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Re: Turok Rage Wars Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] V2.7 UPDATE!
« Reply #40 on: November 07, 2021, 03:21:54 PM »
V2.7 has been released. More Content Improvements on the Guest Characters and a few base mod changes. Originally this was going to be a update that finally goes back to focusing on the base mod itself, but I decided to push it for later. But hey, At least it wasn't stuck in Development Hell!

Akimbo Mag 60s are now part of the Mag 60 weapon instead of being a standalone weapon now. When picking up another Starting Pistol (That looks like a Mag 60), You can switch between a Single and Two Mag 60s at any time. While holding two of them, You can't use the Alt Fire: You have to make sure you are holding just one for the Alt Fire to be usable. Turok 1/Turok 2/UT also gets Akimbo Versions of their starting pistols, while Unreal 1 gets just Bullet Rounds, since he can't akimbo at all.
When I updated Turok 2's Weapons into their up-to-date versions, I pretty much forgot to update the Talon and War Blade, which not only they are still using the outdated sprites, but they also felt really slow to use. Pretty much a Big Oopsie from me! This has been fixed. Now they use the current updated sprites and are much faster to swing.
Buffed the Minigun again so it does 8 damage per shot, because having 6 damage per shot was just too weak and was suited for a slower-paced game like Rage Wars.
The Claw Weapons has been removed from the spawners.
Talon's Damage Boost under the effects of Berserk has been given to the War Blade.
The Instagib Plasma Rifle has been changed to High-Powered Plasma Rifle. It does 500 Damage if you can score a hit instead of being a 'I win' weapon.
Moved all of the weapon actors into their own folders to make development for upcoming updates much easier.
Uzis can no longer spawn in spots where the pistol would spawn.
Custom Weapon Bobbing has been added for some weapons to prevent sprite cut-off when playing in 4:3 Ratio... almost.
Changed up and added in a few sound effects, some of which are unused sounds left in the ROM.
Updated the Character Lore.
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