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Here we can release mods, maps, and other user content for other games that are not Turok.

When making a release post here this is how it should look, just to help keep track of what is what (for your own good).

[Release] name of your mod [name of the game the modification is for]

I like it looks good to me how it is. Now just post your doom64 map :p

Just keep it release only though, then you know you can also release Turok Nukem mod.

Jay Doomed:
Yes just like that dude! Now turn this into an example thread.

This board is for non Turok mods/maps/user content.

Jay Doomed:

--- Quote from: Duke64 on January 06, 2017, 01:23:32 AM ---This board is for non Turok mods/maps/user content.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! i'm sorry I haven't shared any maps. I like working on maps with you on Doom 64! Soon we will share more.


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