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--- Quote from: Demon Turok on December 07, 2015, 02:01:18 PM ---If it has leaderboards on it I bet Vis be on top since he kicks all our asses  even stealing my Dr Feel Good Weapon

--- End quote ---

>D I waiting you! hehehe come, come little bird : D

Hehehe, joke. Well, ranking list will be possible , even if we, fans. add it , try mod process. : ) I assume , that with editor we can easy unlock many possibility's : ))) Long live, T1 and T2!

I think it would be cool to have a personal stat sheet for the mp. Only you can see your stats but it shows you amount of kills, death, and how many were with each weapon. It can be like this heheh making it up yes Turok is hunting.

Turok 2 MP Hunting Statsheet
Hunts: 20k
Hunted: 2k
Shotgun Hunts: 15k
Plasma Rifle Hunts: 5k

I agree with it , duke, but most people like to show own status to others, in fact, they would 'kill' for that ability muhaha  :P But here is how one other thing could be pulled: if we connect empty game-client, which have automatic bot-counter, which is controlled remote, from specific online site, same website where ranking list is, admin could set random events for bot to count, example: count when some1 shot 100 people with grenade launcher and you get title 'grenademaster' on that ranking list for next 24 hours.... So I would like unique ranking list which gives every1 equal chances to compete in every aspect of own skill/preference, of T2 MP, and status, which changes how people change own preference in showing skill : ) So counter per specific day would be most fair imo. And if possible to add private status for x player, in same time to have player base, I think it will be very hard, considering 2 facts: people like to change nick and T2 MP not have any account for tracking. Well. Hard to balance here, positive/negative, to force people on something...

I just wish basic functions in dedicated, server files: kicker by voting or remote admin (I join on friend's server and I can control some parameters, like kicking without voting, locking server because  private thing on x time) or anti cheat ( which would be easy to implement, considering that real auto aim is easy to detect, visual and kick person, but silent, like just a bit increasing size of body of opponent is almost impossible to detect, but new game exe<-> server checker system, would do perfect protection for us)

And more things to add/mod hehe, hope we get game play mod editor/server editor to change rules of game play of classic game play mods (arena, ctf, rok...) Well, even if we get 0 % of all this, and nd studios does brilliant on other aspects: steam, gog crossover MP, all what T1 got now, to be same done for T2, to keep 9x % of same feel... I think, I will be happy, to play it with right people, online, without  any  negative critic. Put in, same effort, like I doing now, will be pleasure : ), on end of every game day! FGG's again for all us, I hope! ;)))

That is nice to see the game in the data base proving that there announcement wasn't to fool us. I love it!

I'm not sure if there could be better news. If Turok 1 and 2 are set in stone to release. This is so awesome, I hope this has a mp and a level editor. It would mean people could play on there own new maps holy! Doom and Duke fans are spoiled now its time for us to be :P


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