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Turok 3 Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V2.3)

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Guns in Doom
by Raffine52
Current Version: 2.3

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Guns in Doom is a Doom Mod that he started on November 12, 2017, But No Work was done on it Until November 18, 2017 Is where he started Working on it. Free from a Game where you can beat it in 3 Hours and full of Bugs, The TK3 Guns comes to Doom, Where they can Enjoy Kicking Ass without the Glitches Ruining their Fun.

The Reason why he started it is because Turok 3: SOO Had the 2nd Best Choice of Weapons, Only Behind Turok 2: SOE, But he was upset when he couldn't find any Doom Mods that has Turok 3 Weapons Ported in, Because The Game Was so Short that he Beaten it in Three Hours While he was having fun with The RPG, Fireswarm and Others, And Because Turok 3's MP looked like crap in terms of graphics since the Weapons Keep their Low-Res Models even in Single Player Mode with Bots (Which had no excuse when even Turok: Rage Wars didn't do this And even with 2-4 Players Playing, The Weapons keep their High-Res Models but with Simple Animations and No Hands). So That's why he is planning to Fix that and Port over Almost all of Turok 3's Arsenal into Doom, Of course!

The Goal of this Mod is to Port over much Of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion into Doom, Which Includes Weapons, Items and Health Packs. However, Just like Turok 2 MP Guns in Doom Mod that he is still working on, A few Weapons will not be like the Original in terms of it's Firing Modes. Unlike that Mod, There will be some Weapons that would not be added into the Mod, So The Razor Wind and PSG Will not be added. The Sniper Rifle will also use it's own Ammo due to how powerful it was in TK3 (Uses AR Ammo, and If you make your Shots count, You can destroy pretty much any Enemy in the Game), But However he will release a Addon that Changes it back to Use Rifle Ammo Again.

Joseph and Danielle's Gameplay from Turok 3 Will not be ported over, So Joshua Fireseed's Gameplay Will be used. So the Player Sounds will be like:

Also Unlike Turok 2 MP Guns to Doom Mod, he will Release The Mod With Half of the Weapons Missing, And In the Later Updates, The Missing Weapons will be Re-added back in. Here's the Think List.


(Including Zan Version)

Edited Build Version (Extra Hands Add-ons Included)
Doom Hands
Simpson Hands (For Ultimate Simpsons Doom)

=Add-ons Included=
Intro (GZDoom Exclusive)
MP Weapons
Music Pack
Pistol Start
HD Icons
HD Textures
HD Danielle Hands
HD Joseph Hands
HD Raptor Hands

Screenshot Preview

V1.2 Is Released.

Moved the Bow and Tek Bow's FPS Sprites.
Buffed the Mag 60 so It does more Damage, and Made the Fire Rate go a Little Faster.
Made the Tek Bow's Pulling Animation Faster.
Fixed the Firestorm's Firing Sound Playing Forever (Not Forever as when you Get Ammo for it again,
You can Fire it and the Sound will stop) when Running out of Ammo with it.
Added in Storm Bow, Silenced Pistol, Shredder, Sniper Rifle, Napalm Cannon and Cerebral Possessor.
Fixed a Bug where Jumping while Using Turok 2's Voice Set while Firing any of the Weapons will cause the Jumping Sound to Stop the Weapon's Firing Sound.
Made the Bore Burst Use Two Bores instead of One.
Changed the Chance Rates Of some Spawners, Which fixes a Bug where the Fireswarm never spawns.
Buffed the Firestorm so it does more Damage.

Download it here:!OAUTnYDT!J8afRILsXf517Zut6ojqpVFWZwXYiY7re7zBoaShPkw

Mediafire Link:

I played the first version earlier today and that was pretty awesome keep it up.

The Joseph Update has been Released!

Jay Doomed:
Just played and that was pretty awesome! Nice work. I'll have to show this to some of my Doom buddies.


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