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--- Quote from: operative lm on May 30, 2015, 10:59:08 PM ---Dire Wolf 01
Dire Wolf 02

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Those are great! that wolf is really good and its cool we get something to see like this one thing about Evolution it has plenty mysteries thanks very much for sharing to.   ::)

operative lm:
I figured I'd write up a small thing showing one of the hurdles I've been jumping to get nice images for you guys.

This is the Sleg Raptor Handler. They appear in two, maybe three, areas in the entire game. As you can see, he's untextured. Let's fix that.

Oh god. This is a travesty.

Well, he has two of them. What about his other texture?


So yeah, this is what happens when a model has multiple texture sheets. For whatever reason, maybe engine limitations, the entirety of the model was unwrapped onto multiple texture sheets, meaning that some textures work on some parts of the model and other textures work on other parts but never all at the same time. I'm assuming the engine would've been able to read something in the .atf file that tells it what texture to use for what portions of the model. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get Blender to do the same. Thus, I'm forced to take the images above...

...and Photoshop them together for your viewing pleasure.

That is pretty amazing dude very impressive. What a teaser I want to shoot him up in game. You are pretty good at this stuff that sounds like a hassle and quite a bit of work to do on each one. But we assure you its worth it. Thanks :D

operative lm:
You're welcome! I come bearing more nightmare fuel.

operative lm:
It's time to harvest the fruits of today's labor. It's mostly things that actually made it into the game, but you can blame the file names for that, as I'm now just going down the list.

I've already posted the Sleg Raptor Handler. Here he is again for good measure.

Here's what's referred to as a ball turret. I think these are one of the turrets that shoot you during the flight chapters, but I've never bothered to fly close enough to one to see what they look like. :P

This model's labeled Dying Civilian. It's actually used for the fourth senator in Chapter 10. This is interesting, as they did make an actual fourth senator model which we'll see in a bit.

This model is labeled Prisoner. They're seen in Chapter 4 both in the last level's introductory cutscene and further into that same level, where the player has the option of releasing them or not. I can't remember if they also appear in the Rescue the Wise Father mission or if those are just River Village Soldiers.

Here's a nice view of the Quetzalcoatlus. I deliberately chose the version that doesn't have Tal'Set on it because mounted!Tal'Set's textures don't play very nicely. I spent a good length of time on this one. Remember how the Raptor Handler had two textures? This one had four. It got fairly confusing. There's also a separate model for the perched Quetzalcoatlus at the end of Chapter 1.

This one's the River Village Prisoner. Maybe this is the one in the Rescue the Wise Father mission. I dunno.

This is the River Village Soldier. One of these guys died at the start of Chapter 3. And at the beginning of Hunter's Peril. Dyin' all over the place.

Ah, here we get to the senators. Senators 1, 3, and 4 are what we see in-game. Senator 2 is the oddball, deposed by a random dying civilian.

Senator 1
Senator 2
Senator 3
Senator 4

Something that I've noticed is that their faces don't mesh with their heads properly. It doesn't do this in-game, so there must be something up. Also, Senator 3 does not have an eye patch; it's just weird shadows in Blender that I couldn't make go away no matter how I rotated the guy.

Here's the Wise Father. I keep forgetting that he's wearing glasses.

Now we get to some Sleg troops. Here's the Sleg Rapier, which comes in vanilla and Minigun varieties.

And the Sleg Monk, in both regular and what's called "Turbo" flavors.

And also the Sleg Guard. There's the Rocket version, the Minigun version, and the Shotgun version.

But there's also this extra one, and I have no idea what's up with it. This variant is given the label "Uber," and it sort of looks like Tyrannus wanted to make his very own Darth Vader. There's a file for a flamethrower variation, so maybe this was it. Seems a little overkill for fire protection, considering the Sleg Sergeant appears to be wearing considerably less.

And lastly, there's this unused variant of Sleg Soldier that would've wielded a crossbow. He's not wearing his helmet because it's a separate model (and an .mtf file at that).


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