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operative lm:
I haven't had much time to work on this tonight, but just using the already-converted files he provided, I come bearing gifts:

One Ankylosaurus render, which is what I did most of my practicing on, as Blender is a foreign creature to me.

And for the beta crowd, one large bat. It kinda looks... tasty? I dunno. Like somebody grilled it or something.

Tomorrow's not going to see anything done, probably, but I have all day Sunday (as far as I know) to mess around with this.

ADMIN EDIT: Stinkee 2's Turok Evolution Models Post(from this thread): http://www.turokforums.com/turok-evolution/turok-evlution-models-53/msg10388/#msg10388

Man those are really nice, you do bear gifts indeed there. The Ankylosaurus he is going for my dinner tonight hehe Ankylosoup for me ::)

Nice job here everyone! Keep it up please do it is very interesting.

operative lm:
At the very least, you've done a whole lot more than I could've done by myself.  :P  You do good work, sir.

I had a bit of time, so I looked through the models and picked one that I've been interested in. Per the walkthrough design doc, a rideable raptor was planned, and concept art exists in the game's Gallery feature. So here's the saddle that would have presumably gone on the regular raptor's model. I had to do a bit of Photoshopping to get the textures right, as the saddle and the flags have two separate texture files and I dunno how to get Blender to observe both of them on one model simultaneously.

Saddle 01
Saddle 02

That little dangly crescent-shaped thing in the second pic is supposed to be a feather, but no texture exists for it so it uses the yellow flag's texture.

All those are cool nice job in this thread. Yeah sure looks like teamwork :) So may I ask could Talsets model, hands,  and weapons be exported and put into an engine for use say maybe unreal engine 3 or 4 ? I ask because Duke has made a map on UE3 before and what if you could play as Talset and maybe some Turok dinos creatures to. I apologize im not that smart when it comes to all of this. Just a thought

operative lm:

One last one for tonight, the Dire Wolf.

Dire Wolf 01
Dire Wolf 02

If anybody misses a render at any point, I'm placing them in a gallery as I upload them, just to keep them all in one place. Link is here.


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