Author Topic: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] 1.5 UPDATED  (Read 22778 times)

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Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] 1.5 UPDATED
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:46:10 AM »

by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.5
Here is Raffine's next Non Turok Related Doom Weapon Mod! it's another 007 Weapon Mod for Doom, this time it's everybody's favorite 007 game:

Goldeneye 007 Weapons in Doom is a Doom Mod he have started in May 5, 2018, But he haven't got any hard work done on it until in August of 2018.

Over the Years, There are Two Well-Known Goldeneye Ports For Doom, Goldeneye Doom 2 for the EDGE Engine and Goldeneye 007 TC For Skulltag in 2010, Each of
them Having their own surprises Upon Doom and 007 Fans First Played them.

For Goldeneye Doom 2, Created in February 25, 2001, (At the time When ZDoom was Alive) It Quickly Blew 007 Fans alike when it felt like The
N64 Game in the Doom Engine, Almost like a Fan Remake.
While it was Dated, It was good for the time when there are Barely any N64 Ports yet.
The Levels, Even know they don't play like the Original Game, The Almost Original Game Layout Captures the Feeling of Playing Goldeneye Levels in a Good Way.
The Weapons and Enemy Choices are Questionable, Though.

Then come Goldeneye 007 TC For Skulltag in 2010. This Mod Captures the GE64 Feeling Very Closely than Goldeneye Doom 2 Did,
But the Big Problem is that it's missing a Few Weapons (Where's the D5K, Gold PP7, Silenced PP7 And Laser Watch?!),
And it still used Sprites from Other Mods or Other Games (Even know it uses the Original Game for the First Person Weapon Sprites),
And also having a PD Weapon in the Mod for No Reason, Which feels out-of-Place in the Goldeneye Realm.

Now, It's 2018, And he decided to add his name into the List of Goldeneye Ports for Doom, With Goldeneye 007 Weapons in Doom Mod. This time, It will be Updated
from Time to Time, Having All of the Weapons this time, Same Animations and Models as the Original Game, and Combining the Elements from the Last Two Mods
Into this Mod (Mostly the Latter) For the True GE007 in Doom Action.



Download Link

=Add-ons Includes=
GE007 Style Enemy Replacement Add-on
GE007 Source Sounds Add-on
GE007 HD Sounds Add-on
GE007 MP Friendly Add-on
GE007 Music Pack Add-on


Screenshot Preview

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Re: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (W.I.P.)
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2018, 09:52:28 AM »
Yes this is nice  :campaigner:
"Whatever it is, it doesn't belong in this world."

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Re: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (W.I.P.)
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2018, 10:02:47 PM »
The shot of the Ammo Boxes I made...

Brown Box = Pistol Ammo
Dark Brown Box = Shotgun Ammo
Green Box = Rifle Ammo
Gray Box with Caution Line = Grenade Ammo
Dark Gray Box with Caution Line = Rocket Ammo
Gray Box = Magnum Ammo

=Not in Screenshot=
Dark Gray Box with Orange Caution Line = Tank Ammo
Small Brown Box with Bullet exposed = Golden Bullet Ammo

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Re: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (V1.1 Release)
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2018, 04:55:55 AM »
It's Released now.


EDIT: GE007 Style Enemy Replacement Addon has been released. Just like the Weapon Mod itself, The Release Version is missing many of the Enemies, So I used AR33 Guards for them as a Placeholder Until Later Versions.


EDIT2: Version V1.1 Has been released.

Fixed the Gold PP7 And Golden Gun Not One Shotting Any Enemy.
Restored The Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher And Military Laser as Usable.
Ported Over Some of Goldeneye 007 TC's Coding and their Sprites.
Shells now come out of Guns.
Phantom now Fires Faster.
Menu Sounds are added.
Rocket Launcher, Rocket Ammo and Rocket Box Spawners now Spawn Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers and their Ammo instead of Spawning Rifles and their Ammo.
Added Small Rocket and Grenade Ammo Boxes.
Military Laser now spawns in the BFG Spawner, But it's Very Rare with a Very Low Chance of it showing up.

EDIT3: Have to Release a Hotfixed Version Shortly After.

Fixed an Issue where the RL Can't fire it's Last Shot.

EDIT4: GE007 Style Enemy Replacement Add-on Has been Updated to V1.1.

ZMG Soldiers now Spawn In the Nazi Spawner instead of the AR33 Guards.
Guards with Rocket Launcher, D5K And Automatic Shotgun, Soldiers with Shotguns as well as Armored Guards with AR33 and Automatic Shotgun Are added.
Shells now come out of The Guard's Guns.
Nerfed Most of the Guards. They (Mostly with the AR33 And Klobb) Deal the most Damage to the Player,
So I nerfed them so they can no longer Kill the Player in a Few shots.


EDIT5: Hotfix for V1.1:

Fixed a Game-Breaking Glitch where Weapons that Spent Shells upon firing use Two Ammo in their Clip while Firing them.
Forgot The Sniper Rifle and AR33 still having the 'use Two Ammo in their Clip' Glitch, so I fixed it.


EDIT6: Goldeneye 007 TC Levels Only Addon has been Released. Goldeneye 007 TC For Skulltag Had Good DM Levels. So, Like I did with TurokDoom, I decided to make the Levels Standalone, So that means Only The Content That are in the Levels will be kept, Everything else is removed.

Even know this Addon is made with GE007 Weapon Mod in Mind, Any Weapon Mod you Throw at It will work just fine.

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Re: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] 1.4
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2020, 03:41:53 AM »
After about a few years of being missing in action, 007 Finally returns with an update!

Added the Throwing Knifes, Hand Grenades, Two Mine Types (Ported from Strikerman's GE007 Mod) and Slappers (With the Sniper Rifle's Club being it's own weapon).
Fixed a Issue where you can't fire your weapons after they are done reloading.
BulletCasing and ShellCasing now has 007 in it's class name so it does not get replaced when playing AEOD.
Some weapons have been nerfed or buffed.
Fixed a Bug where the Golden Gun can fire and reload even when you have no golden bullets left as long as you have bullet ammo, leading to the weapon becoming a game-breaker.
Changed up some spawners around.
Almost all of the weapons when they appear in the map or dropped by enemies, They now use their World Models.
Added in more Ammo Pickups.
Added in Body Armor.
The Blazblue SFX Placeholders are replaced.
Shells now make sound when they hit the ground.
Explosions now have more sound effects.
Added in the Weapon Case, Which was originally unused from the Original game.
Nearly all of the weapons got some slight offset changes.
All Weapons are tagged.
Made the Slappers and Sniper Rifle Melee Undroppable.

Download (The Addons are moved to this folder as well just in case for updates):


V1.3 has been released. AKA 'TBM steps in' Update. And more than a Hotfix, to boot.

Added a 'Secret Found' sound from Goldeneye X (Foreshadowing much?)
Goldeneye 007 Styled Items are added, replacing the Doom ones.
The Shotgun, Gold PP7 and Sliver PP7 now have World Models.
The Berserk Powerup has been replaced with the Unlimited Ammo Power up. It gives you a few seconds of unlimited firepower until it runs out.
Replaced the Title and Credit Screens with their new better looking versions.
Weapon Info Screens has been added.
Added in James Bond 007, Alec Trevelyan 006, Juno From Jet Force Gemini, Solid Snake From Metal Gear Solid and Eriko Kirishima From Megami Ibunroku Persona. Doom, however, remains in the roster, but has his voice clips back instead of using 007 ones.
Bullet Effects are now the ones from Strikerman's GE007 Mod.
The Touhou Sound Placeholder has been replaced.
Spy from TF2 is also added, But only usable in Multiplayer or via setting your class to him and then using 'map map01' in the console. However, A addon has been made that swaps the roles around with Doom, So Spy can be selected in SP and Doom be MP/SP Console Only.

I also made a few new addons for the mod as well. The first one, Goldeneye Source Sounds, Changes some of the SFX to ones that are from Goldeneye: Source. The 2nd one is the HD Sound Pack, Which does the same, But with the Sound Files from the Original game before being downsimpled right to the N64 Sound Engine. The 3rd one is the Multiplayer Friendly Addon, Which tries to make the mod be more suitable for Deathmatch play. Lastly is the Swap Doom With Spy Addon, which Swaps the two so that Spy can be selected for SP Play while making Doom only usable via console/MP.



Version V1.4 has been released. Just a quick update, for the most part.

Most of the weapons got their damage nerfed, The Golden Pistols no longer is a one-shot-kill.
Fixed the Weapon Case using the Wrong Sprite for real this time.
Fixed 007 and 006 having Doom sounds in some cases.
The Golden Pistols are now more likely to spawn.
Added a Intermission picture and music.
Made some of the weapons use A_PlayWeaponSound Instead of A_PlaySound to avoid a issue where their firing sounds can be cutted off just by jumping.
The Shotgun Shell Box now gives 8 Shells instead of 20, as it was too overkill to have the player have full Shotgun Ammo everytime in a few seconds.
The Small Shotgun Ammo Pickup now shows up less.
Buffed the Throwing Knifes.
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Re: Goldeneye Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] 1.5 UPDATED
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2021, 09:13:41 PM »
After spending years in Development Hell, V1.5 has been released. Sorry If I have it stuck in Development Hell for a while just for a quick set of changes.

Shell sounds should be quieter.
Nearly all of the weapons reload faster.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The Console now has it's own background.
Fixed a bug where pressing the Alt Fire button while the Throwing Knifes is out will cause the weapon to disappear.
Eriko has been removed from the roster.
Automatic Shotgun no longer spend shells.
The US AR33 Assault Rifle now does the same damage as it's Perfect Dark Weapons in Doom Reloaded Counterpart.



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