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here is a map i worked on a wile ago and never got around to finishing, thanks to user badger; this map is finally able to be released.

special thanks to badger for touching up the map and adding the necessary actors needed ( like spawn points and pickups ) in order for this to be a completed map.

download link and pictures :

oh my elder god. so cool you got this back, and up and runing. awsome, and keep up the great work

Just updated the main post with a download link, feel free to use what there is in your mods, also feel free to give me credits if you do, I may come back to this after my current project, if I can rally the help of others, like a community project.

Ciao, hello, first time here for me, and its a great pleasure. Sorry for bad english.

I dont much know about tools modding, but im good at having silly ideas!
for levels suggestion:
-DonkeyKong64 (for what i remember it was not a lot platformer and have a strong beat'em'up/shooter gameplay/design)
-Jet Force gemini

for both level and models:
-Body Harvest (probably not possible for the map cause was an open world, and the bug-foes models was low poly and lowres(and slow/statical behaviour), but i think the old style sci-fi feeling and visuals it have can be a real "overjoy" for old age nerd like me, and Tal'Set of course ahaha.

I have been trying to get 3d models from bodyharvest for years now. It's like... the one game that's not emulatable. If anyone can run the game or has assets let me know.

Who is better at modelling than me and can rip modules from N64 games and put them into a working obj format? I have done some but it is quite tough xD I think it would be pretty awesome to rip some random N64 game stuff into Turok. Snake showed me something he was working on and it gave me that idea. I want to put Diddy Kong Racing hub into Turok xD I also started messing with a 007 level. But hey with a model like this in the game where I can place it on the level editor (hard part for me) I could have it a working level in no time.

If you have any of your own ideas for possible levels/models to put into Turok feel free to share also. Here is the two I was fooling around with:

How are you ripping the levels? Note: with a direct x ripper on a n64 emulator you'll notice that you'll have to aim the gun up at a aqute angle compared to its straight on original position, inorder to get a unscewed/angled model. I like to put a direct x ripper over the goldeneye/perfect dark editor and open the visual window followed by loading the entire level, then ripping.

The only problem with perfect dark and golden eye levels is that there are sprites through out the level that are layered against the level model and they can be a pain to remove/or work with.

I wish that editor loaded Duke nukem zero hour maps, that would be epic.

Even tho ive done it for other mods, i have not yet added new weapons for brutal turok 2, and its something i also plan to do. Also the reason for the damage bad guys take is being printed to the screen is becuse i wanted to test a script hook that would soon enable for arms to be blown off of bad guys wile still alive, runing towarda turok wile shooting out blood.

That was pretty awesome and fun I like the hit sounds and cool meat chunks. Good job dude.


Thanks. Soon more weapons, then all other weapons will send outmeat chunks, ill also tone down some aspects of the blood so its more playable from start to finish friendly.

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 2
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:38:45 AM »

Good news, the weapon now appears on the carousel! Thanks for your help I went through my steps and it turns out I accidently modified one of the files in the "export" folder instead of my unpackaged dev folders. There is now another problem however, that my weapon model is not loading and there is an error. At the moment the weapon has been converted from an ".obj" to a ".staticmesh" file (I don't know a way to convert to a ".skinnedmesh" or do rigging) and I am trying to use the "kexStaticMeshComponent" to render it, however I get this error:

I have now attached my .kpf file and also an extra zip file containing the models.

A weapon model NEEDS to be a .skinnedmesh


I am trying to add a custom weapon called "blaster" to turok 2, however, the weapon is not showing up in the weapon selection carousel or anywhere else ingame. I set up developer mode and the filesystem then made these changes:

  • Added the converted models to char/ and materials to material/
  • Added an icon in gfx/hud/weapons/
  • Added this code to defs/common.txt:
Code: [Select]
#define kActor_Wpn_Blaster              1525
#define kActor_Item_WpnBlaster          2113
#define kWpn_Blaster            33
#define kWpnChar_Blaster        18
  • Added this code to defs/weaponInfo.txt
Code: [Select]
Weapon kWpn_Blaster
    offset                  "6 7 10"
    actor                   kActor_Wpn_Blaster
    defaultWeapon           FALSE
    owned                   TRUE
    allowUnderwater         FALSE
    allowLand               TRUE
    allowMultiplayer        TRUE
    icon                    "gfx/hud/weapons/h_w_blaster.png"
    ammo                    "Ammo_Bullet"
initialAmmoAmount       100
    ammoConsumption         1
    projectileParticle      kParticle_PlasmaShot
    charMeshIndex           kWpnChar_Blaster
    priority                9000
    slot                    3
    pickupTypeID            kActor_Item_WpnBlaster
    quickslot               2
  • Added this code to defs/actors/weapons.txt
Code: [Select]
Blaster kActor_Wpn_Blaster
    className                   "kexPlayerWeapon"
    initialScale                "1 1 1"
    Begin_Component "kexRenderMeshComponent"
        mesh                    "char/blaster.skinnedmesh"
        anim                    "anims/Weapon_Magnum_Pistol.anim"
        bRenderAsWeapon         TRUE
    Begin_Component "kexAnimTrackComponent"
    Begin_Component "kexScriptComponent"
        scriptClass             "TurokWeapon"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I would love to start making mods for this great game!

    Your a modder like myself. In that we do not know what your install is looking like, you could have developer mode enabled and something loosely conflicting with your work.

    Try turning off developer mode, have everything in a .kpf and get back to us.

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