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Turok Evolution Modding / Re: Turok ATR viewer/exporter
« Last post by BobTheHunted on June 15, 2024, 03:48:47 PM »
Wow Stinkee, simply amazing job so far I honestly still can't believe this is close to happening. With Turok on the rise with the HD remakes and now a possible level editor for Turok Evolution? I am stunned and shocked at the sudden jump for Turok :D Well so far thanks so much for your efforts here can't wait to check it out omg yeah I can see you added some stuff to the start of the first level xD Well I see great things coming from and for this... you rock :P

This is why we don't get optimistic about anything, folks
Turok Evolution Modding / Re: Turok: Evolution .tre Extractor
« Last post by BobTheHunted on June 15, 2024, 03:25:06 PM »
Is there a functional link to a .tre extractor anywhere?  I am attempting to modify my gc iso but I can't find a way to extract or alter the supertree0.tre file which appears to contain the game data.
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This is really nice. I'll have to find more time to try it out more than I just did. But great work!
After about 6 Months of me dealing with the IRL Stuff and set-backs, V2.4 has been released! Same deal as T2 Weapons in Doom: Mostly balance changes, But adding in some new content. This also marks the debut of Danielle and Raptor to the mod, Which were not included back in V2.2's release.

Main Mod:

Added Animated Texture support for models that were made for them that lacked them originally, So they are no longer stuck in just one texture.


Added Raptor and Low-Res Versions of Danielle (Which is her only model that does not suffer from Heavy Texture Glitches) and Joseph. Credits goes to 'a cow that likes cookies' for the latter two models.
Joseph now has his Death and one of the hurt sounds brought over.


Bow: Full Pulled Arrows now do one more damage.
Tek Bow: Fixed the Almost Pulled/Pulled Tek Arrows having their impact damage swapped.
Shredder: Thanks to able to do Animated Textures now, The Weapon no longer has a placeholder texture on the screen.
Firestorm Cannon: This weapon saw a huge overhaul in this update: Thanks to Brainstorming, I decided to give it a Alt Fire Mode to pair with the main firing mode, which fires bullets pinpoint and does not need spin-up time, But It does less damage (Which is how it was like in the Original game). It's alt fire mode, however, Fires bullets very fast that does more damage than it's main fire mode and shreds enemies faster, But however It has a huge spread and needs spin-up time to balance out it's big killing power. This idea was based off of how Unreal/UT99 Minigun's Firing modes worked. And Thanks to my Blender Training via Tutorials on keyframes, The Barrels finally spin. Also, The main fire mode now fires two bullets per press instead of one. And lastly, Because the Texture Glitch on the Firestorm's Barrels would be very hard to fix within my skills, I decided to just replace it with a new texture while still fitting the original texture's theme.
Napalm Cannon: Fixed a bug where Time Bombs, After sticking to enemies, Would do the same damage as the Mine Bombs, Making it overpowered.
Cerebral Possessor: Fixed a bug where even after the target that was controlled by the bore dies, The Bore will deattach from it's dead target and fly around the map forever making that bore noise.
PSG: The Lights now animate on the weapon, Which means the fire rate is toned down until it's full recharged (Which is faster than the Original game to suit Doom's Gameplay style).
Raptor Claws: Thanks to the Raptor being added, The Raptor Claws was added. Originally, The Raptor Weapons System was going to be included alongside it, but the mess of trying to work it within T3 Weapons In Doom is pretty much tough, So It will be saved for a later update.

The Firing Flashes now come out of the Gun Barrels almost all the time.
Added the Rifle Fire Flash for the Assault Rifle, Firestorm Cannon, Shotgun, Fireswarm and Shredder, Replacing the Pistol Fire Flash for them.
The Bore Trail Colors for both the Normal and Burst Bores are now correct.

I also updated the Zan Version, Pistol Only (Made for Zan in mind) and the MP Weapons Addon, And I even made a Zan Version of the MP Weapons Addon (So a Addon of a Addon).

Not really an update. but I've managed to find the enhanced Turok 2 Adon model I made before scrapping it for the custom Tk3 Model. Unfortunately, it's just the T-posed obj. and not the rigged mesh, that's probably lost forever, though someone could append the rig from the Tk3 version.
It's found under TurokDooM_Workfiles/NPCs/unused/T2Adon
Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Re: N4TKER10 June 6 2000 Prototype-HELP!
« Last post by martinklay09 on May 23, 2024, 02:16:40 AM »
I've been struggling with getting this build to work as well. The other two prototypes run perfectly fine, but this one has been a challenge. I've tried various emulator versions without any success. Has anyone else managed to get it running? I haven't seen any videos of this build, just the one screenshot. By the way, if you also need help with chemistry homework, feel free to reach out. Any tips or advice on getting this build operational would be greatly appreciated!
Finally, After about two weeks of work (With breaks between), The enemy only mod of TurokDoom Legacy of the Fireseeds has finally been released! Instead of the weapons, featured only are the enemies themselves, alongside some custom enemies thrown in, for use for other weapon replacement mods/level packs. It isn't without some changes, though. You played with the Turok Weapons from that mod before, now get ready to face the enemies for your chosen weapon mod! Due to so many custom enemies I have to work with, I have to leave out a few of them by V1.0 (With a few placeholders in it's place), Alongside some planned things (Like Gibbing), Alongside some placeholder stuff, as this is pretty much a huge Doom Mod I worked on this month.


- Old Poachers and Leapers are included alongside the new ones.

- Added a ton of new custom enemies, mostly from TBM, and some from me, all of which are not in the Original Mod. There's a lot of them, So much that a few of them are not in V1.0. So here's the list:

Nazi Poacher (Old and New) - Same as the Rifle Poachers but with different voices
Mantid Slave - Unseeable to the clear eye
Mantid Grunt with the Pulse Rifle
Mantid Pyromaniac (Mancubus Placement) - Roasts enemies in sight
Blue Robot Mech with Plasma Cannon and has the Energy Axe
Green Sentry Drone
Green Robot Mech with Grenades and PFM Mines (Like Turok Doom's Mancubus)
Giant Black Robot Mech (Boss - Spider Mastermind) - Fires Fusion Cannon and Shoulder Cannon
Cyborg Raptor - Fires an Arm Cannon (Like Mech Raptors)
Cyborg T-Rex (Boss - Cyberdemon Placement) - A T-Rex with eye lasers (NOT IMPORTED YET)
Cyborg Leaper (Old and New)
Campaigner and Gant (NOT IMPORTED YET)
Purlin Juggernaut - Retextured the gun to make it fire bullet instead of grenades (Baron of Hell Placement)
Purlin Sloth - Fires Shredder Projectile (Arch-Vile Placement)
Purlin Mauler

Shotgun Poacher with Explosion Shells
Undead Poacher
Undead Raptor (Both it and the Poacher one's textures were made by TBM for the burned enemies of both, But I decided to turn them into enemies)

- Poachers have Doom styled Item Drops.

- New Poachers have Different voices.

- Changed up the Height and Radius for some of the enemies so they don't get stuck on top of each other.

- The Long Death Animations of the Poachers are now very rare.



Murden64: For the Original TurokDoom Mod
Dr.Doctor: For the Original Mod
Raffine52: For the Edits done to make it standalone, Alongside coding the Custom Enemies
thebestmlTBM: For the custom enemy ideas and textures
And a Hotfix release days after this was made.

Main Mod:
Readded the Smoke Effects.

Bruckner Sixer now has a Alt Fire of firing all six bullets at once. This is based off of how the weapon's Alt Fire worked in the current version, Only this time It does it without any aiming or anything, Just a slower cooldown.
Fusion Cannon is now offset to the right like any other weapon.
I'm here to say that I love your mods. That being said, this mod and the Turok 3 weapons 3D models don't respond correctly if that makes any sense.

Like when I fire the Firestorm Cannon it doesn't rotate like in the games.

Thank you. And as for the Firestorm not rotating, I will fix that in the next versions of both.

And Both T2 and T3 Weapon Mods can't be loaded together since both use the same names for the effects, which is why.
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