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V2.3 has been released! Some balance changes and new things (Although Mostly adding in a ton of new items) which I was originally going to add in V2.2, But held them back until this release. Alongside this update, The HD Texture and MP Weapon Addons also got updated as well. The HD Texture Addon got new textures to support the new items added in the update, While the MP Weapon Addon has gotten a huge update of it's own, With two new weapons, 3D Models, And a ton of changes.

Main Mod:


Storm Bow: The Weapon now uses it's own ammo.
Tek Bow: The Arrows from this was nerfed sightly. The Weapon now uses it's own ammo. The Tek Arrows use a shorten Explosion Sound.
Fireswarm: It now uses Two Shells per shot, Like the Shredder. Having it use 5 Ammo was just too silly originally.
Napalm Cannon: The Weapon was buffed since It was too weak before. For the Mine Mode, The Napalm Bombs do more damage. The Time Bomb Mode was added, Where It fires a Napalm that sticks to enemies, and explodes after a few seconds. It is like the Tek Arrows from Turok 2, But with a shorter fuse time. It is chosen by default since before in Deathmatch, Bots will fire the bombs and have them all over the map since they can't use Alt Fires due to limitations. The only drawback is that it does less damage compared to the Mine mode.
Razor Wind: The Threw Razor Wind now has a 3D Model instead of remaining a sprite. However it looks funny for now: It will look right in a upcoming hot-fix.


Finding PSG Ammo Pickups was just too easy, So I made it no longer spawn in the Cell Spawners. On top of that, It only gives you two ammo, instead of three.
Added in more MP Ammo Pickups.
Fixed the RPG Ammo Pickups giving you three rockets even know the pickup message shows you got two. The original one was kept as a MP Ammo Pickup, though.
Added the Original Textures of the new Ammo Pickups/Items that were added in the mod and Powerups, With the HD Ones being moved to the HD Textures Addon instead.
Added the MP Versions of Berserk, Shield, Ultra Health, Unlimited Ammo and Map Revealer Powerups, As well as the Placeholder Cube Versions of Berserk, Cloak and Assault Rifle Ammo.
Brought back the Cloak Powerup that was removed in V2.2.
Added Crystal Keys, Replacing the Skull Keys.
The Spawners now randomize most of the Powerups, Either be the SP Version, The MP Version, or in Blur Sphere's case, Unlimited Ammo or Cloak Powerups (The Cube Versions are rare).
The Sniper Ammo Box no longer spawns and the Sniper Rounds Pickup now spawns in the Shell Box Spot instead.


Removed the Old Weapons Folder.

V2.3 has been released! AKA The 3D Model Update. The Last of the 3D Model Overhauls for the Turok Weapon Project (For now) comes early instead of next year, As this mod now gets the 3D Model treatment that Turok 2/3 Weapons has gotten. Since I wanna get it out as early as possible, It does not have a Trailer, and nearly all the Items remain in sprite form for now.

Main Mod:
Like the two last Turok Weapon mods that came before it, The Mod now has 3D Model Support, But partly. Most of the Items remain in sprite form for now.
Tal-Set and Campaigner now have 3D Models, But others remain in sprite form for now. Later, I will make The Alien Infantry be in 3D and bring back some characters that were removed before.
Added brightmap support.


Bullet Puffs now has GL Light Support. Still no GL Lights for the Particle Accelerator, Fusion Cannon and Chronoscepter, Though (These will be saved for a later update, just not this one).

Bow: The Arrows now have a Tracer Effect, to make them easier to spot.
Pistol: Akimbo Pistols was removed.
Shotgun/Auto Shotgun: Explosion Shells now explode like they do in T2 Weapons in Doom.

The Assault Rifle and Shotgun now has a faster fire rate.

Fixed a long-standing mistake of the Big Tek Arrows Pickup not being in any of the spawners.

Finally, After about three years of no updates, Turok 3 Weapons in Doom finally makes a return with a vengeance with V2.2! 3D Model Support has been added, and thanks to the Remaster, using the Remaster files to boot. "Pain... Suffering... Chaos... Oblivion is at hand!"

Main Mod:

The Mod's name is now shown upon boot up.
As the main focus of this update, most of the mod now use 3D Models, From the Weapons, to the Items, to even the Projectiles.


Added nearly the rest of the Multiplayer Cast from Turok 3. Only Danielle and Raptor are left out, due to a texture glitch on her face for the former that I couldn't fix (For now), And the latter because I wanna save him for later.
Thanks to 3D Model Support, All of the Turok Characters now have their own appearances instead of using the Doom Marine Sprite Placeholders. Just like with T2 Weapons in Doom, All Characters hold just one weapon in their hands, But different for each character.
Replaced some of the Rage Wars Characters with ones from Turok 2, But still using the Rage Wars Sounds (The ones that fit T3 theme) for all but Turok.


The Weapon sprites has been redone, But This time as I said before, using 3D Models instead. This makes them widescreen friendly as a result.
Added Idle Animations.

Much of the weapon roster has been overhauled, But luckily, Unlike Turok 2 Weapons in Doom, There isn't too many weapons to change up gameplay wise:

Tomahawk: One of the Swing Animations has been restored. The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed.
Blade: The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed.
Spear: It now has a Put Away Animation when before It didn't, Now has the real pull out animation, And the unused 2nd Swing Animation has been added, replacing one of the animations.
Vampire Gun: No Changes.
Bow: The Pull Animation is shorten down, Allowing Arrows to be fired faster than before. The Arrows themselves now have a tracer effect, To make them easier to spot. Also, It now has a Alt Fire, which is the Golden Arrow, Which is a True One Hit Kill, But the cost is that you can only hold one at a time.
Storm Bow: The Arrows from this now have a Tracer effect too. Scope has been added. The Arrows from it now have their own model.
Tek Bow: Same changes as the Bow. The Arrows from it now have their own model.
Pistol: Boosted the Fire Rate.
Mag 60: Boosted the Fire Rate.
Slienced Pistol: Boosted the Fire Rate.
Shotgun: Boosted the Fire Rate. Shells now fly out of the gun, Like it does in the remaster.
Fireswarm: Same changes as the Shotgun.
Shredder: Same changes as the Shotgun, But The Beams now have a bouncing sound effect. The weapon now uses Two Shells instead.
Assault Rifle: Shells now fly out of the gun.
Firestorm Cannon: Same changes as the Assault Rifle.
Sniper Rifle: Same changes as the Assault Rifle. Scope has been added.
Grenade Launcher: No Changes.
Rocket Propelled Grenade: It now has it's own Ammo.
Napalm Cannon: Boosted the Fire Rate. It now has it's own Ammo. The Napalm flys slower.
Cerebral Bore: It now works like the real thing.
Cerebral Burst: Works just like the Normal Bore, But upon hitting the target, It explodes instantly.
Cerebral Possessor: Any enemy that are hit by this will be on the player's side. But be warned, If you fire another one, The Previous one will explode, killing the enemy that was your side.
Razor Wind: No Changes.
Personal Singularity Generator: It now works like the T-64 Version. Which means I have to tone down how many ammo you can hold in that weapon.

Explosion Effects and Weapon Effects were hugely improved, using the effects from T-64 Weapons Pack. No more overused explosion sprite (Or Not since the Razor Wind uses it still)!
Nearly all weapons had their damage changed so they are more balanced.
The Melee Weapons no longer spawn on the chainsaw spots, With each of the characters now having a different starting melee weapon (So for like, Warrior will have the Spear, Joshua starts with the Knife, Legionnaire starts with Tomahawk and so on). Only the Vampire Gun is unaffected.
Updated the Kill Obituarys on almost all weapons.
Added Three Round Sniper Ammo Pickup.
The Shell Casings are now in 3D.


Added a Different Texture using Expansion Pak.
Added the Unlimited Ammo and Night Vision Goggle Powerups.
Splited the Keys into it's own file.


Added GL Light and Brightmap Support.
Updated the Graphic Screens.
Removed the Custom Help Screens.
Replaced one of the MP3s with a OGG.


Edit: For all you Zan players out there, The Zan Version of Turok 3 Weapons in Doom has been released! While a Zan Patch has been made before, There's so many changes made within the base mod that I had to make a Zan Version of it's own.

- Bow and PSG's Effects were toned down.
- Cerebral Possessor has been removed.

To make the names clear, The Zan Version is for Zan, while the one without Zan in the title is for GZDoom.

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Raffine52's Turok 3 EX Mods
« on: December 02, 2023, 04:24:01 PM »
This is a collection of mods I made for Turok 3 Remaster that don't need a page of their own. This will be updated over time.

Current Version: V1.1.1

This mod replaces the Weapons, Ammo and a few items with their Multiplayer counterparts (That were included in the Remaster, But unused). It also includes the Fan-Made Remaster Icons for the GL/Shotgun/Bore Upgrades, As well as custom MP Versions of Bore Burst and Possessor (Credits goes to thebestmlTBM for making them for me). Note that this mod is still a work in progress but in a playable state as there are still some things that I have to take care of later.

What's currently in:

- Nearly all Weapons and Pickups are replaced with their Multiplayer Counterparts (The ones that don't appear in MP remain untouched)
- Nearly All of the Pickups now use their MP Models, Including the Weapon Upgrades which didn't originally had them in the original game


- Find a way to get rid of the 2nd Spear
- Remove the Napalm Cannon's Extra Sound Effect when firing it
- HD Icon Textures Addon


Weapon Upgrades are really useful and can break the game wide open. So what if they are taken out of the game? 'No Weapon Upgrades for you!' does just that.

This mod gets rid of all the Weapon Upgrades found throughout the game and replaces them with Normal Weapon Pickups (And Arrow Ammo in Bow's case). HP Drainer, Razor Wind and PSG Pickups remain unaffected since they don't count as upgrades. Without them, The Player has to do with the Normal Weapons as best as they can, Without the Upgrades to back them up, Making it for a really fun challenge run.


Current Version: V1.0

This Music Pack replaces most of the tracks from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, But also includes tracks from Turok 3 GBC, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

Make sure to backup your Music Folder before applying this Music Pack.


:primagen: Turok 2 Guns in Doom Version 1.3 has been released :primagen:

Edited Build version will be coming soon.

And here's the changelog:

AKA The 3D Model Update. The Largest Update for Turok 2 Weapons in Doom ever, So large with the planning and work that it took a good few years, And for a very good reason. A huge update that overhauls much of the weapons, But it's much more than that. It finally gives the mod 3D Model Support, and as a result, Gives the Weapons and Items a much needed 3D themed Look, Gives the Turok Characters their own appearances, and a lot of other stuff.

Main Mod:

The Bootup screen now has some color into it. (Edited Version)
As the main focus of this update, most of the mod now use 3D Models, From the Weapons, to the Items, to even the Projectiles.


Flesh Eater and Purr-Pin now start with the shotgun in their hands.
Added the Unused Turok Model as a Selectable Character.
Thanks to 3D Model Support, All of the Turok Characters now have their own appearances instead of using the Doom Marine Sprite Placeholders. Note that Turok and Tal-Set currently use PC Models since their N64 Models don't look right in GZDoom (Just like what happens in Fireseed Model Editor). Originally, I was going to add in a system to let their current weapon worldmodel change each time you switch between weapons, But due to how advanced it would be and the fact I have to redo each character model just for each weapon for the main mod, It was dropped. It will however be done in a upcoming addon, But it only be for Turok.
Splited all the Guest Characters into it's own addon but Doom.


The Weapon sprites has been redone again, But This time as I said before, using 3D Models instead. This makes them widescreen friendly as a result. Due to this, I included their Idle Animations for all of the weapons. Credits goes to Matsilagi for the Idea, which I felt It would be way easier to work with, But not without two roadblocks getting in the way during development.

Much of the weapon roster has been overhauled to make them be much better to use than before:

Talon: The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed.
War Blade: The Swing Boost Bonus under the effects of Berserk was removed also.
Flare Gun: It now starts with 50 Ammo with a max of 100 (150 With the Ammo Extender). The Alt Fire Mode has been removed, But to make up for it, It fires faster. It's also on the 2nd Slot. The Impact Effects were also redone. Originally I was going to make it upgradeable, But it was dropped.
Bow: The Pull Animation is shorten down, Allowing Arrows to be fired faster than before. The Arrows themselves now have a tracer effect, To make them easier to spot.
Tek Bow: It has gotten the same changes as the Bow. The Tek Arrows was also given a Tracer, and smoke effects were added.
Pistol: Added Magnum Rounds, An Alt ammo type that only this weapon can use: It can deal 2X Damage, Just like with the Dum-Dum Rounds found in Duke Nukem 64/Turokdoom. The Akimbo Pistols was removed.
Magnum Pistol: Akimbo removed.
Tranquilizer Gun: The weapon has been overhauled completely. The Tranquilizer Darts are now Projectiles instead of being hitscan, making it no longer a Pistol clone as it was in past versions. The scope is finally usable. The Alt Fire has been removed.
Charge Dart Rifle: After sitting out of V1.1 and V1.2 for the longest time, The SP Version of the weapon finally makes a return, and does not suck this time as it was hugely overhauled: It can now charge up correctly, And after the shot hits something, It will shock the affecting area, with stronger the charge, The longer and more damaging it can get.
Shotgun: More Smoke now comes out of the gun between firing and reloading it, AKA Turok 2.
Shredder: The Beam Effects are now in 3D, Have sounds for bouncing and exploding instead of having none in past versions. The Explosion Shells is now a mix of the Turok 2 and the TurokDoom Versions: The Former for the Main Projectile and the latter for bouncing all over the place before exploding.
Plasma Rifle: The Main Fire Mode now looks more beam like, And now has splash damage. The Scope has been imported, Which means that the Sniper Fire Mode can only be used while it's zoomed in.
Firestorm Cannon: The Shots now look like beams like they should instead of being ball-like projectiles.
Sunfire Pod: It can be held for longer throws.
Bore: The Explosions are now colored Blue instead of being Orange.
PFM Layer: The Main Fire Mode now fires PFM in a Impact Grenade Like mode. It can now switch between Impact and Mine Modes.
Grenade Launcher: The Grenades bounce much longer before exploding.
Scorpion Launcher: No Changes.
Flame Thrower: It is now like the WRW Version. Other than that, Largely unchanged.
Harpoon Gun: The Harpoons now have a tracer effect.
Torpedo Launcher: No Changes.
Razor Wind: Orignially, I was going to make it work like the T-64 Version, But due to issues, It remains the same for now.
Nuke: No Changes.
Crossbow: The Ammo Using Version is used by default.
Charge Dart Rifle (MP): It now has bourcing sound effects, And when it hits a target sometimes, It releases a shock effect.
Assault Rifle: No Changes.
Plasma Rifle (MP): The Splash Damage is buffed, and just like the SP Version, You have to be zoomed in for the Scope Fire Mode to be usable.
Firestorm Cannon (MP): No Changes.
Rocket Launcher: No Changes.
Grenade Launcher (MP): Same changes as the SP Version.
Bore (MP): No Changes since it reuses the SP Bore Projectile.
Harpoon Gun (MP): The Ammo Using Version is used by default.
Torpedo Launcher (MP): No Changes.

Explosion Effects and Weapon Effects were hugely improved, using the effects from T-64 Weapons Pack. No more overused explosion sprite (Or Not since the Razor Wind uses it still)!
For Weapons that have Two Ammo Types, they can now be switched instead of having both be usable at the same time.
Since the SP Version of the Charge Dart Rifle is brought back, The MP Version no longer spawns in the SP Weapon Set.
The Raptor Claws, Riding Gun and MP Scorpion Launcher has been disabled (For now).
Nearly all weapons had their damage changed so they are more balanced.
Crossbow can now drop from dead players.
Added the Explosion Shell Box and a Alt Version of the Shell Box Ammo pickup.


The Full Health and Ultra Health pickups are now voiced.
The Cheat Life Force Pickups no longer spawn normally.
Some of the Power up appearances has been replaced with Feathers. The only one that does not is the Invulnerability (Using the unused model from the original game).
The Invisibility Powerup has been replaced with the Unlimited Ammo Powerup. Matsilagi gave me the idea to replace them, so I chose to follow in that idea. 
And the hotfixes.

Fixed the Tek Bow able to fire Tek Arrows even if you ran out of them.
Self-Explosions can no longer harm the player.

Edit: The Zan Version of Turok 2 Weapons in Doom has been released. While a Zan Patch has been made before, There's so many changes made within the base mod that I had to make a Zan Version of it's own, Just like with T3 Weapons In Doom.

- The SP Charge Dart Rifle, due to it's model not appearing in Zan, Will always be the Multiplayer Version, Without the bouncing effects.

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Modding/Mapping / Turok 2 MP Map Collection
« on: October 18, 2023, 04:45:02 AM »

by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.1

Turok 2 MP Map Collection is a mod for Turok 2 Remaster that aims to unofficially extend the Multiplayer Mode with some new content, like adding in new maps (Some of which were made from members of the Turok community and others that were unused in the Remaster, Although starting in V1.1 I decided to make new maps by myself to the mix), to adding in new character skins for some of the base game's cast and new characters. Think of it as the first big mod I have done for Turok 2 EX.

Currently, 43 Maps and 43 Character Skins are included. Since the maps are all packed in within one file, this makes it possible to switch to any custom maps without the need to quit out any Multiplayer sessions. It also currently comes packaged with Patches for Turok 1 Weapon Port, Arsenal and Rebalanced MP Vanilla Weapons (Choose one at a time!) so they can be played with the mod.


Install Guide:

For players who are looking forward to playing this mod, I made a guide on how to install it!

And now for the content...


The Originals:
(PC) Turok 2 - City4
(PC) Turok 2 - City5
(PC) Turok 2 - Marshes5
(PC) Turok 2 - Harbor9
(N64) Turok 2 - Experimentata
(N64) Turok 2 - Moonlit Mayhem
(N64) Turok 2 - Close Quartered (Originally called Endangered Species)
(N64) Turok 2 - Vulcan's Forge
(N64) Turok 2 - H2 Whoa!
(N64) Turok 2 - Escheria
(N64) Turok 2 - Mosh Crypt
(N64) Turok 2 - Crazy Eight
(N64) Turok 2 - Bullseye
(Remaster) Turok 2 - Caverns
(Remaster) Turok 2 - Lair of Oblivion

Original Creators: Iguana Entertainment, Night Dive Studios

The Original maps that were packaged within Turok 2 EX. The only changes to them was adding the 'Remaster' tag to two new maps that were not in the original versions, 'Turok 2' in all of them due to maps from other games being in, And one of the N64 Maps getting a name change. Aside from these changes, They are untouched.

The Leftovers:
(N64) Turok 2 - MirrororriM (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Fish in a Barrel (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Squares Cubed (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Close Quartered (MP Weapons, Unused) (Originally called Madhouse!)

Original Creators: Iguana Entertainment

These maps were used in the original N64 Version, But not in the remaster. They were, however, included in the Remaster's files, although unused. However, This mod brings these four unused maps back to the spotlight, ready to be played on. For the first three maps, They have a missing background model in one of the areas, but they are still playable. Unlike the used N64 MP Maps, they keep the original MP Pickups, which means MP Weapons and the MP Full Health Pickup. All of these maps lack music (Because when I try to edit them, the game crashes when I save them).

The Custom Maps:

(PC) Turok 2 - Caves1
Original Creator: Duke64

This map is a remake of the same map from the Original PC's MP, Although the pickups and layout are nearly 1:1 to the original map.

(PC) Turok 2 - Harbor5
Original Creator: Badger

One of the most played maps of Original PC MP, Brought over to T2 EX thanks to Badger. Needs little to say, It is a classic.

(PC) Turok 2 - Twong's Spire
Original Creator: Badger

One of the arena maps from Original PC MP. The pickup placement makes it really easy to have Plasma Rifle duels (Or Alien Weapon Duels if you are playing it with T1 Weapons)

(Custom) Turok 2 - Harbor-10
Original Creator: Badger

This is one of the biggest MP maps from the Turok 2 Lineup, Thanks to being based off of the final segment of Port of Adia. Although, it's loads of fun if you can bring in a lot of players here, and the size makes it a fun house.

Turok Rage Wars Pack:
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Starlight
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Proving Grounds
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Crypt
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Mystic
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Crossroads
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Bomb Shelter
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - The Pit
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Stronghold
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Water Temple
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

A selection of maps from Turok Rage Wars that were ported by Snake Plissken, Sectored by Badger and packed as part of Turok 2: Rage Wars Mod originally. I only edited them to add in the pickups and removed the unneeded models out of a few maps to make them playable for other game modes. These maps are pretty much spot-on recreations of the maps found in the original game, with added music from the GBC Game for two maps. These maps however are big, to fit in the size of Turok 2 EX's players, Otherwise they will be too small if the maps were original size.

(N64) Turok 3 - Catwalks
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

Small Map that plays well with 2-4 Players, But anything bigger and it can get chaotic.

(N64) Perfect Dark - Villa
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

Battle in one of DataDyne's Arenas!

(PC) Dwango5 - Not Dwango
Original Creators: ilgm, Rockt

Originally part of Ilgm's Dodgeball mod, now part of the Collection, Allowing this map to be played with normal weapons, or any weapon mod of your choice.

Turok 3 Pack:
(N64) Turok 3 - Where are You?
(N64) Turok 3 - Giblet
(N64) Turok 3 - Pop the Weasel
Original Creator: Raffine52

With Turok 3 Remaster including all the Multiplayer maps and being left unused thanks to the removal of that game's Multiplayer Mode, I ported these maps to Turok 2 EX as part of the collection (Although if this reaches 10 Maps, I will release the maps in a standalone package). Due to my sector skill limitations, Changes are made to the maps, Although not too much.

Unreal 1995 Tech Demo Pack:
(PC) Unreal 1995 Tech Demo - Cliff
(PC) Unreal 1995 Tech Demo - John
(PC) Unreal 1995 Tech Demo - James
Original Creator: Raffine52

Set in the world of fantasy from a realm that is long forgotten in it's home land, The Turok Warriors fight in these abandoned places from many many years ago, Which before, Only one entered and wandered around just staring at them and remembering what these places really are. Either way, The maps were ported to T2 EX thanks to the use of T3D to OBJ tool and Leo being the one to port the maps to the final version of Unreal, Which allowed it to be possible. They have pickups placed in since the original maps lacked them (The original Tech Demo only had the player explore the levels and the only 'weapon' was a 2D Eyeball projectile), The lighting was redone, And due to the way the maps in Unreal handle the skybox, The outside areas were blocked off.


FleshEater, PurrLin, Endtrail and Fireborn now use RW Voices instead of using their Enemy counterpart sounds. Campaigner uses the RW Death sound instead of reusing the Pain sound, and Tal-Set has three death sounds instead of having just one.

Original MP PC Turok/Tal-Set: Original MP PC Models of both Tal-Set and Turok That were used in Original PC MP. They are included within the remaster's files, But are left unused originally.

TurokAlt: N64 Turok with different colors.

HeavyWeaponsRok: Originally, I was going to make him have a ammo-belt and a load of ammo on him, But that didn't happen for the first release: instead being a simple reskin of N64 Turok.

TurokPCAlt: PC Turok with different textures.

Warrior/Master: Turok's RW Skins, imported on the N64 Turok 2 Model.

TurokWithRWTextures: Turok 2 N64 Model, But using RW Textures.

AdonAlt: Adon with different textures.

PurrLinAlt: Purr-Linn with Diffenr- You should know this by now.

Sloth: Purr-Lin RW Skin, imported on the T2 Model.

Icelord: A simple recolor of Fireborn that happens to look like the RW Skin.

BlackMaskedWarrior: Uses Hexen II's Archer Sounds. It's unknown who he came from, But with the fact he's totally unknown but has the skills of all the Turok Warriors, He is the one that strike fear in.

Turok 3 Skin Package: All of the character skins from Turok 3 imported into T2 Thanks to 'a cow that likes cookies'. Nearly all of them use the T2 Animations but the High-Poly Versions use the T3 Animations still.

Snake Plissken
a cow that likes cookies
ID Software
Raven Software
Epic Games
And any play-testers who play-tested the mod during development

Coming soon

Download Links

Download (Main Mod/Patches only):

Screenshot Preview

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Modding/Mapping / Raffine52's Misc Mods
« on: September 22, 2023, 03:42:51 AM »
This is a collection of mods I made for Turok 2 Remaster that don't need a page of their own. This will be updated over time.

Cow's Turok 1 Pickups Raffine52's Replacement Ver.: You need Cow's T1 Weapon Ports for T2 Remaster for these to work: Otherwise they won't do anything.

SP Version: Same as the Cow's Version, But only replacing the weapons that had a T1 Counterpart: Weapons that lack one remain unreplaced.

MP Version: Suited for Multiplayer, Includes both Original Icons and MP Underwater Weapon Restoration Mods alongside it.

Fixed Weapon Wheel: Makes the Weapon Wheel be more like the Original Versions of Turok 2 (N64 and Original PC). This can be freely used for other mods.

Arsenal MP Patch: Makes some small changes to make this weapon mod suitable for Multiplayer. You need Fortuna Inc's Arsenal Weapon Mod for this to work.

Rebalanced MP Vanilla Weapons: Rebalanced MP Vanilla Weapons is a mod that aims to change and rebalance some of the weapons for Turok 2 Remaster's Multiplayer to my own tastes, and fix some of the balance issues that Remaster MP has.

MP Harpoon Gun and Torpedo Launcher Restoration (This was made back in 2019): This Small Mod Restores the MP Versions of the Harpoon Gun and Torpedo Launcher back into the Remastered Turok 2. Night Dive Studios must have Removed the MP Versions of the Harpoon Gun and Torpedo Launcher while working on the Remaster, But they left the Data for these Two Weapons, making them unused. This Mod makes them usable once again, And it can be used for other Mods.

MP Map Collection Skins for BP's Coop Mod: Allows the New Skins from my MP Map Collection mod to be used in BP's Co-Op Mod. Load this after Co-Op Mod!

After a few years of being left in the dust, Finally I released a new update for this music pack: I included the tracks from Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles mixed in with the tracks from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.


Finally, After about Three Years of no updates, 007: The World is not Enough Weapons in Doom makes a grand comeback with a new update! AKA 'Wait, How many years this mod went by without a update?' Edition. A gameplay focused update that adds in some changes, from QOF Improvements, to Weapon changes, and other things, Although not overhauling the sprites: That will have to wait until much later.

Toned down the Kazakovich KA57's Firing flash, as that one was pretty much damaging to the eyes.
Mustang MAR-4GL can now switch between the Main Gun and Grenade Launcher Modes with one press of the alt fire button instead of having to hold the Alt Fire button and releasing it to fire the Grenade Launcher.
Scoped Weapons can finally zoom in, instead of being just for show.
Before, The Silenced P2K does not alert enemies, But P2K (PS1), Suisse SSR 400, Ingalls Type 20, Deutsche M95 and Delta 900 Mag alerts enemies even know they have Silencers too (And in Delta 900 Mag's case, It's a Crossbow), which can throw players off when they are used to the Silenced P2K not alerting them when using these five weapons. This has been fixed, So now all of the listed weapons does not alert them like they should once they are fired.
The Pickup Sprites for the Wolfram P2K (PS), Iac Defender and Frinesi Shotgun are smaller.
Changed up most of the Damage Numbers on most of the weapons.
Added in the Console Background.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The 'Select Class' screen now says 'Select your Character'.
Removed the Reloading Voices for the L4D Characters.
Frinesi Shotgun now has a Real Magazine.
Slowed down Iac Defender, Ingalls Type 20 (PS) and AR36 Sniper's Put away speed.
Some Ammo Pickup Sprites has been replaced.
The Full Ammo pickup actors (That are unused) has been removed.
Fixed a long standing issue where the .44 Magnum Ammo Pickup reuses it's Smaller Version's Sprite.
5.7MM Ammo now finally spawns, Where before, It was unused, leaving only Ammo Bags and MB POW90 Pickups to refill ammo for the weapon.
Removed the Small Crossbow Ammo Pickup from the Clip Box Spawner.
Impact Grenade and Cluster Grenade no longer spawn in the Rocket Ammo Spot.
Custom Weapon Bobbing has been added for some weapons to prevent sprite cut-off when playing in 4:3 Ratio... almost.
Fixed Doom Sounds playing when 007 Jumps or lands.

I also updated the Addons, Where for the Low Detailed Weapons, I fixed a long standing game crashing issue with the Delta 900 Mag where after firing it, The game freezes.


General User Mods, Maps, and Content / Rafffine52's Remastered/Other Mods
« on: December 17, 2022, 04:54:43 AM »
This selection of mods lists all of the Remastered/Others Mods I made that don't need a page of their own.

SKMega: Re;Birth: SKMega: Re;Birth is a updated version of SKMega X, One of my old unreleased edited mods, It is based off of SKMega X V2.0 (The Zan Version), Although with some content removed and some Quality of Life Changes to suit my current modding quality standards.

Current Version: Beta 2


Weapons Resource WAD - ReBirth: The Weapons Resource WAD (or WRW) is a collection of new DECORATE weapons created for editors to use in their own projects. And then ReBirth fixes some issues with the weapons while keeping the spirit of the Original Mod alive (This means original effects, sprites and all).

Current Version: 1.0


Doomreal (RTNP Weapons Addon): Adds in the Weapons from Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali to Doomreal. Needs Doomreal for it to work.


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