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The World is Not Enough Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.7)

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by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.7
Here is Raffine's first Non Turok Related Doom Weapon Mod!

After the events of the Movie, 007 and Jones celebrate in Turkey, when all of the sudden, the latter hears a strange sounding like demon voice while she and 007 were spending their time. 007, knowing that there's one more thing to take care off, packs his Pistol, his suit, and tells Jones to stay there while he goes to Hell to fight the demons in order to free Earth once and for all. But he's not alone: He's joined by Doom, Spy, Ellis, Coach and Francis, who will fight off the horde all at once. Will the six win and save the 007 Realm?


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Orange = Coming Soon
=The Add-ons Included=
Disabled L4D Voices
Auto Taunts
Prototype Weapons
MP Low Detail Weapons
N64 Weapons Only
PS Weapons Only
Prototype Weapons


by Raffine52

Screenshot Preview
V1.0 Weapons

V1.1 Weapons


--- Quote from: thebestmlTBM on April 01, 2018, 05:50:16 PM ---
After the Events of 007 TWINE, Bond of the N64 Era was bored, After replaying Missions and wondering if he can use his Cool looking Guns monsters without having to deal with Stupid Missions. Then, K-Sha comes and Strikes him a Deal: Go to Hell to fight Demons with his Weapons. Bond Agrees with K-Sha, and he goes to Hell from there. Will 007 Survive the Demons from Hell with his Weapons?

--- End quote ---


The screenshots has been added.
More shots will be coming soon.

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Raffine52 is on a weapon spree, cool stuff.


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