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Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition (Doom Mod, V1.6)

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by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.6

Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition is a Weapon Mod that ports Weapons from Unreal. It is based off of Gezzdt's Prisoner849 Mod, but the main goal of it is continuing development on it, fixing bugs, adding in new content and fixing the rough spots that the original mod had.

Important Note: I do not intend to have this mod be competition for Doomreal. We have two different goals. Doomreal intends to focus on restoring as much beta content for gameplay, showcase usage and what not, while the intention of my mod is just focusing on the Final Version of the game with some little Beta content in (Like the Quadshot) as well as having two versions, one is the Sprite Version, which supports both GZDoom/Zan, While the 3D Model Version only supports GZDoom (Because Zan lacks UE1 Model Support). Meanwhile, Doomreal only supports GZDoom due to using ZScript, But the accuracy is really close to the Original Game.


Download Link

Add-Ons Included
Enemy Mod
Old Sounds
UT Weapons

Edited Build Version
Coming Soon

V1.2 has been released. Not much has changed, but some little bit of changes here and there.

Removed the RTNP Weapons.
Removed the U1 Player sounds so the Original Doomguy sounds can be restored.
Stinger, ASMD, Eightball, Razorjack, GES Bio Rifle and Minigun now use the weapon switch sound from Turok: Rage Wars.

Starting with this release, I will host the download files on Mediafire instead of MEGA.

EDIT: V1.3 has been released. Originally a V1.2.1 Update, This one has enough changes to make it a V1.3 Release.

Fixed almost all of the weapons lacking any Kill messages in Deathmatch.
Fixed the ASMD Alt Fire Orbs able to Reflect enemy projectiles.
All of the Weapon Actors now have Gezzdt's name before the weapon name, so when using War Trophies, They shouldn't have the same kills as the Doomreal Weapons of the same actor name.
Changed up some weapon spawner spots around.
You can now choose if you want to start with an Automag or without.
Fixed a bug with the Razorjack and Flak Cannon's Shots that if they bounce around, Anyone killed by them will result in them dying without a kill being awarded to the attacker if in Deathmatch, or the kill not counting in Single Player if War Trophies is used.
Dispersion Pistol Powerups no longer has the 'You got a pickup' message upon picking them up.
Brought the player sounds back.
Fixed most of the weapon sounds being cutted off just by jumping.
Buffed Bio Rifle's Alt Fire Damage.
Added 'FORCEXYBILLBOARD' to most of the effects so they don't look like paper.

I also released two new addons as well: Old Sounds and Enemy Pack. The Former changes the SFX to the ones from the Unpatched/Beta Versions, while the latter adds in custom enemies that use the same weapons the player does.

Starting with this release, The downloads will now lead you to the folder where you can download the mod itself and the addons.

Updated V1.3 with two hotfixes.... Well, not fixing any issues but some little content updates:

Since Doomreal and Doom Tournament won't receive any further updates, I added in a little something. Typing in DoomTournamentDoomreal will allow you to pay respects to the Legendary Mods.
Added support for the UT Weapons Addon.

I also got around to finishing my UT Weapons Addon as well, and I decided to release it. Hope you have fun mixing up the U1 and UT Weapons at the same time.

After many months of waiting, A Trailer for V1.5 has been released, showing off a host of new content and improvements to the mod.


It isn't released yet, but it is nearly done.

V1.5 has been released. An Update about 4 Months in the making. The Largest Update for Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition ever, With me finally breaking out of Sinael's chains by doing the rips of my own. And with it, Comes a host of new content, plus the long awaited return of the RTNP Weapons.

However, Since I am using the 1280X768 Sprites, Some older PCs may experience slowdowns when operating fast changing (1 tick) frames of large size, Which is what this mod mostly uses. I will find a way to fix that, though.

Added Menu sounds.
Added some Unreal Items, Replacing the Doom ones.
The Biggest change is that now all of the weapons are using the sprites ripped by me instead of using Sinael's rips for them. This means they have the Select and Deselect Animations, Which Sinael's rips didn't have. However, If you still want to play with the old sprites, There's a (Coming soon) addon for that.
After being removed by the V1.2 update and being left out of Doomreal, The RTNP Weapons comes back with a vengeance, With better looking sprites, GL Light Support, Better Effects, and the return of the Guide Rocket Mode for the Rocket Launcher, They now don't stick out like the Base game weapons in terms of look and gameplay.
Added in the Quadshot. It is based off of Unreal 227's version of it, but with Different sounds. This is one of the few cut content that made it over to this mod. (Fun Fact: I began development on this weapon in V1.4, But was left unfinished by that version's release due to me unable to rip the sprites for it at the time)
The 'DOOMTOURNAMENTDOOMREAL' command is now voiced.
Fixed the ASMD Alt Fire Orbs able to destroy enemy projectiles upon touching them, Which makes it broken.
Updated the Info File.
The Automag now has a Idle Animation.
The Rifle can now zoom in again, with a Custom Scope graphic made by thebestmlTBM.
Title, Credits, Win, Lose and Intermission Screens, As well as the music for them, has been changed to the ones made by thebestmlTBM.
The ASMD Core and Tarydium Sludge Ammo Pickups are now animated.
Fixed more sounds that can be cutted off just by jumping.
The Automag's Reloading Sound no longer cuts off.
Although nothing to do with gameplay, Stinger's pickup sprite has been renamed due to a bug during testing where the Pickup Actor appeared Small.


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