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Turok 1 Guns In Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] V2.3 UPDATED

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:treasure: TUROK :treasure:
Guns in Doom
by Raffine52
Current Version: 2.3 (3D Model Update)
Looks like Raffine is making yet another Turok Weapon Mod for Doom and this time is from the first game "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter"
So you all saw it coming, Huh? Because he got Burn Wounds from 1997, And Because he want to see D64 VS TK1, And Because Other TK1 Guns needed some love, Here it is.
Turok 1 Guns in Doom is a Doom Mod that he Started on February 7 2018.
"The mantle has been passed. You've become Protector of the Earth. You are now Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.
Make demons extinct. Again!"

The Goal of this Mod is to Port over much Of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter into Doom as best as he could. A few Weapons will not be like the Original in terms of it's Firing Modes. And Since Doom has MP, You can have a Deathmatch Match with the TK1 Guns.

Coming Soon

Download Link

Add-Ons Included
N64 Sound
Auto Taunts (GZDoom only)
Music Pack
Enemy Mod
Intro (GZDoom Exclusive)

TBM's Add-On
Remastered Sound

Alpha Weapons in Doom Add-on Edited Build
Edited Build Version 2.2B is needed

Video Preview

Screenshot Preview

Note that these screenshots are from the 3D Model Update

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