 200 (150)
Bullets = 200 (50)
Shells = 30 (20)
Exp. Shells = 15 (20)
Fuel = 60 (50)
PFMs = 12 (10)
Grenades = 12 (10)
Bores = 10 (10)
Scorpion Missiles = 30 (36)
Sunfire Pods = 6 (4)
Harpoons = 20 (15)
Torpedos = 10 (4)

Most capacities have a slight increase to deal with the increased enemy count you'll be facing. Some are unchanged. Two ammo types have a slight reduction for balance, e.g explosive shredder on the final level bounces around everywhere and potentially clears entire rooms of the strongest enemies in one shot, and you can do this 15 times.


Level design is mostly vanilla in terms of layout, flow, scripting and feel. The following changes only enhance the original intent:

Examples ONLY; not comprehensive:

•   All Totem defense maps have been overhauled to provide interesting arena combat that isn't piss-easy and over in 10 seconds like vanilla. Expect them to last longer, be more diverse and challenging.
•   Hand-placed a reasonable quantity of additional enemies across the game that mostly only appear on hard/hardcore. Some encounters play out very differently depending on difficulty level.
•   Various vanilla level design inconsistencies fixed, mostly minor stuff like collision issues, missing meshes, or adjusting encounters based on the new extended draw distance.
•   PFM Layer can be obtained on level 2, making the branching choice of which level to beat first (2 or 3) more balanced. Razor Wind too can be obtained on level 2 for the same reason. Also so that you actually get to use this weapon instead of only finding it on the final level where it isn't useful.
•   Each Primagen key location is now well guarded for more engaging late game content and backtracking.
•   A small number of dark areas are added to the game to create purpose for the flare gun and sunfire pod alt fires, as well as to create varied gameplay and atmosphere.
•   Tweaked a few instances of double jump breaking the level design badly across the game.
•   On hardcore "one life" mode the Styracosaurus mount at the start of level 2 does not appear -- You have to make the trek on foot. You want it hardcore, right?
•   All infinite ammo generators do not appear on Hard and Hardcore difficulty, unless they only generate one ammo type. New ammo pickups are hand-placed in these locations to compensate. Infinite ammo generators can still be found at the very end of the game for backtracking purposes.
•   Firestorm Cannon can be obtained on lvl 4 to make tackling lvl 5 first less of a superior option, as well as to let you have fun with it early.
•   Some obstacles previously inaccessible in Port of Adia can now be climbed/jumped on, and other minor polishing of this nature across the game.
•   Minor resource redistribution (making sure ammo and health is just right).
•   Reduced volume of children sobbing on level 1.
•   Damage (added by Ascension) from scripted explosions encoutered in the levels or when shooting barrels etc has been reduced for the player.
•   Level 5 and Level 6 in particular have special tweaks to note:

Hive of the Mantids Overhaul:

-Firstly there is a reduction in focus on coridoor engagements, and instead emphasis on open environment battles. For example, one group of enemies that would spawn around a corner in a corridor now spawn earlier and funnel out into the larger connecting room you are in.
-Additionally, some harsh encounters are moved to hardcore-only, or else adjusted slightly to be more fair and fun. 
-Aesthetics is another thing that has recieved an overhaul, fog effects and lighting primarily; global lighting is reduced, and as a result the original local lighting is much more pronounced and the maps have more personality.
-Theres much more, but as always general layout and flow is largely the same.

Primagen Lightship Overhaul:

-Originally the worst, most boring and easiest map in the game, this has now been addressed; expect an adequate challenge, aggressive enemy scripting, no more explosive shotgun shells and missiles in every room - utilising your full arsenal is a must on higher difficulties, and more.
-In addition to the robots, and there being more of them, Oblivion enemies now make an appearance here for enemy variety and maximum carnage.
-Various challenges and traps are adjusted to be more interesting.
-Added a Turok 1-inspired optional platforming segment.


Encounter design is enhanced across the board, with new enemies hand-placed in the level design that mostly only appear on higher difficulties. Underutilized enemies are a little more common and highlight T2's great enemy design, as well as address the lack of encounter variety. Furthermore there's also the dynamic enemy spawning system of Ascension -- now with much refinement, diversity and polish. Lastly some new enemy behaviours are present, and existing behaviors tweaked.

Examples only; not comprehensive:

General Artificial Intelligence:

•   More Endtrails make use of their invisibility/cloaking device across the game, and sped up the activation animation slightly for this as it was very slow.
•   Raptors run and attack a little faster. More importantly, their leap attack is more accurate and has potential to deal moderate damage. The result is they actually become an enemy rather than a cute pet whose attacks always miss.
•   More Hive Drones will utilize their jetpacks, particularly in open environments.
•   Less Purlinn Juggernauts will use their useless backflip, more will use ranged atacks instead.
•   Fireborn have slightly reduced projectile speed and damage.
•   Leapers have a slightly larger hitbox; more accurate to their model.
•   Most enemy melee attacks have a very slight increase of damage since they're pathetically weak.
•   Enemy respawns (e.g after you die, or re-enter a level) are slightly increased, mainly on higher difficulties, for engaging backtracking and punishment for getting lost or dying. As was the case in Turok 1.
•   All bosses are set back closer to vanilla in stats, though still a little tougher.
•   Reduced Spider spit gravity so it travels a bit further.
•   More cave worms will use their burrowing ability. This was only seen once vanilla.
•   Lord of the Flesh throwing knife attack is no longer instant death on higher difficulties.
•   BUGFIX: fixed some major discrepancies with enemy health (Ascension mod oversight)
•   Enemy ammo drops when they are killed are reduced in the Hive and Primagen Lightship.
•   More Primagen Guards use their invisibility/cloaking device on lvl6, and they have increased health (now have same health as Hive Soldier).
•   Reduced Laser Turret damage on level 5, giving you a chance to fight back.
•   Hive/Mantid drones have seen a couple minor nerfs, however there are more of them since they are now more fun to fight.

Dynamic Spawning:

•   Diversified dynamic enemy spawns greately. As an example, a Purlinn Warclub has a 35% chance to spawn additional enemies, determined when he himself spawns . If this chance is met, it is then decided if it should spawn 1-2 Endtrails, 1 Raptor OR be replaced by a group of 2-4 leapers. Now apply similar logic across the game. This is the neat dynamic enemy spawning system introduced (imperfectly) by the ascension mod and refined in Turok 2+. More examples of refinement below:
•   Blind One Guardian has a chance to begin with a group of fleshworms accompanying him. Note this enemy spawns fleshworms in combat vanilla, though you wouldn't often see it.
•   Lord of the Dead has a small chance to spawn another of itself, making the zombie sections in lvl 2 more engaging.
•   Leapers are now a common early game enemy, dynamically spawned. This is great for encounter design as they are a versatile enemy that can intelligently climb walls, behavior you'd probably not notice vanilla or mistake it as scripted. This is also doubly important as vanilla you fought the same three enemies over and over (Raptor, Raptoid, Endtrail) until lvl3, with only a few exceptions.
•   BUGFIX: Endtrials that are dynamically spawned can now use their blasters.
•   BUGFIX: enemies won't spawn from enemies you've killed after loading a save game.
•   Evil Soldiers (Human enemy added by Ascension mod) are removed from the game for being less than perfect in execution and questionable in regards to lore.
•   Additional enemies are spawned during Totem defense maps.
•   Removed additional enemy spawning during most bosses added by Ascension mod.
•   Dynamic spawns have extra conditions to minimize erroneous behaviour.


Vanilla fixes and polish:

-Random fireballs in the lava areas of lvl4 no longer deal insane damage if you get hit by one.
-Fixed some missing meshes/art in a few locations.
-Leaper hitboxes are more accurate to their model.
-Addressed a minor number of unfair gameplay elements, for example the death marshes tricking you into thinking you can get a grenade launcher only to be met with an invisible wall and instant death if you reasonably try.
-Fixed many enemy spawns and reduced enemies visibly spawning from thin air.
-Player can now climb/jump on more boxes etc, mainly in port of adia.
-Lots of minor general polishing and fixing of this nature across the game.

Ascension mod error fixes. Note: most of these are already listed:

-Performance-killing features are addressed: Flamethrower lingering flame, Shredder Exp shrapnel
-Removed heartbeat sound effect when low on health. Caused audio issues.
-Fixed a bunch of explosive weapons not working properly when fired into water.
-Enemies' melee attacks won't spawn blood even when their attack misses.
-You can no longer alt fire weapons during cinematics.
-Enemies won't spawn from the corpse of dead enemies after loading a save game.
-You can no longer primary fire the shotgun immediately after alt firing.
-No more hud text spam when using the flare gun fire modes despite having adequate battery.
-The flare gun primary fire actually works underwater when hitting enemies.
-Removed heartbeat sound effect for causing audio issues.
-Fixed numerous instances of double jump breaking level design in a major way.
-Controls won't potentially lock up when switching weapons while reloading the pistol and mag 60.
-Fixed major health discrepancies between vanilla enemies and those added by Ascension in the maps.
-PFM Layer alt fire consumes 4 ammo, not 5, since it fires 4 mines.
-Endtrials that are dynamically spawned can now use their blasters.
-Fixed frequent crashing when throwing sunfire pods at blind ones.
-Fireborn fire effect is only visible once they actually spawn into the map
-Hunter (Spirit) Cannon can no longer be used underwater, since it would bug out anyway.
-Removed various bugged, inconsistent or ugly weapon features, and highly polished everything else.


-Aim for the head. Huge damage difference. More than most games.
-Use the map often, and also mentally map each area as you progress. Classic Turok games have some of the most complex, demanding level design in FPS. Navigation challenge is a significant element of gameplay. Disable "show hints"/objective markers for the true 1998 hardcore experience if you're brave.
-Bind the flare gun to a more easily accessible key. It's great for dealing with fast-moving pest enemies and the recharging battery makes it ideal to whip out semi-regularly in the early game.
-Each checkpoint station grants one health and ammo resupply. If you're well-stocked try to save them for later if need be, but otherwise you definitely should be using these. Use quickwarp to return to a backup checkpoint station if need be.
-Do not play with original draw distance. This mod is designed for extended, including fog settings on some levels.
-If infinite health generators are nearby it's open season with the Spirit Cannon (Scope Zoom In key). The spirit cannon is good to rely on in a bind as well, sometimes sacrificing 5hp is worth it.
-The default brightness/gamma is super low for some reason, a minor increase is recommended.
-If using a controller, open kexengine.cfg and find 'seta in_raxisdeadzone "0.25"'. This is not in the in-game config for some silly reason. Lower it for more precise aiming (0.1 is reasonable).
-Turok 2 masters should play Hard or Hardcore. FPS veterans and old school gamers should play hard. Everyone else should play easy or normal.
-The N64 Soundtrack is mostly better than the PC version soundtrack for various reasons, so don't bother changing it in the options.


Myself, and the creator of Turok 2: Ascension that this mod is based upon, as well as the mods that that mod is based upon (e.g gore mod), and of course the Turok 2 teams that this all is based upon.

Raffine52: non-HD version of Ascension texture pack
thebestmlTBM: Turok 2+ Title screen logo
DoomMarine23: Hunting down the names of a few particles.


Alex D
Liquid Ungol
Jax/Father of Turok


-Flashlight Pickups have been replaced with Full Health Pickups.
-Added a lot of sound effects for different ammo, weapon, and map pickup types.
-Altered Adon's voice when picking up the Tek Bow and the Plasma Rifle.
-All explosive weapon damages have been tweaked slightly so that the same damage is done when hitting enemies and hard surfaces. //T2+: this is nerfed in the case of the Explosive Shredder only as the beam bounces around everywhere dealing insane damage, often clearing entire rooms of powerful enemies in one shot.
-Some explosive projectiles can now go through water surfaces and do half the damage they do out of water upon detonation.
-All weapons have had their projectiles repositioned for better player accuracy.
-Lighting for every weapon's muzzle flash or projectile has had their colors corrected.
-All 3 weapons that get blood on them, Warblade, Razor Wind, and Nuke, will only be cleaned of the blood when teleporting, loading up a map, or switching weapons.
-Bullets can now shoot through water surfaces and hit objects underwater at half the damage rate and speed.
-Added sound effects for some weapons when they are idling or equipped. //T2+: a small number are removed or altered
-The Flare Gun now has glowing sections on its body.
-Replaced the flare gun burning sound effect and fixed the looping problem.
-The Talon melee weapon has been removed. You start with the warblade.
-Warblade gets blood on its blades when hitting monsters.
-The Warblade can now strike walls and nonliving objects.
-Added a new Exit Animation to the warblade.
-Tek arrows will leave behind normal arrows for you to pick up once they've blown up after being shot into non living surfaces.
-Trnaquilizer gun now has a scope.
-The Charge Dart Rifle has glowing wires on it's body.
-Regular Shotgun Shell pellets can pass through 2 enemies and hit the third behind them before stopping.
-Explosive Shotgun Shells when used by the shotgun create shrapnel now.
-Regular Shotgun Shells when used by the shredder create twice as much shrapnel.
-The Sunfire Pod has a nice little flame particle effect that flows from it as it idles and creates a small light source.
-The Cerebral Bore will make an error sound and display a HUD message letting you know you don't have a lock-on when trying to shoot the Seeking Bore without an enemy lock-on.
-Grenade launcher's timed Grenades have had their bounce velocity reduced as well as their detonation fuse time.
-Grenade models now look like the small grenade ammo pickup item.
-Fire from the Flamethrower now leaves behind fire on impact that does fire damage over time. //T2+: reduced quantity of flames for better performance
-Razor Wind projectile flies faster.
-Razor Wind can damage destructible objects.
-Razor Wind no longer gets stuck in water.
-The Nuke has a greyish metallic texture now and everything blue about it, from the lights on its body to the color of its particle effects, has been turned to orange.
-The Nuke' s primary fire mode creates an actual mushsroom cloud upon the final explosion..
-Walking on top of enemies and crushing them with the Styracosaurus mount now causes blood effects and crunching sound effects.
-Added blood splats to the Styracosaurus's head, feet, and horns.
-All monsters now have death skins, one for normal deaths, one for burnt deaths, and one for exploded deaths.
-All monsters will create particle and sound effects when hitting objects with their melee attacks. //T2+: this has been removed in some cases of melee-heavy enemies (the tiny Compsognathus enemy) as you cannot see a thing when swarmed with blood filling up the screen. Additionally, this feature was bugged and would sometimes display blood even when turok is not actually hit, so adjustments were made to fix it. 
Lighting for every enemy projectile and attack has had their colors corrected.
-When blown up monsters have a chance of moving left or right across the screen like in Turok 1.
-Added a new gibbing system to Extreme Death animations for all enemies that adds lots of new gibs and gore chunks.
-Headshots on monsters create chunks of meat that get thrown around the room.
-Enemies killed by PF Mines create chunks of meat that get thrown around the room.
-Many particle effects for enemy attacks have been upgraded with better lighting.


-Endtrail Grenade projectile has a better explosion particle effect.
-Endtrail has a chance of throwing up to 3 grenades at once with a slight spread.
//T2+:  dynamically-spawned entrails can use their blasters, not just throw grenades
//T2+:  More endtrails make use of their cloaking device across the game

Enslaved Soldiers-
These are Araissi Soldiers turned into mindless drones that obey every command of the Dinosoid army. Don't expect anything but aggression from them.
 //T2+:  not exactly a flawless new inclusion to the game and questionable in regards to lore; they are removed from the game

Health has been increased from 20 to 25.
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Entrails/Enslaved Soldiers upon spawning into a map when not underwater. //T2+:  spawning diversified and slightly reduced

Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Leapers/Endtrails/Enslaved Soldiers upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  spawning altered and significantly reduced
//T2+: faster run and attack speed
//T2+: Greately improved leap attack. Beware!

Flesh Sentinel-
Has a chance of throwing up to 3 grenades at once with a slight spread.

Death Guard-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Flesh Sentinels upon spawning into a map. //T2+:  spawning slightly reduced
Has a chance of throwing up to 3 grenades at once with a slight spread.
//T2+: occassionally appears outside of Oblivion portals on hardcore mode only.

Lord of the Flesh-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Flesh Sentinels upon spawning into a map.
Has a chance of throwing up to 3 energy blades at once with a slight spread
//T2+ Green throwing knife/energy blade attack damage reduced as it was instant death on higher difficulty modes.

Health has been reduced from 20 to 10.
//T2+: Their hitbox now more accurately matches their model (slight increase)

No longer spray blood or gibs when destroyed.
//T2+: nerfed laser turret damage in lvl5, giving you a chance to fight back.

Blood projectile attack velocity has been reduced and it is no longer a homing projectile .

Lord of the Dead-
Blood projectile attack velocity has been reduced and it is no longer a homing projectile .
Fireball attack has a better explosion particle effect and lighting effects as it flies.
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Deadmen upon spawning into a map.
Has a chance of shooting up to 3 fireballs at once with a slight spread.
//T2+:  has a small chance to spawn another of itself upon spawning into a map

Sister of Despair-
Blue Flying Skull projectile will not only damage the player but also slow down their running speed severely for 10 seconds and it has better impact particle effects. 
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Deadmen upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  makes some additional surprise appearances in the game, mostly on higher difficulties.

Purlin Gunner-
Added an extra death animation.
Health has been increased from 25 to 50. //T2+: fix - Health is actually increased as claimed
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Swamp Wasps upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  spawning greately diversified - less wasps, more other things

Purlin Warclub-
Health has been increased from 50 to 100. //T2+:  now 90
//T2+:  now also has a chance to spawn additional enemies

Purlin Juggernaut-
Health has been increased from 40 to 200. //T2+: now 75
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Swamp Wasps upon spawning into a map. //T2+:  spawning greately diversified - less wasps, more other things
//T2+:  will use their backflip less and their ranged attack more

Swamp Wasp-
Reduced buzzing sound volume significantly.

Blind Sentinel-
Has a chance of throwing up to 3 grenades at once with a slight spread.

Blind Guardian-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Blind Sentinels upon spawning into a map. //T2+:  spawning greately diversified: 1-2 Sentinels OR 3-4 Fleshworms OR 2-3 Leapers
Has a chance of shooting up to 3 arrows at once with a slight vertical spread.

Has been replaced with Fireborns.

Cave Spider-
Has a chance of being blown to pieces with explosive weapons and then releasing a lot of Spider Hatchlings from it's body.
//T2+: Reduced gravity of spit attack so that it travels a bit further

Cannot be killed by fire damage and is much more aggressive and will attack at longer distances. //T2+:  Doesn't work. They can be killed by fire damage still. Oh well no big deal
Flames emit from their bodies as long as they are alive. //T2+: flames will not be present/visible until they actually spawn into the map
Now throws a fireball variation of the Endtrail's grenade projectile that explodes on impact and has a much higher velocity value. //T2+: reduced projectile speed/velocity and gravity
//T2+: has a small chance to spawn another fireborn, only in specific areas of lvl 4 (e.g not in the fireborn key traps).

Hive Workers-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Hive Drones/Hive Mites upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  slightly reduced

Hive Drones-
Has a chance of shooting up to 3 energy beams at once with a slight spread.
//T2+: Hive Drones will use their jetpacks more
//T2+: the most annoying enemy in the game for a large variety of reasons, they have been nerfed slightly. However there are now more of them you'll face since they are now more fun to fight.

Hive Soldiers-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Hive Drones/Hive Mites upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  slightly reduced

Primagen Elite Guard-
Has a chance to spawn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Primagen Troopers upon spawning into a map.
//T2+:  spawning greately diversified
//T2+:  a few more will utilize their cloaking/invisibility device.
//T2+:  health increased to 150 (same as hive soldier or cave spider)

Primagen Trooper-

//T2+: has a chance to spawn one biobot OR one additional primagen trooper OR one flesh sentinel OR be replaced by three biobots.
//T2+: Health increased to 85


//T2+: health increased to 50


The Blind One-
Swamp Tentacle's health has been increased from 80 to 200.
Swamp Tentacle attacks do double damage.
Ceiling Sphincter's health has been increased from 100 to 300.
Ceiling Tentacle's health has been increased from 100 to 400.
Ceiling Tentacle attacks do double damage.
The Blind One Eye's health has been increased from 50 to 500.
Number of Grubs allowed on the arena floor has been increased to 32 and you have to kill more of them to proceed to the next section of the battle.
Each time a Grub is killed there is a 1/3 chance an Adult Cave Spider will drop from above to join the fight. //T2+:  removed as it's awkward and the above buffs to the boss are enough

The Queen-
Little Arms health has been increased from 80 to 200.
Big Guns health has been increased from 200 to 400.
Head health has been increased from 30 to 500. //T2+:  reduced somewhat
The number of enemies allowed on screen and in the arena at one time has been greatly increased. 
Mites have a chance of being replaced by a Hive Worker, Hive Drone, or a Hive Soldier. //T2+:  reduced enemy count somewhat
Enemy corpses never disappear.
The Queen never retreats after getting parts of her body destroyed. She constantly fights alongside her minions once she re-enters the arena.
The Queen's attacks do double damage. //T2+:  reduced somewhat
The Queen no longer has homing attack projectiles.

The Mother-
First Stage Arm health has been increased from 80 to 200.
Second Stage Arm health has been increased from 220 to 400.
The Mother spits out 3 times more enemies at once and the number of enemies allowed on screen and in the arena at one time has been increased. //T2+:  reduced enemy count somewhat
All attacks done by the Queen have had their damage rates doubled.
Enemy corpses never disappear.
Each time a Grub is killed there is a 1/3 chance a Primagen Trooper will drop from above to join the fight. //T2+:  no primagen troopers
//T2+: mother no longer spits out hive mites that have no place being there

The Primagen-
Tendril health has been increased from 40 to 200.
Small Claw health has been increased from 100 to 300.
Big Claw health has been increased from 150 to 400.
Body health has been increased from 400 to 500.
Bombs drop from the ceiling at a faster pace and there's a chance up to 3 can drop at once.
The number of Drones spawned and allowed in the arena at once has been greatly increased.
//T2+: reduced somewhat
The number of Drones spawned while the Primagen tries to regenerate his health on stage 2 has been greatly increased.
The amount of damage that must be dealt to the Primagen to stop him from regenerating his health has been increased from 75 to 300.
The amount of time given to stop the Primagen from regenerating his health has been reduced from 6 to 3.
All attacks performed by the Primagen have had their damage rates doubled. //T2+: reduced somewhat
Has a chance of throwing up to 3 fireballs while flying at once with a slight spread.
The fireballs that are thrown down to the floor while the Primagen is flying will leave behind fire that burns for a short time.


Player can now double jump. //T2+:  a few adjustments made in the level design to fix problems.
When the player’s health gets down to 30 or less a “Danger Low Health” message will flash on the screen, and the screen will flash red when he’s not moving. //T2+:  removed heartbeat sound. was bugged.
Turok will randomly crack jokes and taunt his enemies as he kills them. //T2+:  NO HE WILL NOT!


The Death Marsh maps have had their black fog turned into grey fog and the draw distance has been cut in half to give a better swamp like atmosphere.
The Death Marsh maps have had the color of your surroundings when underwater turned to green instead of blue as it should be.
The Death Marsh maps have had more Purlin Warclubs, Gunners, and Juggernauts added to them.
The Death Marsh maps have had leaves/branches added to the tops of tree trunks.


Added some extra effects to the Iguana Shootout Intro.
New additions to the Main Screen Logo.
All weapon textures and weapon icons have been upscaled and sharpened for better detail.
The "Lives Remaining" face in the HUD for Turok has been replaced.
The color of the Health icon in the HUD has been changed.
Blood pools have been replaced with better sprites and have been better positioned.
More blood has been added to the game as well as a bit more gore chunks.
Splashing blood sound effects on surfaces have had their volumes reduced significantly.
Particle debris effects have been added to many explosions.
The sound effects for the ladder climbing has been replaced.
New skies have been added to the game.
Explosion Damage causes blood to spray when hitting living things.
Bullet impacts have thick plumes of dust and smoke left behind.
Bullet impacts in stone or default material types send bits of material flying out that bounce off of surfaces.
Bullet impacts in metal material types send sparks flying out that bounce off of surfaces.
Arrow impacts have thick plumes of dust and smoke left behind.
Arrow impacts in stone or default material types send bits of material flying out that bounce off of surfaces.
Arrow impacts in metal material types send sparks flying out that bounce off of surfaces.
Explosions leave behind thick plumes of smoke and dust.
Explosions send lots of sparks flying around.
All large bonfires you see in maps will cause fire damage to you and other enemies.
All explosions encontered in a map than are not used for destructible items or false walls do damage to nearby enemies and the player.
The particle effects for bullets and projectiles hitting water now look closer to the first game's effects.
Bullet casing and spent shotgun shell particle effects have been replaced with 3d models.
Many sprites for particle effects have had a Gaussian Blur applied to them to reduce graininess
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Re: Turok 2 PLUS mod
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Updated. Mod is now released and the full final changelog is detailed above

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Re: Turok 2 PLUS mod
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I played the Turok 2 Remaster with the Ascension Mod and can´t play without it anymore.
Can´t really point my finger at it anymore, but i remember there were some stuff i didn´t liked thou.
So excited to see that you improved on that mod.
Time for another play through now to test this!  :primagen:


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