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This is a good map with creative design though. I actually like it dude, I'm very picky with level design because of Doom we been making maps for over 20 years. Well I hope to play a finished version one day. I actually like this one much better than that trials of turok map. I don't like it, its mostly copy paste and prefab rooms didn't even finish it boring. But this map seems to have promise keep it up.

Thanks, never thought of myself as a good designer so that comes as a surprise.

I recently became friends with the trials of turok creator, he himself said the level was unpolished, but ive seen his stuff, and he's an angelscript god. I have no doubt he'll have one of the most popular campaigns in the near future.

Thanks for non steam buddy

Got ya covered!


Check the DropItem function in scripts/enemy/enemy.txt for how Spawn Flags 2 are interpreted.  They're listed in hex in the script, but they're in order, so you should be able to just count them.  I can add a listing to my modding guide later, once I get a chance to properly verify them.  I've been meaning to get some form of mapping reference started.

Thanks for the tip, your modding guide makes everything easier :D

i dont know what to say, the monkeys wont do
dont know what to say the monkeys wont do

A pet monkey is one of the things that will be in the game, perhaps the first pet you earn. I can make it where its skippable i guess though.

Awesome man. I'm going to check your map out asap. Looks cool. I seen someone already said it but the bridge is really cool flipping it upside down to make it seem like a bridge with a roof.

Thanks :D, I thought it would look a little bit more homely.

Do you have a download of your map not on steam? I dont use steam. Cool looking level.

Open world is now open:

I would like to hear what are your plans for this mod before I can give any toughts at all.

I plan to make the world a series of full size maps. It may take several months to do, but i find it addicting and i plan to add onto it as if you are building your own town, along with a little backstory over time. The maps will vary different environments such as swamps, lava wastelands, and *maybe* even a snow land eventually, with different objectives that ill lay out in a story guide. You'll eventually be able to upgrade your house with different rooms, you'll gain pets and other things by finding hidden secrets, which i plan to make hard to find.

The mindset I have making this is in between a modded tes:morrowind and half life 2. I want the player to be able to relax and enjoy exploring the scenery while gaining some sort of achievement out of it. To me, that's why turok was fun. Remember level 4 in the main game? There's that pillar with a grenade launcher on it. When you first play the game you are kinda taunted by it until just by mistake you discover a secret path to it. A similar thing is that fake lava in level 7. Heck, I discovered recently that level 5 had a shockwave cannon because I didn't bother jumping into a pond infested with leapers before. That and the scenery made the game fun imo, and I want to help bring it back in a new twist.  :)

Looks nice I will try it out after I post this note. Can you tell me any information about sector properties values Arg 1 -> 6? I posted a note here.
Thanks - Gazer

I like the concept, Turok will probably reach a limit of how many of those plants you can put on the ground. I like the effect it gives though. Did you know that you can use shortcut 'shift + g' on keyboard to align your meshes? It looks like you have teleport pads but they didn't take me anywhere. I'm having trouble with that myself. went for a swim in the lake too. n1ce fishes. Gollum luvs fishes.  :-[

Arg 1 and 2 deal with warping with teleporters, which is more in depth in the guide. Arg 4 deals with triggers, and it can be used for moving floors, snapping enemies to the floor, and even making items appear. Don't know about the other args, the kex guide does not go into much detail and even some of the stuff is irrelevant (counter clockwise sector creating is not possible, at least with v. 1.03). I would love it if someone more educated than me made a guide on args, keys, and enemy drops for example, it'd help me and others out a bunch.  :-\

Teleporters are working for me, I'm not sure why it would be broke..

Hey Dinomite is that what you look like? You should go wireless and have the technicians wire  an i7 chip directly to your optic nerve on each side  :o.
No way man, that aint me, it's LazyGameReviews lol!
Nice map!


Release when you're done, need more Turok :D


Re-imagining the Turok series in an open world setting!

Preview pictures (more up to date and gives insight on what's in the mod):

Steam Download:

Friends only beta:

GOG Download:

Openworld/Turok+ Patch:

Extract this to your root folder (music files):

-Patch Installation Instructions-
Steam Install:
Make sure the following mods are subscribed to in this order:

1. Openworld
2. Turok +
3. Openworld Turok+ Patch

After this, hold the left ctrl button on your keyboard while left clicking so you can select and load multiple mods at once in the mod loader.

GOG Install (or Steam if you choose to):
Go to your root folder, place the .kpfs into the "mods" folder (if there is no "mods" folder, make it) and then run the game.

Thanks to Smoke39 for helping me keep the patch up to date!

Those look nice interesting idea for gameplay though. Nice to see some more in this topic also. Hey curious here but what does PS9 mean?

Don't tell me I'm so far behind Playstation 9 is out already :o

Lol, the lost land kinda jumbled technology so you got a console that's made of marble and plasma tubes :P

Nice i ne! Like the treetop village looking scene. Hope to see it complete :)

Thanks :D

It's going to be part of a town with non hostile npcs. Youll be able to drop to the bottom, fight stuff, and warp back up. I might make switches for unlockable furniture and rooms for your house as well. Ideally a massive rpg map.


Not going to be done for quite a while, but I think i can post an alpha in the workshop sometime soon.

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