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Legacy of the Fireseeds
Standalone Weapons/Enemies
by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.1
These mod are the Separate version of DrDoctor's Original Mod that was a tribute update to Murden64's TurokDooM. One of them being the Standalone Weapon Mod, the other being the Standalone Enemy Mod (including some extra enemies of course to complete the Monster Placements)

Standalone Weapons
Download Link

Edited Build Version (+Simpson Hands)

Screenshot Preview

Standalone Enemies

Screenshot Preview

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And a Hotfix release days after this was made.

Main Mod:
Readded the Smoke Effects.

Bruckner Sixer now has a Alt Fire of firing all six bullets at once. This is based off of how the weapon's Alt Fire worked in the current version, Only this time It does it without any aiming or anything, Just a slower cooldown.
Fusion Cannon is now offset to the right like any other weapon.

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Finally, After about two weeks of work (With breaks between), The enemy only mod of TurokDoom Legacy of the Fireseeds has finally been released! Instead of the weapons, featured only are the enemies themselves, alongside some custom enemies thrown in, for use for other weapon replacement mods/level packs. It isn't without some changes, though. You played with the Turok Weapons from that mod before, now get ready to face the enemies for your chosen weapon mod! Due to so many custom enemies I have to work with, I have to leave out a few of them by V1.0 (With a few placeholders in it's place), Alongside some planned things (Like Gibbing), Alongside some placeholder stuff, as this is pretty much a huge Doom Mod I worked on this month.


- Old Poachers and Leapers are included alongside the new ones.

- Added a ton of new custom enemies, mostly from TBM, and some from me, all of which are not in the Original Mod. There's a lot of them, So much that a few of them are not in V1.0. So here's the list:

Nazi Poacher (Old and New) - Same as the Rifle Poachers but with different voices
Mantid Slave - Unseeable to the clear eye
Mantid Grunt with the Pulse Rifle
Mantid Pyromaniac (Mancubus Placement) - Roasts enemies in sight
Blue Robot Mech with Plasma Cannon and has the Energy Axe
Green Sentry Drone
Green Robot Mech with Grenades and PFM Mines (Like Turok Doom's Mancubus)
Giant Black Robot Mech (Boss - Spider Mastermind) - Fires Fusion Cannon and Shoulder Cannon
Cyborg Raptor - Fires an Arm Cannon (Like Mech Raptors)
Cyborg T-Rex (Boss - Cyberdemon Placement) - A T-Rex with eye lasers (NOT IMPORTED YET)
Cyborg Leaper (Old and New)
Campaigner and Gant (NOT IMPORTED YET)
Purlin Juggernaut - Retextured the gun to make it fire bullet instead of grenades (Baron of Hell Placement)
Purlin Sloth - Fires Shredder Projectile (Arch-Vile Placement)
Purlin Mauler

Shotgun Poacher with Explosion Shells
Undead Poacher
Undead Raptor (Both it and the Poacher one's textures were made by TBM for the burned enemies of both, But I decided to turn them into enemies)

- Poachers have Doom styled Item Drops.

- New Poachers have Different voices.

- Changed up the Height and Radius for some of the enemies so they don't get stuck on top of each other.

- The Long Death Animations of the Poachers are now very rare.



Murden64: For the Original TurokDoom Mod
Dr.Doctor: For the Original Mod
Raffine52: For the Edits done to make it standalone, Alongside coding the Custom Enemies
thebestmlTBM: For the custom enemy ideas and textures


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