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Turok 2 MP Map Collection
« on: October 18, 2023, 04:45:02 AM »

by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.0

Turok 2 MP Map Collection is a mod for Turok 2 Remaster that aims to unofficially extend the Multiplayer Mode with some new content, like adding in new maps (Some of which were made from members of the Turok community and others that were unused in the Remaster), to adding in new character skins for some of the base game's cast and one new character. Think of it as the first big mod I have done for Turok 2 EX.

Currently, 35 Maps and 11 New Character Skins (And one new character) are included in the first release. Since the maps are all packed in within one file, this makes it possible to switch to any custom maps without the need to quit out any Multiplayer sessions. It also currently comes packaged with Patches for Turok 1 Weapon Port and Arsenal (Choose one at a time!) so they can be played with the mod.

Install Guide:

For players who are looking forward to playing this mod, I made a guide on how to install it!

And now for the content...


The Originals:
(PC) Turok 2 - City4
(PC) Turok 2 - City5
(PC) Turok 2 - Marshes5
(PC) Turok 2 - Harbor9
(N64) Turok 2 - Experimentata
(N64) Turok 2 - Moonlit Mayhem
(N64) Turok 2 - Endangered Species
(N64) Turok 2 - Vulcan's Forge
(N64) Turok 2 - H2 Whoa!
(N64) Turok 2 - Escheria
(N64) Turok 2 - Mosh Crypt
(N64) Turok 2 - Crazy Eight
(N64) Turok 2 - Bullseye
(Remaster) Turok 2 - Caverns
(Remaster) Turok 2 - Lair of Oblivion

Original Creators: Iguana Entertainment, Night Dive Studios

The Original maps that were packaged within Turok 2 EX. The only changes to them was adding the 'Remaster' tag to two new maps that were not in the original versions, and 'Turok 2' in all of them due to maps from other games being in. Aside from these changes, They are untouched.

The Leftovers:
(N64) Turok 2 - MirrororriM (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Fish in a Barrel (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Squares Cubed (Unused)
(N64) Turok 2 - Madhouse! (Unused)

Original Creators: Iguana Entertainment

These maps were used in the original N64 Version, But not in the remaster. They were, however, included in the Remaster's files, although unused. However, This mod brings these four unused maps back to the spotlight, ready to be played on. For the first three maps, They have a missing background model in one of the areas, but they are still playable. Unlike the used N64 MP Maps, they keep the original MP Pickups, which means MP Weapons and the MP Full Health Pickup. All of these maps lack music (Because when I try to edit them, the game crashes when I save them).

The Custom Maps:

(PC) Turok 2 - Caves1
Original Creator: Duke64

This map is a remake of the same map from the Original PC's MP, Although the pickups and layout are nearly 1:1 to the original map.

(PC) Turok 2 - Harbor5
Original Creator: Badger

One of the most played maps of Original PC MP, Brought over to T2 EX thanks to Badger. Needs little to say, It is a classic.

(PC) Turok 2 - Twong's Spire
Original Creator: Badger

One of the arena maps from Original PC MP. The pickup placement makes it really easy to have Plasma Rifle duels (Or Alien Weapon if you are playing it with T1 Weapons)

(Custom) Turok 2 - Harbor-10
Original Creator: Badger

This is one of the biggest MP maps from the Turok 2 Lineup, Thanks to being based off of the final segment of Port of Adia. Although, it's loads of fun if you can bring in a lot of players here, and the size makes it a fun house.

Turok 2: Rage Wars Pack:

(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Starlight
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Proving Grounds
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Crypt
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Mystic
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Crossroads
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Bomb Shelter
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - The Pit
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Stronghold
(N64) Turok Rage Wars - Water Temple
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

A selection of maps from Turok Rage Wars that were ported by Snake Plissken, Sectored by Badger and packed as part of Turok 2: Rage Wars Mod originally. I only edited them to add in the pickups and removed the unneeded models out of a few maps to make them playable for other game modes. These maps are pretty much spot-on recreations of the maps found in the original game, with added music from the GBC Game for two maps, and being a lot of fun to play in. These maps however are big, to fit in the size of Turok 2 EX's players being too big if the map was original size.

(N64) Turok 3 - Catwalks
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

Small Map that plays well with 2-4 Players, But anything bigger and it can get chaotic.

(N64) Perfect Dark - Villa
Original Creators: Badger, Snake Plissken

Battle in one of DataDyne's Arenas!

(PC) Dwango5 - Not Dwango
Original Creators: ilgm, Rockt

Originally part of Ilgm's Dodgeball mod, now part of the Collection, Allowing this map to be played with normal weapons, or any weapon mod of your choice.


FleshEater, PurrLin, Endtrail and Fireborn now use RW Voices instead of using their Enemy counterpart sounds. Campaigner uses the RW Death sound instead of reusing the Pain sound, and Tal-Set has three death sounds instead of having just one.

Original MP PC Turok/Tal-Set: Original MP PC Models of both Tal-Set and Turok That were used in Original PC MP. They are included within the remaster's files, But are left unused originally.

TurokAlt: N64 Turok with different colors.

HeavyWeaponsRok: Originally, I was going to make him have a ammo-belt and a load of ammo on him, But that didn't happen for the first release: instead being a simple reskin of N64 Turok.

TurokPCAlt: PC Turok with different textures.

Warrior/Master: Turok's RW Skins, imported on the N64 Turok 2 Model.

TurokWithRWTextures: Turok 2 N64 Model, But using RW Textures.

AdonAlt: Adon with different textures.

PurrLinAlt: Purr-Linn with Diffenr- You should know this by now.

Sloth: Purr-Lin RW Skin, imported on the T2 Model.

Icelord: A simple recolor of Fireborn that happens to look like the RW Skin.

BlackMaskedWarrior: Uses Hexen II's Archer Sounds. It's unknown who he came from, But all I know is that he came from the lost lands, but nothing more.

Snake Plissken
ID Software
Raven Software
And any play-testers who play-tested the mod during developement

Coming soon

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