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Finally, After about Three Years of no updates, 007: The World is not Enough Weapons in Doom makes a grand comeback with a new update! AKA 'Wait, How many years this mod went by without a update?' Edition. A gameplay focused update that adds in some changes, from QOF Improvements, to Weapon changes, and other things, Although not overhauling the sprites: That will have to wait until much later.

Toned down the Kazakovich KA57's Firing flash, as that one was pretty much damaging to the eyes.
Mustang MAR-4GL can now switch between the Main Gun and Grenade Launcher Modes with one press of the alt fire button instead of having to hold the Alt Fire button and releasing it to fire the Grenade Launcher.
Scoped Weapons can finally zoom in, instead of being just for show.
Before, The Silenced P2K does not alert enemies, But P2K (PS1), Suisse SSR 400, Ingalls Type 20, Deutsche M95 and Delta 900 Mag alerts enemies even know they have Silencers too (And in Delta 900 Mag's case, It's a Crossbow), which can throw players off when they are used to the Silenced P2K not alerting them when using these five weapons. This has been fixed, So now all of the listed weapons does not alert them like they should once they are fired.
The Pickup Sprites for the Wolfram P2K (PS), Iac Defender and Frinesi Shotgun are smaller.
Changed up most of the Damage Numbers on most of the weapons.
Added in the Console Background.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The 'Select Class' screen now says 'Select your Character'.
Removed the Reloading Voices for the L4D Characters.
Frinesi Shotgun now has a Real Magazine.
Slowed down Iac Defender, Ingalls Type 20 (PS) and AR36 Sniper's Put away speed.
Some Ammo Pickup Sprites has been replaced.
The Full Ammo pickup actors (That are unused) has been removed.
Fixed a long standing issue where the .44 Magnum Ammo Pickup reuses it's Smaller Version's Sprite.
5.7MM Ammo now finally spawns, Where before, It was unused, leaving only Ammo Bags and MB POW90 Pickups to refill ammo for the weapon.
Removed the Small Crossbow Ammo Pickup from the Clip Box Spawner.
Impact Grenade and Cluster Grenade no longer spawn in the Rocket Ammo Spot.
Custom Weapon Bobbing has been added for some weapons to prevent sprite cut-off when playing in 4:3 Ratio... almost.
Fixed Doom Sounds playing when 007 Jumps or lands.

I also updated the Addons, Where for the Low Detailed Weapons, I fixed a long standing game crashing issue with the Delta 900 Mag where after firing it, The game freezes.

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