Author Topic: Turok 2 Guns (+Enemies) in DooM by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATE; OVERHAUL V1.4)  (Read 42605 times)

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Re: Turok 2 Guns in DooM by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATE; OVERHAUL V1.2)
« Reply #30 on: November 28, 2023, 01:11:54 PM »
:primagen: Turok 2 Guns in Doom Version 1.3 has been released :primagen:

Edited Build version will be coming soon.

And here's the changelog:

AKA The 3D Model Update. The Largest Update for Turok 2 Weapons in Doom ever, So large with the planning and work that it took a good few years, And for a very good reason. A huge update that overhauls much of the weapons, But it's much more than that. It finally gives the mod 3D Model Support, and as a result, Gives the Weapons and Items a much needed 3D themed Look, Gives the Turok Characters their own appearances, and a lot of other stuff.

Main Mod:

The Bootup screen now has some color into it. (Edited Version)
As the main focus of this update, most of the mod now use 3D Models, From the Weapons, to the Items, to even the Projectiles.


Flesh Eater and Purr-Pin now start with the shotgun in their hands.
Added the Unused Turok Model as a Selectable Character.
Thanks to 3D Model Support, All of the Turok Characters now have their own appearances instead of using the Doom Marine Sprite Placeholders. Note that Turok and Tal-Set currently use PC Models since their N64 Models don't look right in GZDoom (Just like what happens in Fireseed Model Editor). Originally, I was going to add in a system to let their current weapon worldmodel change each time you switch between weapons, But due to how advanced it would be and the fact I have to redo each character model just for each weapon for the main mod, It was dropped. It will however be done in a upcoming addon, But it only be for Turok.
Splited all the Guest Characters into it's own addon but Doom.


The Weapon sprites has been redone again, But This time as I said before, using 3D Models instead. This makes them widescreen friendly as a result. Due to this, I included their Idle Animations for all of the weapons. Credits goes to Matsilagi for the Idea, which I felt It would be way easier to work with, But not without two roadblocks getting in the way during development.

Much of the weapon roster has been overhauled to make them be much better to use than before:

Talon: The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed.
War Blade: The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed also.
Flare Gun: It now starts with 50 Ammo with a max of 100 (150 With the Ammo Extender). The Alt Fire Mode has been removed, But to make up for it, It fires faster. It's also on the 2nd Slot. The Impact Effects were also redone. Originally I was going to make it upgradeable, But it was dropped.
Bow: The Pull Animation is shorten down, Allowing Arrows to be fired faster than before. The Arrows themselves now have a tracer effect, To make them easier to spot.
Tek Bow: It has gotten the same changes as the Bow. The Tek Arrows was also given a Tracer, and smoke effects were added.
Pistol: Added Magnum Rounds, An Alt ammo type that only this weapon can use: It can deal 2X Damage, Just like with the Dum-Dum Rounds found in Duke Nukem 64/Turokdoom. The Akimbo Pistols was removed.
Magnum Pistol: Akimbo removed.
Tranquilizer Gun: The weapon has been overhauled completely. The Tranquilizer Darts are now Projectiles instead of being hitscan, making it no longer a Pistol clone as it was in past versions. The scope is finally usable. The Alt Fire has been removed.
Charge Dart Rifle: After sitting out of V1.1 and V1.2 for the longest time, The SP Version of the weapon finally makes a return, and does not suck this time as it was hugely overhauled: It can now charge up correctly, And after the shot hits something, It will shock the affecting area, with stronger the charge, The longer and more damaging it can get.
Shotgun: More Smoke now comes out of the gun between firing and reloading it, AKA Turok 2.
Shredder: The Beam Effects are now in 3D, Have sounds for bouncing and exploding instead of having none in past versions. The Explosion Shells is now a mix of the Turok 2 and the TurokDoom Versions: The Former for the Main Projectile and the latter for bouncing all over the place before exploding.
Plasma Rifle: The Main Fire Mode now looks more beam like, And now has splash damage. The Scope has been imported, Which means that the Sniper Fire Mode can only be used while it's zoomed in.
Firestorm Cannon: The Shots now look like beams like they should instead of being ball-like projectiles.
Sunfire Pod: It can be held for longer throws.
Bore: The Explosions are now colored Blue instead of being Orange.
PFM Layer: The Main Fire Mode now fires PFM in a Impact Grenade Like mode. It can now switch between Impact and Mine Modes.
Grenade Launcher: The Grenades bounce much longer before exploding.
Scorpion Launcher: No Changes.
Flame Thrower: It is now like the WRW Version. Other than that, Largely unchanged.
Harpoon Gun: The Harpoons now have a tracer effect.
Torpedo Launcher: No Changes.
Razor Wind: Orignially, I was going to make it work like the T-64 Version, But due to issues, It remains the same for now.
Nuke: No Changes.
Crossbow: The Ammo Using Version is used by default.
Charge Dart Rifle (MP): It now has bourcing sound effects, And when it hits a target sometimes, It releases a shock effect.
Assault Rifle: No Changes.
Plasma Rifle (MP): The Splash Damage is buffed, and just like the SP Version, You have to be zoomed in for the Scope Fire Mode to be usable.
Firestorm Cannon (MP): No Changes.
Rocket Launcher: No Changes.
Grenade Launcher (MP): Same changes as the SP Version.
Bore (MP): No Changes since it reuses the SP Bore Projectile.
Harpoon Gun (MP): The Ammo Using Version is used by default.
Torpedo Launcher (MP): No Changes.

Explosion Effects and Weapon Effects were hugely improved, using the effects from T-64 Weapons Pack. No more overused explosion sprite (Or Not since the Razor Wind uses it still)!
For Weapons that have Two Ammo Types, they can now be switched instead of having both be usable at the same time.
Since the SP Version of the Charge Dart Rifle is brought back, The MP Version no longer spawns in the SP Weapon Set.
The Raptor Claws, Riding Gun and MP Scorpion Launcher has been disabled (For now).
Nearly all weapons had their damage changed so they are more balanced.
Crossbow can now drop from dead players.
Added the Explosion Shell Box and a Alt Version of the Shell Box Ammo pickup.


The Full Health and Ultra Health pickups are now voiced.
The Cheat Life Force Pickups no longer spawn normally.
Some of the Power up appearances has been replaced with Feathers. The only one that does not is the Invulnerability (Using the unused model from the original game).
The Invisibility Powerup has been replaced with the Unlimited Ammo Powerup. Matsilagi gave me the idea to replace them, so I chose to follow in that idea. 
And the hotfixes.

Fixed the Tek Bow able to fire Tek Arrows even if you ran out of them.
Self-Explosions can no longer harm the player.

Edit: The Zan Version of Turok 2 Weapons in Doom has been released. While a Zan Patch has been made before, There's so many changes made within the base mod that I had to make a Zan Version of it's own, Just like with T3 Weapons In Doom.

- The SP Charge Dart Rifle, due to it's model not appearing in Zan, Will always be the Multiplayer Version, Without the bouncing effects.
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by Raffine52
Current Version: OVERHAUL V1.3
This mod by him is a Followup-Update of Turok 2 Singleplayer Guns in Doom!

Joshua Fireseed is summoned by Adon, the Speaker of Forever Light. She explains that Joshua has been called by the Elders of the Lost Land, the Lazarus Concordance, to stop the Demons from Hell from Destroying his Home Land. Joshua's task is thus clear: he must locate the Demons, destroy all forces mobilized to attack them, and then destroy Hell itself to end the threat that he poses to the Lost Land once and for all. In the process, he must defeat Hell's armies and acquire powerful weapons. But He's not alone: He's joined by Tal-Set, The Turok from Turok 1, to Aid in his quest.


Enemy Mod Teaser

Download Link

Edited Build Version
Coming Soon

=Add-ons Included=
Adon's German Voice
Adon's Japanese Voice
Auto Taunts
Goldeneye Mode
Guest Character
Intro (GZDoom Exclusive)
MP Weapon Box Models
MP Weapon Set
Music Pack
PC Sound
Remastered Icon
SP and MP Weapon Set

Screenshot Preview

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Re: Turok 2 Guns (+Enemies) in DooM by Raffine52] (UPDATE; OVERHAUL V1.4)
« Reply #32 on: April 24, 2024, 11:24:40 PM »
V1.4 has been released! While it has mostly Balance changes, It however adds in a little bit of new content too: Mainly, the grand appearance of the Raptor in the mod! Also to note: The Main mod is almost content complete, at least within my skills: Once enough content from the original game is made for the mod, The mod will only see Balance changes and bug fixes unless Breakthroughs are made, then new content within the main mod can be made. Some Addons also has gotten a update as well, Most with PC Sounds having all of the Weapon Sounds be that of the PC ones. The Zan Version of this will come later.

Main Mod:

Added Animated Texture support for models that were made for them that lacked them originally, So they are no longer stuck in just one texture.


Flesh Eater and Purr-Linn no longer start with a free shotgun, So players who pick these characters won't get the edge over the ones not choosing them.
Renamed Turok to TurokT2 in the files, So when playing Port of Adia Level Mod, It no longer overwrites the one from the mod.
Added the Raptor and all of Iggy's Heads (As standalone characters for now). While Iggy's gameplay is the same as everybody else's, Raptor's gameplay is totally unique: See the list on the Raptor Weapons System below of how he works.


Tek Bow: The Tek Arrow Explosions can no longer harm the user.
Magnum Pistol: Boosted the Fire Rate.
Tranquilizer Gun: Changed up the radius and height so it's less likely the projectiles will hit near walls when it looks like it's passing through.
Harpoon Gun: The Harpoons do a little bit more damage and fly faster.
Charge Dart Rifle: After firing a changed shot, It now uses one extra ammo.
Shotgun: The Weapon now spawns in the SSG Spawner Spot again, Like it did in SP Guns in Doom before the V2.1 update. Also, Boosted the damage a little bit.
Shredder: Thanks to the release of Legends of the Fireseeds mod that brought a more faithful form of the weapon, It's projectiles now use that coding. The Original Form of this weapon will later be saved for the Custom Weapons Addon. Credits to DrDoctor for the code.
Torpedo Launcher (MP): The Old Explosion Sprite from the explosions was removed, As it was overlapping the new one. Also, the Damage was nerfed.
MP Plasma Rifle: It now uses 3 Ammo instead of 5.
Assault Rifle: Boosted the Fire Rate.
Rocket Launcher: Fixed the Firing Animation so it now plays correctly.
Raptor Weapons System (Raptor Claws): Thanks to the Raptor being added, The Raptor Claws was brought back, But this time, Only the Raptor can use them. However, It is more than just that: It is now the Raptor Weapons System. On top of the Claws, He will be able to use the Plasma Rifle (For sniping), Firestorm Cannon (For dealing rapid damage), Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher (Both for Ground Control and main source of blast damage), Bore, and Nuke. For the Claws, It deals the same damage as the War Blade instead of having one extra damage point over it. For the other weapons, They use the MP Appearances, But with SP Ammo Pool and Projectiles. Unlike the other characters, He starts with these weapons right off the bat: He just needs to find Ammo for them. This is so he can beat Single Player Levels because had he been limited to just the Claws, It will be unwinnable for most levels using him. Also, The weapon was made so that it can no longer switch between other weapons (Other Weapons and Ammo can still be picked up, But other than the weapons that are used by the system, they can't be switched into) Instead making the Raptor be stuck with it. It also has a new icon.

Explosions now have a large blast zone, When I fell it was too small in many versions before.
The Firing Flashes now come out of the Gun Barrels almost all the time.
Changed up the Ammo Holding rates of some of the Ammo Types.

Pistol Bullets: Went from 50 without backpack/100 with backpack to 100 without backpack/200 with backpack, The same as the MP Assault Rifle's ammo holding rate. Done so the Pistol/Magnum Pistol don't run out of bullets as quickly in Doom's gameplay: While it somewhat worked in T2, Here, Running out of ammo for it can leave one without a hitscan weapon to deal with in early game.
Tranq Darts: Went from 15 without backpack/25 with backpack to 30 without backpack/40 with backpack. Done so the Tranq Gun can work as a roundhouse weapon early on and even late game, Can act as a ammo saver for the bigger guns.
Charge Darts: Went from 30 without backpack/60 with backpack to 15 without backpack/25 with backpack. This is because with the original ammo rates, the Charge Dart was a broken spam monster (Guess things never change with this weapon, huh?) that can rip apart enemies with spam, shock of death. With it toned down, The fun of shocking enemies for big damage can only last for a short time before it runs out.
Sunfire Pods: Went from 6 without backpack/12 with backpack to 16 without backpack/24 with backpack.
MP Charge Darts: Went from 40 without backpack/40 with backpack to 20 without backpack/30 with backpack. Same reason as the SP Version.


Gave the MP Health Pickups 3D Models since I forgotten about it back in V1.3's Development.
Backported the Unlimited Ammo Effect from Turok 3 Weapons in Doom where the screen goes colored so one can tell they have the power up.

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Edited Build Version is released
Including the Simpson Hands Add-On (For Ultimate Simpson Doom compatibility which is Highly Recommended)
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I'm here to say that I love your mods. That being said, this mod and the Turok 3 weapons 3D models don't respond correctly if that makes any sense.

Like when I fire the Firestorm Cannon it doesn't rotate like in the games.

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I'm here to say that I love your mods. That being said, this mod and the Turok 3 weapons 3D models don't respond correctly if that makes any sense.

Like when I fire the Firestorm Cannon it doesn't rotate like in the games.

Thank you. And as for the Firestorm not rotating, I will fix that in the next versions of both.

And Both T2 and T3 Weapon Mods can't be loaded together since both use the same names for the effects, which is why.


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